Off to Florida

I’m heading down to Florida tomorrow afternoon for the Winter Meetings. I’ll be giving daily updates from the Meetings on and I’ll try to blog as much as I can down there, too. That’s really all for right now. I have to help my wife decorate our Christmas Tree tonight before packing and watching the second half of Superman Returns. Talk to you all from Orlando.




    have a great time in Orlando. DO you think we will find out if Vernon Wells will be re-signing with the Jays for a long term contract? And is this something that will be able to be determine at the winter meetings?


    Coventry, RI U.S.A


    Yes Jordan, bring us some good news. Would like to see Lilly resigned and possibly get Meche as well. Let us know how the talks go please. You are our eyes and ears down there, let us see the good stuff.

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