Burnett leaves with shoulder strain

Toronto starter A.J. Burnett left Tuesday night’s game against the Giants with a strain of the right shoulder. After the Jays’ loss, the pitcher said he thinks it could be a result of fatigue — throwing 372 pitches over three starts can do that to a guy — and he’ll probably have to miss at least one start.

This is unrelated to the elbow issue last year or any other issue he’s had throught the eight trips to the DL over his nine seasons. He’ll go through some more tests on Wednesday, when the Jays will know more about the extent of the injury. He’s hoping to avoid a trip to the DL (the Jays can only hope with 11 guys landing on that fateful list already this year).

Toronto manager John Gibbons said the Jays will add another pitcher to the bullpen for Wednesday’s finale with the Giants. That also means someone will have to be demoted. That could mean the days of carrying four catchers are no longer. We’ll see what happens. I’m outta here. Quick turnarounds are always fun when you’re fighting jetlag.

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: The pressbox here at AT&T Park is VERY close to the field and the stands. So as people leave the game, their are eye level with us reporters in the ‘box. One woman walking by after the game pointed to the pressbox and said to her friend, "These are all the bloggers and internet people." Yeah, nevermind all the newspaper writers. Remember when those existed?


Way to Go Gibby

Hey now keep Halliday out there ever game for 110 to 120 pitches-burn him as well.


Tell the Yankees to shove it when they complain about injuries.


Overwork is likely the cause of Burnett’s injury, but it’s pretty hard to pull a pitcher when he’s pitching as well as Burnett has been. Look how upset Ted Lily got last year. Haliday and Burnett are both on a pretty long leash when it comes to how long they stay out there, but hopefully now Burnett has an idea of when he’s gone to the well too often, and can back off a bit.

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