Game #12: Jays at Reds pregame

Toronto (4-6-1) at Cincinnati (8-2-0)
at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Fla.

Today’s lineups:

Royce Clayton, SS
Aaron Hill, 2B
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Troy Glaus, 3B
Gregg Zaun, C
Curtis Thigpen, DH
John-Ford Griffin, LF
Chad Mottola, RF
Jeff Duncan, CF

PITCHING: LHP Gustavo Chacin

Ryan Freel, CF
Alex Gonzalez, SS
Brandon Phillips, 2B
Adam Dunn, LF
Edwin Encarnacion, 3B
Jeff Conine, DH
Scott Hatteberg, 1B
Javier Valentin, C
Chris Denorfia, RF

PITCHING: RHP Matt Belisle


Who is it that JP wants from the Phillies in exchange for Rios?

It’s probably Brett Myers or Cole Hamels.

I don’t believe the Jays will or should deal any of thier regulars for the time being.They have some very good signs in their pitching depth right now. Rios has only upside at this time and I think JP would have to be blown away with an offer to even consider trading Rios.Gibby has a very good rotation that can be as good or better than any in the AL.They just got to stay healthy.

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