Taking A Break

Yes, I do get days off every now and then. This weekend is one of those cases. One of my good friends from college is getting married and asked me to stand up in the ceremony. So I guess that means showing up would be a good idea. So I will not be in Baltimore for the next series. I will be back in Toronto on Sunday night.

Just because I won’t be around doesn’t mean you can’t keep the comments flowing on the blog. I see the Jays discussion boards getting all kinds of play. Let’s keep carrying that over onto this site, too. I’ve enjoyed reading the conversations in these posts.

Just a few notes from tonight:

The Blue Jays were absolutely thrilled that Scott Kazmir only lasted five innings. He was absolutely shutting Toronto down. The first seven outs he recorded were strikeouts and it didn’t look like the Jays were going to get much going against him. They didn’t, either — not until he was pulled from the game.

It was good to see Gregg Zaun finally get a nice, solid hit. His two-run homer added some nice insurance and it marked his first RBIs since July 14. Lately, he’s described his performance at the plate as a "drought." He says a drought is when a player is feeling good mechanically, is making good swings, but still isn’t finding the hits. A "slump" is when things are all out of whack. Tonight Zaun hit the homer on a breaking ball, which he said he doesn’t normally do. Hopefully for him and the Jays, that’s a sign that he’s busting out of this "drought."

Watching Bengie Molina run around the bags, legging out a triple was quite a sight. It was even more enjoyable to see him enjoy the moment. Molina knows he ain’t the fastest guy in the world — I’m going easy on him there — but he also doesn’t need anyone pointing it out to him. When he slid safely into third base, the Jays were all laughing in the dugout and Molina pointed to all of them and smiled when he picked up the three-bagger. Too bad he fell a double short of the cycle.

Things to look out for in Baltimore:

Well, as I predicted a couple posts ago, Toronto optioned RHP Francisco Rosario to Triple-A on Thursday. The club didn’t announce who would fill the other half of that move, which meant Toronto was playing with 24 guys against the Devil Rays. I guess that’s one team you can risk doing that against. On Friday, the Jays will reveal the added player. Could Russ Adams be back again? Jason Phillips? Perhaps an outfielder now that Eric Hinske is gone.

Earlier this week, manager John Gibbons said Justin Speier was likely going to be joining the team on the road. He’s been back in Toronto receiving treatment on his forearm. He might be back with the club in Baltimore and might be close to throwing again soon.

John Hattig — Guam’s first Major Leaguer — might have some tired fans at Camden Yards. Tired because he has four uncles and his dad planning on possibly making the 20-odd hour trip from the island nation to Baltimore. Hattig had some great quotes about becoming the first player from the U.S. territory to make it to the big leagues. "Shoot, they might rename the island," for example. Classic.

Don’t forget: Gustavo Chacin’s all-important fifth rehab assignment happens Saturday with Triple-A Syracuse. It seems unlikely that a sixth rehab is in the plans. Then again, the original plan called for just three.

That should be enough tidbits to tie all you Jays fans over. Until I post again, have a good weekend and keep watching those Jays.


  1. tothdenny@yahoo.ca

    I would personally like them to call up Adam Lind. I know he has only had a short stop at AAA but so far he has showed he can hit at every level. Why not try him out at the big leauges if he falters a bit send him back before his confidence breaks. But he could come up here and add a boost they didnt expect this year.

  2. torgen@gmail.com

    It’s been a day since we traded someone. I think we need to deal Ace to the Orioles for cash considerations or a mascot to be named later.

  3. ukgocats3@netscape.net

    Yeah thats true. Word is Baltimore is also looking for a dance team with major league experience. Maybe Riccardi will try and free up a little more salary and include the J-Force too?

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