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One of the better things about being on the road is the pregame meetings with the manager. At home, the interview sessions are so structured because of the higher volume of home media. On the road, sometimes we only have four or fives guys traveling. What is the benefit of this? Well, with John Gibbons, a lot of times it leads to lengthier meetings in which we don’t just get our day-to-day info for our notebooks, but also a lot of just sitting around and talking, telling stories, jokes — stuff like that.

Gibby had a nice anecdote today about his time at the All-Star Game. He said Tampa Bay was probably going to be running on the basepaths with Halladay on the mound on Tuesday — something a lot of teams have increasingly done against Doc, who doesn’t have a traditional slide step. The approach was something that led to a funny exchange at the ASG in Pittsburgh.

When Halladay was on the mound for the American League, two runners stole bases against him. Gibbons was on the bench when he overheard one of the White Sox players ask manager Ozzie Guillen about the pair of swipes:

"One of the White Sox players said to Ozzie, ‘How come we never try to steal when Halladay pitches?’" Gibbons said on Tuesday. "Guillen says, ‘Because nobody ever gets on.’"

Other notes:

Obviously, there was no post yesterday. For those of you out there with good detective skills, that probably meant I didn’t attend Gustavo Chacin’s rehab outing in Dunedin, after all. That’d be correct. It was raining sideways at my hotel and I didn’t want to be sitting at a potential rainout at Knology Park on my day off — not going to lie to you.

Well, Chacin gave up five runs on six hits with four walks in 4 2/3 innings. Not the best stats, but Gibbons and Brad Arnsberg, the pitching coach, insist that results aren’t what they are looking at in a rehab start. They are looking at the fact that he’s  been able to throw a lot of pitches and not experience any pain in his elbow. So he’s scheduled to start Saturday in Baltimore.

No word yet on who will be removed from the bullpen and added to the roster when Chacin returns. Toronto will most likely return to 13 position players and 12 pitchers. That would mean Chacin is up, two relievers are down, and a position player is added. If I had to venture a guess: Add catcher Jason Phillips and option Francisco Rosario and Jason Frasor or Dustin McGowan. We’ll see what happens.

Gibbons said he expected injured pitcher Justin Speier (forearm) to join the team on the current road trip. He wasn’t sure if that’d be in Tampa or in Baltimore, though. Neither Gibbons nor Arnsberg know when Speier will begin throwing again, but Gibby said today he’d expect him back in September. Speier’s estimation was that he’d begin throwing a week after he got hurt, which would be tomorrow. It’ll probably be more than a week.


I saw Jose Canseco at the airport in Tampa. Nothing else to report on that — literally just a random sighting.


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    why would they send down frasor? when I saw him pitch on the other day he looked much improved to me. He hasn’t done anything bad since he came up. All leaving McGowan in the majors would do is lower his confindence. Wouldnt they just send McGowan and Rosario down and keep Frasor on the roster?

    p.s. I’ll try and keep the comments rollin

  2. Jordan

    Yeah, McGowan is more likely than Frasor. I was merely throwing out the names of possible candidates and those were the three that jumped out. Frasor has only pitched one inning since coming up — what that means, if anything, I don’t know. I’m allowed to be wrong from time to time, you know. Phillips might not be the one to get the call, either. I would think he gives the Jays more options at C/DH/1B, though. But yes, more than likely it’ll be McGowan and Rosario to go down. We’ll see.


    It’s bad enough that SportsCenter et al don’t list the Jays on the division or wild card standings, but with the Football preseason gearing up, they’re freeing up time for that coverage by cutting down on the amount of the Jays game they recap. The first play they showed from tonight’s game was the lineout double play in the 6th. That and the Jays’ 3rd run, and they cut to the box score. At least they mentioned at the start of the bit that the Jays would be leading the NL wild card right now, but I guess when the home team gets fewer than 10k attendance and the away team is from a market that doesn’t get the channel, they’re not going to spend much time recapping it.


    I SO agree. I think it’s a shame that the NHL season ended several months ago, and it will still usually get the first story on sports channels like TSN and The Score. I hate how Canada doesn’t like its baseball enough! Maybe a World Series will solve that…?


    As usual.. we canadians go un-reconized. Even when our Jays are one of the most talented teams in the league.


    I should have mentioned that I was referring to SportsCenter on ESPN… I guess TSN renamed SportsDesk to SportsCenter at some point. (Then again, Baseball Tonight is no better.) I’m surprised that TSN’s version wouldn’t give the Jays much play, although they are owned by a competing media company.


    The 2nd Frasor demotion this year still strikes me as being odd. From what i understand they wanted him to keep his pitchcount down, so they sent him to the minors to fix it up (and he came up with a slider, and got rid of his curveball?)

    I don’t recall seeing him in a game since he’s been recalled – though i’ve missed a few, so i could be wrong.

    Dustin McGowan needs to step into a starting roll, whether it be in Toronto or the minors. Every team that turns the corner from pretender to contender (detroit, chicago, cleveland last year, etc) has had their young arms step into a starting roll and give a strong performance. The blue jays need this to happen, and McGowan seems to be the kid with the stuff that can do it. He needs confidence. Send him down and let him pitch. A lot.

    Jordan – who do you see the jays targeting in the offseason as free agents? Gil Meche has been getting thrown around a lot – do you think they’ll gun for him? Or will they depend on Marcum/McGowan to step into the rotation next year (of course, all this is based on lilly leaving toronto)?


    There’s talk of Matsuzaka from the Japan leagues getting posted to the MLB next year. Will the Jays be able to afford to put in a bid on him? I noticed that several Japanese companies took out advertising space in the Rogers Centre when the Mariners came to town, but that those ads stayed up for the remainder of the homestand. (I assume Rogers Centre has a minimum duration requirement on stadium ads.) The extra advertising revenue from companies like Miura Boiler and Dandy House (which didn’t appear to replace existing ads for the most part) could offset some of the cost of picking up a big name from Japan like Matsuzaka, but do you think the Jays would go down that path?


    they won’t sign Matsuzaka..He’ll cost upwards of $100,000,000. He’ll go to new york (if they don’t get zito).

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