Under the Weather

I wanted to apologize for the lack of posts here the past few days — only putting the lineups and not having any postgame notes on the blog. Apparently, all this warm weather and sunshine has taken its toll on poor ol’ Bastian. I’ve been battling a cold and sore throat the last few days and have been taking it as easy as I can. Let me tell you how it isn’t much fun trying to conduct interviews when you’ve lost your voice.

Anyway, I’ll try to pick up the slack here this week. I’m at Toronto’s Minor League complex today, taking in some action before heading to Knology Park for BP, and then to Bright House Networks Field for the night game against the Phils. I had a nice chat with Minor League prospect Travis Snider today, and will be writing about that shortly.

For now, I hope you can forgive this ailing sportswriter for taking a few days off from the blog. I’ll be updating more soon.

One comment

  1. darren22@gmail.com

    Did they serve up some bad Mai Tai’s in the press box at Knology? Jeff Blair has mysteriously disappeared from his blog too. Maybe the Jays don’t like you guys giving constant information to fans…

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