Yes, congrats are in order for both the Tigers and Cardinals. My congrats are belated to Detroit and its fans on making it to the World Series for the first time since 1984. After first picking the Yankees, and then the A’s, I received plenty of flak from my Tigers-loving friends back in Michigan. I guess the kid in me — the one that grew up a diehard Cubs fan — just didn’t want to hear all the gloating from his friends about their team getting to the Fall Classic.

As for the Cardinals, they made me sound half smart! They weren’t my original pick to go to the Series, but last weekend on the Fan590 in Toronto, I was asked to make my World Series prediction, and I blurted out Cardinals over Tigers in six. I don’t know how smart that prediction was, but at least I was the only one of the three on the show to get the matchup correct.


–Josh Towers was removed from the 40-man roster on Thursday. Toronto outrighted him to Triple-A. He’ll get another crack at making the club in Spring Training, but he’s going to have to prove a lot after his disastrous 2006. I can’t say that seeing the Jays bump him off the 40-man was much of a surprise, but the reality is he’s still going to be paid almost $3 million next year. That’s a lot for a Minor Leaguer with a slim chance at making the rotation.

–Toronto also tried to outright both Pete Walker and Kevin Barker, but they declined their assignments and became free agents. I guess that means it’s unlikely we’ll see Pete in Dunedin, Fla. this spring, but you never know. Pete is a good guy and hopefully a team will give him an invite come Spring Training.

–The Jays also outrighted John-Ford Griffin to Triple-A, bumping him off the 40-man roster as well. Griffin had shoulder issues all season. When Walker went on the 60-day DL in September, he was removed from the 40. So minus Towers, Barker, and Griffin, the roster dropped to 37 players. Toronto upped it to 38 by purchasing Tracy Thorpe’s contract. Thorpe is currently pitching in the Arizona Fall League and will probably be at Triple-A next season.



    For all I know, Dustin McGowan is a Sandy Koufax in need of a Norm Sherry to tell him he doesn’t have to throw so hard, but at this point the only thing that’s going to keep another team from taking him when he doesn’t make the 25 man roster is that no other team is going to want him on their 25 man roster either.


    Jordan, how about that MSU comeback? that was amazing coming back from 35 down. I personally could care less was state does but a performance like that is incredible


    What is the status of their appeal to allow McGowan another year of options? Because if that doesn’t go through there is probably a good chance we will lose him if we send him down. I could see team like KC, or Tampa Bay picking him up. Hopefully if all goes well he will come around so he can be an effective pitcher next year.

  4. Jordan

    Yes, that was an amazing comeback by MSU — biggest comeback in Division 1A history! Go Green! Thanks for the comment.

    As far as McGowan, I’m not sure off the top of my head when the league hears cases like McGowan’s, but ultimately it’s up to MLB whether or not he will receive a fourth option year. If you ask me, I’m pretty sure they’d allow it because of his Tommy John surgery. Of course, that’s just speculation.

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