Better Late Than Never

It only took me 106 games into the season to start this blog. But, hey, is there a better time to start one than right after the trade deadline and heading into the stretch run for the playoffs? It seems like as good of a time as any to start the official baseball blog for this Blue Jays beat writer.

Since this is post No. 1, I’ll stick to introducing myself for now — something I did briefly in the first mailbag I wrote for during the offseason. For starters, I’m not exactly the oldest guy on the beat. In fact, quite the opposite. I’m in my first year covering the Jays for at the age of 23.

I actually started as an intern for last season and had the opportunity to assume the full-time duties when the former Jays writer moved on to a different city. I graduated from Michigan State University and spent time working for a couple newspapers in Michigan. Just like Toronto’s Casey Janssen, I began last season with Class-A Lansing. He was on the mound every fifth day and I was up in the pressbox at Oldsmobile Park.

There are a few obstacles that come with being a young writer, but I’m sure I’ll talk about those from time to time on this blog. I’ll also spend time talking about life on the beat, life on the road, and maybe on life in general, as it applies to covering the team. Mostly, though, I plan to use this space to discuss issues around the Blue Jays. I’ll try to go beyond just the news content that you read in the articles I write for

That’s about all I want to post for now. It’s 1:41 a.m. and I have to catch some sleep. Toronto lost an important game tonight at Yankee Stadium and A.J. Burnett continued on an inconsistent path. I’ll be closing the curtains to my hotel room in a minute to try to block out the lights in Times Square. And with this heat wave ripping through the Big Apple (and back home in Toronto, my wife informed me tonight), I made sure to put the AC on full blast.

The next time I post, I’ll begin breaking down my thoughts on Blue Jays baseball. For now, I’m just happy I finally got this blog running. Stay tuned for more…


Good to have you on board. Looking forward to some good posts!

I have been a hardcore Blue Jays fan from Pittsburgh, Pa since I was 6 yrs old. I am now 30 yrs old. That
s right I don’t rout for the Pirates, but who could. I thought this was the year the Jays would make the playoffs. I am disappointed hearing that the mgmt wants to keep the bullpen young. I think that has been our weakness all year. They have lost alot of games in the 7 and 8 innings. Now, no movement before the trade deadline. Looks like the season is done for the Jays. Any ideas if we have any money for more huge offseason deals.

I am a very upset season ticket holder – JP needs listen to some of his own interviews over the last few days – “still in it”;”we are trying to build something here”; “it’s tough in the AL East with the spending of the Yankees & Red Sox”…hello JP it may be a hockey town but some of us know baseball too! you’ve traded away more talent than you’ve brought in. the team is now doing what you did at the trading deadline – nothing! bad PR, it was a poor message to the team and fans and by not even doing a token deal you are again covering your &%$ with the building for next year stuff that we are all tired of hearing. stop blowing smoke, two-fifths of the rotation all year and most of the bullpen are AAA pitchers -the core of this team is still Gord Ash era players or free agents where JP just had to write a big enough cheque. by the way, check the last five years World Series winners – more than one had a $70m or less payroll so stop with that as an excuse, learn to evaluate talent JP and change the mantra – just win…NOW!

Welcome to MLBlogs!

I have a blog here on the Jays and a baseball website

Big Jays fan, but I’m very disappointed in what I’m seeing on this road trip.

Hope to see you at Rogers Centre sometime!


Good to see another Blue Jays blog! There are a few of us out here but having an insider will be great! Looking forward to reading your posts as well as your columns on You can check out my blog, “OK Blue Jays” at

Ahhh, the Lugnuts memories. Chasing around managers and players. Hanging out the with the always-sarcastic official scorer, Mike. Watching those crazy between-inning games. And Janssen was a good kid, too (I think I covered two of his starts).
Keep up the good work.

Watching from East Lansing,

Kohon 😀


I am very happy that you have decided to start this blog. I can see from the other blogs that I am not the only one that is wondering when the $70 million Roger’s communication is going to pay off. I know success doesn’t come overnight, but at our current pace, we will be right back at 80-82. I’ll go up there and throw some picthes late in the game for free if it means we can start winning games again. This 2-8 record on the road is worse than what the Devil Rays are doing. I still and always will be a die hard Jays fan, I think I’m starting to realize the disappointment Red Sox fans felt for 80 something years. Jordan, IF you get a chance, can you tell the boys they have the talent to win and that there are a lot of fan that stand behind them.

A disappointed but very loyal Jays fan,

Sean Morris

Coventry, R.I.

Great to have a forum to discuss Blue Jays baseball. I have been a die hard fan since opening day 1977 and will always be. I have recently moved to Dubai, UAE so don’t get regular telecasts but keep updated with the Blue Jays website. I am disappointed in the teams recent losing streak. But am still a staunch supporter and will keep good thoughts for the rest of the season. Anne
Dubai, U.A.E

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