Ryan moved to the 60-day DL

This move was more paperwork than anything else, for those of you wondering why on Earth the Jays would transfer closer B.J. Ryan to the 60-day disabled list. Ryan wasn’t going to throw for a month as it was, and even though the team said he’d be out "four to six" weeks initially, it was always closer to six weeks, possibly longer.

So, in a completely best-case scenario, Ryan might’ve been back in late May — that was the original feedback from Dr. James Andrews. In reality, though, Toronto wasn’t going to rush Ryan back by any means, considering he’s the ace of the club’s bullpen. So mid June probably was when he was going to return as it was. That being the case, now that he’s on the 60, he’ll be eligible to return on June 15.

Keep in mind that the Jays had similar injuries to pitchers A.J. Burnett and Gustavo Chacin last season. In both cases, the pitchers came back quickly, only to land back on the DL. Toronto is going to want to avoid that same scenario at all costs with Ryan. The move also opened a spot on the roster to add lefty Brian Tallet, giving the Jays two lefties in the ‘pen again.

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