Chacin Struggles

I didn’t expect Gustavo Chacin to come out and dominate a team like Oakland after sitting out for more than two months, but I also didn’t expect him to implode as quickly as he did on Wednesday. Here is his line:

Chacin — 1.2 IP, 5 ER, 6 H, 3 BB, 1 K, 1 HBP, 2 HR, 61-35

I don’t think the left elbow injury was a factor. I believe this was more rust than anything else. It’s still the third inning here at the Rogers Centre, so I won’t know anything for sure until we speak with Gus after the game.

Chacin’s style is such that he’ll throw a lot of pitches, he’ll walk guys, he’ll give up some runs, but he can also minimize the damage enough to give the offense a chance to win. That’s been his style since last year. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case on Wednesday. Hopefully he’ll be able to get back to form from here on out. It’s the first time this year (I believe) that Toronto has had it’s top four pitchers all in the rotation (not counting Josh Towers) and it’ll be interesting to see what might have been for the rest of the year.


–Justin Speier said yesterday that he believes he could be back by Sept. 6-7. The day before, Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi estimated the pitcher might be able to return before September. I guess we’ll have to wait and see whose prediction was more in line. Speier said he has two bullpen sessions and a simulated game on the schedule before he can come back.

–Manager John Gibbons indicated today that rookie righty Dustin McGowan, who was optioned to Triple-A last night, is out of options after this season. That means he has to make the big league roster out of Spring Training next year or he’ll be exposed to waivers and up for grabs. This will be an interesting situation to keep an eye on for next year, considering that Toronto still hasn’t figured out exactly if they like McGowan better as a starter or as a reliever.

–On Tuesday night, the Blue Jays began using a loud horn — like one you’d hear from a large ship — after a home run and after the team’s win. I guess this is a new idea that the club is testing out. Mark Polishuk, a part-time writer for, said to me today: "Maybe it’s to signal that the ship isn’t sinking."

–Troy Glaus entered Wednesday with 999 hits for his career. As of right now, he’s 0-for-2 through four innings. Speaking of Glaus, his 34 homers this year are the most by a Blue Jay since Carlos Delgado hit 42 in ’03.



    If I were Riccardi I would either trade McGowan this offseason as a central part of a deal for a top shortstop or starter to make sure the club does not lose him after spring training and get nothing back. Another option would be just to leave him in the bullpen until he works out of his slump or throw him in the rotation and hope you win every fifth game every now and then


    Chacin wasn’t great and the bullpen was, but the Jays couldn’t even match the 1 run the A’s scored off the pen. At least Johnson got a few hits toward salvaging a bad month, but the guys after him got shut down.


    I’m a bluejays fan and i always will be, but i think that the jays don’t have a chance to get into the play-offs this season. In our division the yankees are rock solid right now. In the wil-card we gotta get past 3 teams and we are 7.5 games behind so i doubt that we are going to make it.
    What riccardi should do is start making some of the moves to get rid of lilly for another starter or cash, casue some contending teams might want him. Get rid of mcgowan, downs, frasor, spier and tallet, towers and maybe taubenheim in a deal for a shortstop or an excellent pitcher, catcher or just cash. call up jannessen and walker for long relievers have league and accardo stay. Call up rosario, romero and josh banks or ryan houston (don’t know which is a reliever). Then sign vernon wells and fire gibbons. Now sign cattalannato and meche. if vernon doesn’t want to sign trade him for a shortstop then we can give up the relievers for cash or an number 4 or 5 pitcher.

    Call up lind so he can either play left or right when rios is getting a day off or DH. Let go of bengie or trade him. Keep zaun unless you find another catcher better than zaun.


    The Jays for some reason this year have drawn alot of attention to themselves. That’s the price you pay for being in the spotlight. Their team in whole is great this year and should be next year, they need to resign Wells, and the Cat. Their infield is fine. Getting another infielder is nothing. Macdonald bats last. And he isn’t that bad of a hitter. He seems to make contact quite often and has come up with some big hits for them when needed. Lilly has nasty stuff, and will be missed on this team next year if he goes. Thought for the Jays office, sign Wells at any cost, drop one of your catchers, Zaun is way to good to be a backup catcher, either get rid of him or Molina. There are changes the Jays need to make to compete against the payroll of the Yankees. The Red Sox they can beat, right now. Not sure where the changes will begin but it would be great to see Wells wearing the uniform for 10 more years.


    Gotta agree with Harry potter-there’s a tension in the jays clubhouse and I don’t think it’s a coincedence that they’ve had two major blow-outs with players that -up till now-had not been known to blow up-what’s the common thread?Gibbons!I get the feeling he’s a hothead and wants things his way and uses his position to force it down your throat.I hope I’m wrong,but,with the talent they have this year,even with the injuries,they should be contending for nothing less than the wild-card.Fire him.Hold onto wells,Glaus,B.J(by the way-quit overworking him,he’s awesome for 3-4 batters-tops,not a second inning),halliday,get rid of Lilly,hold Rios,cat,zaun,johnson,Chacin,burnett,unload the rest except Accardo/League,that should free up some cash to get some more good young players like Marcum.Just my thoughts.Geez,almost forgot,keep that awesome 1st basemen-Overboy-isn’t it?


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