The Black Hole

Dsc03218_3I’m sure when a lot of people read a newspaper, they put little to no thought into what the writers went through to get a particular story in print.  For you Toronto Star readers out there, just take a look at the photo to the right to gain some added appreciation to what columnist Richard Griffin had to deal with on Tuesday night.

You see, life on the road as a baseball beat writer isn’t as glamorous as you might think at times. We aren’t always fitted with the most glorious equipment and if something happens to said equipment, well, it’s sort of a fend-for-yourself situation.

Griff stuck to his story that "the maid must have broke it" while he was out of his hotel room. The screen was cracked and the spiderweb of blackness grew larger throughout Toronto’s game against Cleveland. I’m sure it’ll be even worse when he shows up to the park for Wednesday’s game.

The funny part was that his computer — as far as functionability — was just fine. Griff could write his column without any problems. Well, except for the fact that most of the text was hidden behind the black hole and he’d have to scroll the page up and down to see any of the copy. I’m sure the Jays wouldn’t have minded if a few of his columns were ****** into the black hole never to return. I only kid.


–Gustavo Chacin left Tuesday night’s game with another injury. I’m sure his finger hurt and I’m not knocking him from leaving the game, but after all the elbow issues and serious problems he’s been through this season, it was hard not to chuckle when it was announced that he suffered an "index finger cramp." After the game, Chacin said it was feeling better and Jays manager John Gibbons didn’t think he’d have to miss a start. I’m sure I’ll follow up on that tonight.

–Justin Speier threw off the mound in the bullpen at Jacobs Field. It was his first time off a mound since landing on the DL with the forearm injury three weeks ago. He threw 30 fastballs and everything seemed to go fine. He’ll throw another bullpen session on Friday in Boston — this time adding in some sliders. Then after one or two sim games, he said he should be able to return. That puts him on pace to rejoin the bullpen in Anaheim for the Sept. 8-10 series.

–Alex Rios could probably use a day off, considering the slump he’s in. If Gibbons decides to give him one, though, it probably won’t come until Friday — the next time Toronto faces a right-handed starter. Gibbons said he might’ve sat Rios on Monday, but the Jays are down to three outfielders at the moment because Frank Catalanotto is back in New York with his family. Cat, whose wife gave birth to a daughter on Monday, should be back with the club on Thursay in Boston.

–Lyle Overbay’s seventh-inning error proved to be very costly on Tuesday night. With runners on first and second, he fielded a sac bunt off the bat of Joe Inglett and then he looked to third base instead of firing to first. The slight hesitation caused Overbay to bobble the ball, allowing Inglett to reach safely to load the  bases. Overbay said he should’ve just thrown to first base to get the sure out, or let the ball roll to see if it’d go into foul territory. Gibbons said he felt the ball was fair enough that Overbay made the right play by fielding it. Making matters worse, Inglett was an old college teammate of Overbay’s at Nevada-Reno. I wonder how their conversation went at first base afterwards — probably not a whole lot of reminiscing.

Well, I’m off to grab some Chinese food for lunch before I get ready for my last workday of the year in Cleveland. I was going to head to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame today, but sleep became more of a priority. Ah well, that’ll leave me something to do here next season.



    I’m starting to get really frustrated. The Red Sox are finally slumping (which is what we’ve been waiting for all year), and the Jays get a slump of their own going. If we just posted a .500 average over the past 25 games or so, we’d be ahead by now.


    Johnny Mac probably saves more runs than the average SS produces for his team.I have no problem with him for another year if it means finding another solid starter. if VW doesn’t want to sign, what about ponying up for Torii Hunter?


    Jays caught a break when the tribe didn’t get Hafner to lay down the squeeze. That said, if the ground rule double Wells hit had been called fair (which the replay clearly showed it was) instead of foul, they might not have needed it.

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