For Whom the Bell Tolls

bell.jpgBlue Jays third base coach Brian Butterfield has been holed up in his “Man Cave” for much of this month, stuck staring at his framed Tomy Brady jersey in his Maine home as he recovers from surgery on his left foot.

“Make sure you write that I was playing through pain this year,” Butterfield quipped during a phone conversation.

Initially disappointed not to earn the Blue Jays manager job — that ultimately went to John Farrell — Butterfield is excited to be coming back as Toronto’s third base coach. Before he can start waving home runners, though, he has to have a cast removed, then suffer through some time in a walking boot.

“By mid-summer, I should be able to run you a good slant route,” joke Butterfield, who is as big a football enthusiast as you’ll ever find. That he roots for the Patriots is something I’ll have to forgive him for — no one is perfect.

Getting up and down the stairs in his home has proved challenging these days, though. Butterfield’s wife, Jan, was already a saint for finding a way to put up with his frantic pace. Now she’s got to wait on him during this post-surgery process. Lord help her.

Count on Aaron Hill to lend some assistance.

Recently, UPS showed up at Butterfield’s home with a package. The Blue Jays coach opened the box and inside was a small sterling silver bell with his initials engraved on it. The gift was from Hill and Butterfield got a big kick out of it.

“That was great,” Butterfield said with a laugh. “Now I can ring my little bell whenever I need something.”

That is if Butterfield’s wife doesn’t ring his bell first.



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