Keep a lid on it

SAN FRANCISCO — They just introduced the lineups for the celebrity/legends softball game here at AT&T Park and there were a couple of cap controversies sure to have a few Canadians scratching their heads.

Former Expos and Cubs outfielder Andre Dawson trotted out of the dugout as a member of the American League squad, sporting a Boston Red Sox hat. Dawson spent all of two of his 21 seasons in the AL with Boston — and one of those years was during the strike-shortened ’94 campaign. Maybe the powers that be thought a Red Sox hat might get him some more Hall of Fame votes.

As if that sight wasn’t odd enough, former Expos and Mets Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter jogged out of the National League’s dugout wearing a … Giants cap? Carter spent 1990 in Frisco and his other 18 seasons elsewhere in the NL. I guess having him wear a Nationals cap was out of the question.

Among those playing in the softball game: Kevin Dillon, Dane Cook, Jerry Rice, Rob Schneider, Bobby Flay, Jimmy Kimmel, Alyssa Milano, Miss USA Rachel Smith, James Denton, Dave Winfield, Ernie Banks, Ozzie Smith, Rollie Fingers, Wade Boggs, Rickey Henderson, Goose Gossage, Fred Lynn, J.T. Snow, Matt Williams, Robby Thompson, Robb Nenn, Kevin Mitchell, among others.

FYI, Dawson just cranked out a homer — in a Boston cap.

Stay tuned for more…


So Jordon, how many times has Rachel Smith fallen down?

Ha…none yet, but she did do a nice little dance move with Jerry Rice a la Dancing with the Stars.

Hey, I can’t actually believe that I am starting to feel good about Towers taking mound. 8 plus innings without a run? Nice job!

Well, I hope for Rice’s sake, he scored a touchdown, the quarterback certainly looks capable of throwing a pass.

Hey, Towers pitched a great game today; maybe the best he’s ever pitched. Probably the most important win of the year for The Jays.

Now, we go into the second half only 8.5 games back in the WC and 10 back of a Boston team starting to show signs of slowing down. They’re also starting to get injuritis and we’re getting healthy.

All in all, other than Seattle the Jays performed well in this last very tough stretch. Taking 2 of 3 against Oakland and Detroit is no easy task, they’re both strong teams.

We have two tough series with 4 in Boston and 4 in NY after the break which will likely tell the tale of the season.

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