Game 36 lineups: Jays at Red Sox

at 1:35 p.m. ET
Fenway Park

Thumbnail image for BlueJays.jpgBLUE JAYS (19-16, 5.0 GB)
1. Fred Lewis, LF
2. Alex Gonzalez, SS
3. Randy Ruiz, DH
4. Vernon Wells, CF
5. Lyle Overbay, 1B
6. Jose Bautista, 3B
7. Travis Snider, RF
*8. John McDonald, 2B
9. Jose Molina, C

Pitching: Shaun Marcum (1-, 3.19)

Thumbnail image for RedSox.gifRED SOX (18-16, 5.5 GB)
1. Marco Scutaro, SS
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Victor Martinez, C
4. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
5. J.D. Drew, RF
6. David Ortiz, DH
7. Adrian Beltre, 3B
8. Jeremy Hermida, LF
9. Jonathan Van Every, CF

Pitching: Tim Wakefield (0-1, 6.03)

*2B Aaron Hill a late scratch with a tight right hamstring


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  1. djaysm

    Snider gets bumped up a bit finally, and it looks like he responded well. I didn’t get to see the game, but it seems he knocked in all of the Jays runs, including a homer. Let’s hope that Cito has ‘protected’ him enough in the 9 hole, and maybe he’ll get a chance to hit in a production spot. I say bat him 5th, and drop Overbay down.


    any body see game last nite? that was something they really pay that umpire to let you win? well that was the worst umpiring i ever seen you got real lucky but you won’t get out of the bottom of the east division.

  3. lndigo

    arizona , Jays only had to pay a third of what the sox paid the umps for the first 2 games . How did you like that stolen HR A-Gon hit, that must have cost the sox extra .

  4. lndigo

    Don’t look now but Jays are ahead of the Sox . It may not last but they have done it with dignity , grit and determination .

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