When Will The Hurting Stop?

I guess Toronto’s starting rotation can’t go one day without something going wrong. About a half hour before today’s game — which is in the fourth inning as I type — the Jays announced that Ted Lilly wasn’t going to be starting because of a sore neck. Like Toronto needed anyone else on the rotation to come down with the injury bug.

To Lilly’s credit, this is the first time he’s missed a start this year. He had one start pushed back a day in June because of a sore shoulder, but he hasn’t actually missed a turn in the rotation up until now. Even staff ace Roy Halladay (stiff forearm in April) missed one turn.

Brian Tallet hadn’t made a start since ’03 with the Indians, but he started in place of Lilly on Monday. Tallet isn’t considered a rookie any more, based on the criteria, but he’s pretty close. If he were a first-year pitcher, that’d be six Toronto has used as replacements this year (Dustin McGowan, Francisco Rosario, Shaun Marcum, Ty Taubenheim, and Casey Janssen are the others). And you wonder why the rotation hasn’t been able to last deep into games and has been inconsistent? All six of the pitchers — the rookies, plus Tallet — have worked out of the bullpen, too.

Hopefully Lilly’s injury isn’t anything that will keep him out for too long. It doesn’t seem to be the type of injury that would. I’m assuming he’ll be set to make his next start on Aug. 12 in Minnesota.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: I led the notes off with Alex Rios’ recent struggles yesterday and he got two hits. I led the notes off with Reed Johnson today and he had hits through his first three at-bats. Any one have suggestions about who I should write about tomorrow? … I asked if Taubenheim might be getting called back up to Toronto recently and Gibbons said probably not until September call-ups. That’s for any of you die-hard Ty fans that were waiting to get an update. … Can you believe Gibbons robbed Tallet of a no-hitter? He pulled the lefty after he gave up no hits through 2 1/3 innings today. Where’s the love? I’m only kidding, obviously. I’m sure the Jays were thrilled to get that much out of him after he found he was going to be starting on such short notice.


lead the notes off with marcum tommorrow and maybe we can get another good outing or two out of him with your notes as the good luck charm.

I’m watching the game on MLB.TV and the Jays offense looks great. As only a casual American League fan, I can’t really comment on their rotation. One thing though–why do the Toronto announcers sound so Canadian?


A New Pirates Generation


If Rios got 2 hits and Reed got 3, start off tomorrow’s with J Mac, he could use a couple. Thanks Big Time Mac supporter


I think you should start your next blog off with the whole team. Right about now we could use a 10+ game win streak that both the Yankees and Red Sox have already had. Maybe then we can get back within striking distance for a playoff spot.

Sean Morris

Coventry, RI. 02816

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