Travel Day

It’s 1:51 a.m. and I have to get up in four hours to get to Boston’s airport for a flight back home to Toronto. Why am I still up? I just finished putting together the bi-weekly installment of the Blue Jays mailbag.

The issues you’ll get to read about tomorrow: The reality of the catching situation for next year, why I don’t think Gibbons was punished harshly following the Hillenbrand/Lilly incidents, who Toronto will get for Hinske/Schoeneweis, what the plans are for Josh Towers, and Brandon League’s role.

That’ll be all the Bastian content you get on Monday. I have to catch a connecting flight in New York and won’t get back to Toronto in time to cover the game against Cleveland. I’ll have someone filling in for me instead. I’ll enjoy a wonderful day of traveling, followed by a quiet evening at home after this long road trip.


–Gustavo Chacin pitched great and might’ve gone longer had it not been for Tropical Storm Ernesto messing around with the game’s start time. The Blue Jays sit two games behind Boston for second place. Hey, if they can’t make the playoffs, why not finish higher than they have since 1993? Fortunately for the Jays, the Red Sox had a horrible August to make the second place finish a possibility. Boston has their regular starters slowly returning, though.

–Lyle Overbay (flu) and Troy Glaus (sinus infection) were out sick. At least there were no staph infections. With how small and cramped the visiting clubhouse is at Fenway Park, I’m surprised more teams don’t have more problems with colds or flu-like symptoms being contagious when in Boston. It’s by far the smallest clubhouse in the American League. Talk about home-field advantage.

–Kevin Barker homered for the first time since he was with Milwaukee in 2000 and Reed Johnson collected his 500th hit. Topping things off, Toronto’s offense scored six runs for the first time in eight games.

That’s all for now. I’d like to see more discussion going here while I’m off for a day. Get those discussion board junkies onto this blog to get things going. Until Tuesday…

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