Game#29: Jays at Indians pregame

Toronto (10-14-4) at Cleveland (16-12-1)
at Chain of Lakes Park in Winter Haven, Fla.

Today’s lineups:

Wayne Lydon, LF
Jason Smith, 2B
Jason Phillips, C
Chip Cannon, 1B
Rob Cosby, DH
Ryan Roberts, 3B
John McDonald, SS
Aaron Matthews, RF
Jeff Duncan, CF

PITCHING: RHP Victor Zambrano

Jason Michaels, CF
Josh Barfield, 2B
Travis Hafner, DH
Ryan Garko, 1B
Jhonny Peralta, SS
Mike Rouse, 3B
Mike Rose, C
John Drennen, LF
Jason Cooper, RF

PITCHING: RHP Jake Westbrook

Thanks go to Mr. John Lott of the National Post for letting be borrow his computer to put this post up. I have no internet connection here in lovely Winter Haven.

Stay tuned for more…

One comment


    I listened to the Cleveland feed of today’s game, and their guys spent the entire game dissing the Jays for leaving their A team at home. I think the Indians had 2 opening day guys in their lineup. Turns out we didn’t really need to bring the big boys anyway, but it really makes you appreciate Howarth and Ashby.

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