Game #62: Jays at Dodgers pregame

Toronto (29-32) at Los Angeles (35-27)
at 4:0 p.m. ET at Dodger Stadium

Today’s lineups:

Alex Rios, RF
Matt Stairs, 1B
Vernon Wells, CF
Troy Glaus, 3B
Aaron Hill, 2B
Adam Lind, LF
John McDonald, SS
Sal Fasano, C
Roy Halladay, P

Rafael Furcal, SS
Tony Abreu, 2B
Russell Martin, C
Luis Gonzalez, LF
Wilson betemit, 3B
James Loney, 1B
Andre Ethier, RF
Juan Pierre, CF
Jason Schmidt, P


I don t think Halladay is 100%fit,just watching him in Los Angeles seems there is still a hangover from Tampa!!

I cant understand why they would let the doc. hit in the 7th in a 10-2 game.why take a chance on him getting a ball on the hands and out for another year.The Manager should know better.I know he[theDoc.]wants to pitch but we need him down the road

I was at the Saturday and Sunday games, and it was nice to see the team pull out some offense for once. I just hope they have some left for the SF series (which I will also be at two games of).
While I want to wear something that shows my support for the team when I go to the west coast games this year, I want to wear something a little more creative than just a regular Jays jersey. Jordan, can you find out what uniform number Matt Stairs wore when he played for the Chunichi Dragons?

Hmm… it looks like the place I was planning on getting the Chunichi Dragons jersey from is out of stock on the home style jersey, and the away version is only customizable in a size that probably won’t fit me. So there goes that plan.

There are the bluejays that I like to see. Good pitching and the offence that we are all use to.

I hope Gibby keeps that slugger RBI guy called Halliday available for pinch hitting in San Francisco.

Goes 2 for 4 and knocks in an rbi-how good is that.

Maybe he should be considered for the 3 or 4th hole when we get back in Toronto-it’d be different having production from that slot. LOL

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