Angels still targeting Wells

This is from today’s Los Angeles Times:

"If the Angels’ bid for Japanese right-hander Daisuke Matsuzaka falls short, they will probably make a strong push to sign free-agent left-hander Barry Zito and look to use one of their young pitchers — Ervin Santana, Jered Weaver or Joe Saunders — in a trade for a slugger such as Toronto’s Vernon Wells, Baltimore’s Miguel Tejada or possibly Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez."

The Angels were talking about possibly trading for Wells last year. It was written about in the L.A. Times in September. The paper even asked Wells about possibly playing for the Halos:

"It’s a beautiful place," Wells told the newspaper at the time. "At the same time, I’m very comfortable here with Toronto. I’ve been here my whole career. This place is first, and everything else is second."

All that being said, I still think Wells will be in a Toronto uniform in 2007 even if he doesn’t sign an extension. He’s the focal point of the Blue Jays’ offense right now and it would set the team back to trade him right now. Toronto is as close to the Yankees as they have been in a long time and ridding of Wells would hinder that progress.



    Not only would trading Wells be irresponsible offensively, but also irresponsible financially. On the open market Wells would fetch something like Carlos Beltran money, or in the order of $17M/year. At his current pay of $5.6M/year, he is underpaid by over $11M. What package could any team trade for Wells that’s worth $11.4M more than you’d have to pay it?


    I think they will hammer out a deal with Wells this offseason.

    I dont think you can ever trade someone like Wells for equal even if it was for a package like Ervin and Kendrick or something. A very good package but still not worth a Wells. I think Weaver is untouchable right now.

    Although Jays are deepest in the OF in prospects though…

    Angels should go after JD Drew now.

    I think JP should try to find a one-year solution to SS and hope for a better crop next year. Hill is a very good 2B but an average SS. Plus, I dont think a young player should be moved around so much already.

    Hope Zaun decides to not sign with Royals. I’m sure Jays see him as a cheap solution again and this time with certainty of being no.1; I’m sure that Sportsnet gig was something to entice him to stay.

    I hope JP grabs either Meche or Wolf. Maybe more so Wolf because he is a lefty to replace Lilly.

    Dang, it seems all free-agents rumours are swirling around NYY and BOS…. as usual. But this year with BAL has money to overspend as well. Oh boy, this is the year JP has to be a genius!


    I also read an article recently about the Cubs being interested in Wells.

    In the same article it also mentioned Lilly to be their top free agent target. In my opinion, he is a very good pitcher and it would be a shame to let him go.

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