Saw That Coming

It wouldn’t have taken a rocket scientist (why is that the profession we always pick out for this type of point?) to figure out that Roy Halladay had thrown his last pitch of the season on Wednesday. With only two starts left for the Good Doctor, it wouldn’t have made any sense to rest him for one start and risk reinjuring his arm in the last series of the season.

Even so, Toronto wouldn’t say officially that Halladay was indeed done for the year on Wednesday. On Thursday, Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi was quoted in some reports saying Halladay was done, and on Friday, we heard it again from manager John Gibbons and from Halladay himself. So see you next season Doc. It’s just unfortunate he finishes the year without a win in his last six starts.

Halladay said he pitched through some discomfort in his right forearm at various points this season. He added that it was too much to take only twice. That was on Wednesday, and in April, when he missed a start because of the injury. The first time around, Halladay said working excessively on his cut fastball in the spring put extra strain on his forearm coming into the year. That was part of the problem this time, too, but he said it was more "wear and tear" than anything else. At least he was smart enough to pull the plug when he did.


–Technically, the Blue Jays have only released their home schedule for next season. Since there have been published reports — in the L.A. Times, Toronto Sun, among others — about some of the road dates, I don’t mind keying you all in on some minor schedule notes.

The Jays Interleague schedule includes trips to L.A. to play the Dodgers and to San Francisco to play the Giants. During rivalry week, Toronto will head to Philly to square off against its 1993 World Series foe. After the All-Star break, Toronto has an eight straight games on the road — four against the Red Sox and four against the Yankees. Ouch.

Also, for those of you weekend attendees at the Rogers Centre, don’t get excited about seeing those Jays-Red Sox or Jays-Yankees games. Toronto doesn’t host either Boston or New York in any weekend sets. Both clubs make three visits to Toronto, but they are all during weekdays. Weekend series’ include: Rangers, Devil Rays, Mariners, Orioles, Tigers, White Sox, Nationals, Indians and Rockies.

— Gibbons hasn’t announced who will fill in for Halladay, yet. Shaun Marcum will start on Monday, but Tuesday remains up in the air. Remember when Brian Tallet started a game and a whole bunch of relievers followed? You might see something like that. Or, Gibbons said Josh Towers, Dustin McGowan, or Davis Romero could be a candidate to start, too.

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    no weekend series vs yanks or redsox… wow whats up with that? you think if you faced them six times a year, one of them would be on a weekend at home…

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