Ball 'hawk


DUNEDIN, Fla. — There might, just might, have been a few cervezas involved and one of Alex Rios’ friends may or may not have ended up with an unwanted tattoo. What we do know for sure is that some late-night shenanigans over the winter in Puerto Rico led to a mohawk for the Jays’ right fielder.

Let Rios explain: "We started talking about mohawks and stuff like that. I was like, ‘You know what? I’m going to grow one.’ I have a friend who has one, but he has good hair. Mine is all kind of nappy. Mine’s a bootleg one."

Rios’ bootleg mohawk was definitely the talk of camp today over at The Mattick. Sure, there were catchers and pitchers working out or something, but the black stripe garnered all of the attention. People were asking about the new ‘do before asking about those negotiations with Rios on a long-term deal (still going, by the way).

Veteran catcher Sal Fasano — bearer of arguably the greatest Fu-Manchu in baseball history — was asked if he’d be able to pull off a mohawk: "If I had a mohawk like that, I’d get arrested for something. I already look like a sc umbag."

Over by the batting cage on one of the practice fields, Jays general manager J.P. Ricciard, shortstop John McDonald and Rios engaged in this entertaining dialogue:

RICCIARDI: "Alex, if you cut your hair, you’d be like Tom Brady. You’d have them all. What do you think Johnny Mac?"

MCDONALD: "The problem is that he’s already had them all."

RIOS: "Aw, c’mon, Johnny."

When asked if there was drinking involved when he decided to grow the ‘hawk, Rios grinned widely and responded: "There were a few"

One reporter laughed and asked if anyone ended up with a tattoo.

"It wasn’t me," Rios replied.

Rios wasn’t sure if he was keeping the hairdo or not, but a decision will probably come quick. Rios was worried if he kept it too long the sides of his head would wind up being darker than the top, thanks to six weeks under the Florida sun. Now that’d be a sweet look.

Check out the 2008 Spring Training photo album to see more goings on from today.



    Hey Jordan:

    Now your talking…

    Don’t blame the haircut on Rios and his motley crew of friends from Puerto Rico.

    Apparently, he slipped on a flipping ice cube (while dancing) at a disco and knocked himself out cold. He now suffers from amnesia and actually thinks he is Mr.”T” from the hit TV show the A-Team and Charlie Sheen (Wild Thing) from the movie Major League…

    Bring it on Alex!


    He actually pulls that haircut off pretty well. He might want to start growing it in now though, for early April in Toronto.


    I was thinking about the prospect of Rios batting first, and I kind of like it. It’s different, but he is the biggest threat on the basepaths. Plus if Zaun and Johnson bat at the bottom of the lineup, they both get on base a good amount. That will still leave Rios with plenty of RBI situations. He will also get the most plate appearances, and why not run you best hitter out there the most? He could put alot of pressure on the other teams pitcher and defense to start the game.


    RE: Rios batting first
    I think that is dependant on how well guys like wells, Rolen and Overbay do. If Rios continues to be our best hitter, then I don’t see him hitting first when we will need him to be our top RBI producer. I would be nice to have the luxury of batting him leadoff though, I agree.


    Hey Philadelphia Freedom Fighter:

    Thanks for the tip on the Kyle Kendrick prank — it was excellent and rates a perfect (10) score!

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