No Minny for Me

There won’t be any blogging from the Metrodome for me, considering I’m back home in Toronto. This weekend marks my wife’s and my second anniversary, so I figured I should probably take the series in Minnesota off. So, I’ll be back on here for the upcoming home set against the Yankees. Still no word on whether or not Roger Clemens will be starting in Toronto, but it sounds like he might be making another rehab start. After watching some of his last one, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to do one more. He still looked a tad rusty and a bit winded.

QUOTABLE: One highlight of the trip to Baltimore came on Tuesday, when after the game the O’s PR department handed out a postgame note that read: "Blue Jays manager John Gibbons: "." *technical difficulties."

Gibbons’ way of speaking definitely takes some getting used to as a reporter, but after a while you get used to his Texas drawl and the way he’ll sometimes trail off in a mumble. Baltimore’s PR staff had a little trouble trying to decipher his quotes after the game. We all had a good laugh.

I’m sorry Joe Magrane: The guy goes 18-9 with a 2.91 ERA for the Cardinals in 1989 and his Topps baseball card ends up sitting in each urinal in the men’s bathroom on the press level at Camden Yards on Tuesday night. I’m sorry, Joe. I had to go.

Still taking abuse: During an interview with Lyle Overbay on Wednesday, I was once again the victim of a barrage of foam darts — this time coming from toy guns being wielded by Shaun Marcum, Josh Towers and Brian Tallet. Unfazed, I continued the interview while the trio retrieved their bullets from around my feet. Towers hit me square in the chest with a blowgun when I first walked in the room. Nice. I guess that’s what I get for choosing the life of a vulture. All in a day’s work.



    Do you ever plan on getting the guys back with foam darts of your own?

    Too bad Roger wont make his re-debut in Toronto, I would’ve loved to attend that game with the hope that he’d get smacked around (figuratively speaking of course).

    Happy anniversary to you and your wife!


    Ok, but the important question is; Was that foam dart gun registered?

    And if so why wasn’t this crime prevented!


    Does anybody know what happened to Mike Sirotka ? I was reading a couple of articles on the situation but it never mentioned whether or not he has pitched since or ever pitch again.


    Towers actually hit you with a foam dart; I with he could be as accurate with the strike zone.


    If they let Towers throw foam baseballs, at least they wouldn’t go as far when they got hit!


    I’m starting to wonder whether or not Josh Towers and or Vermilier(sp?) will ever be used again. To let Burnett throw 120 something pitches is a little much in a game that he was losing anyway. I understand the lack of confidence in those 2, but if you don’t let them pitch every so often then it’s just a waste of a roster spot. If those guys wont be used then the jays are much better served to call up an extra bat, defensive specialist or possible pinch-runner instead.


    ms: Towers’ has a great strikeout to walk ratio. His problem (when he has had a problem, which was not so much when he got taken out of the rotation compared to since then) has been hits, especially the long ball.


    Burnett pitched well, aside from 2 mistakes which cost him the game. I think the idea of leaving him in was to have a rested bullpen for New York, who has a habit of using up pitchers. Both Towers and Vermiliea are long relievers who may be needed in the next few days.


    Your cuz John here. I’m so envious that you are getting hit with foam darts from ballplayers while I constuct another sweet excel spreadsheet. Where did I go wrong????

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