Bastian to the DL?

I’m in bed, typing with one hand. Apparently, the Blue Jays’ injury woes aren’t limited to the field. During my daily afternoon workout, something yanked in my back and now I have sheer pain that slices through my back with any slight movement. Needless to say, I won’t be making it to the park tonight. I’m stuck in bed and hoping to avoid a trip to the DL. This Jays injury bug is ruthless.

NOTE: The word seems to be that Toronto plans on calling righty Jesse Litsch up from Double-A for tomorrow’s start.


Get well Jordan. I feel your pain (I have herniated disc). The DL can be brutal.

Speaking of brutal: good luck to Jesse Litsch. Leading a lamb to the lion’s den? He’s pitched well so far this year which is more than we can say about some of the men he’s replacing.

Get well soon Jordan Hey people where are you the man is down Send him an e-mail we need this guy and his blog I belive Litch is replacin the Doc Good luck i hope he can do it In baseball you never know Thats why i love the game As for ysterday We cant change History

Jordan.. Hope you get well soon and back at it .

Hope you feel better soon Jordan.

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