A good time to head south

Talk about good timing. I woke up to the worst snow storm of the winter in Toronto, and am now kicking back at my place in Florida. The conclusion of my day turned out just fine, even if the traveling part was a bit hectic. My flight left Toronto on time, despite the massive snow fall, but I barely made it to my connecting flight in Newark.

The first plane I was on had zero visibility on its first attempt at a landing and it had to pull up at the last minute. So we were put into a holding pattern and our pilot came on the intercom with this message: "We might be able to land in Newark in the next 20 minutes, but if we can’t, we’re going to have to head to Richmond, Virginia, because we don’t have enough fuel."

Thank God that Newark allowed our plane to land 15 minutes later. Once we got to the airport, I ran out and jogged to my connecting gate. When I got there, the lady at the counter said, "Jordan?!" — signaling that I was pretty much the only guy the flight to Tampa was waiting on. Once into the jetway, the woman shut the door behind me. Unfortunately, my luggage couldn’t run through the terminal with me.

Everything worked out, though. I got to Tampa — albeit about an hour and a half delayed (could’ve been worse) — and my bags were dropped off at my hotel later this evening. It’s now 12:48 a.m., but I’m here, I have all my stuff, and I’m ready to get this whole Spring Training thing underway.

Toronto’s pitchers and catchers aren’t required to report in Dunedin, Fla., until Friday, but I’ll be heading to the Bobby Mattick Training Center tomorrow morning anyway. I do feel sorry for those of you shoveling yourselves out of the mess back home, but hey, somebody has to bring you all the latest Blue Jays’ news down here in the heat of Florida!

There will be daily updates on bluejays.com and I’ll try to post on the blog as often as I can. So stay warm, and stay tuned…

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wow, sounds hectic, keep up the good work down there Jordan!

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