From Mike Rutsey in Saturday’s Toronto Sun:

Gustavo Chacin will not be returning to the Blue Jays any time soon.

In fact, the bald Venezuelan lefty who bears a striking resemblance to former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, was optioned to triple-A Syracuse yesterday as he continues to progress from shoulder problems that have kept him on the sidelines since April 28.

Let’s take a look:





    You forgot to put glasses and a ball cap on Mussolini. I am not surprised the jays optioned Chacin to triple-A. Baseball is a business as well as entertainment . Chacin has not been productive in either aspect this year . His arm strength has probably diminished quite a lot so let him rehab in triple-A , see how he performs then decide what the next option is . This also opens up a spot on the roster should the Jays need one


    Tower power.

    Josh tower was not at fault last night and anyone that thinks he was has a closed mind.

    bad defence is what lost that game and how many times have you seen the jays score runs in only one inning half the time I agree with towers this team does not come to the ballpark to play ball.

    But I guess it doesn’t matter any more towers will be gone.

    I hope he doesn’t go to a team that we play against,I can see it now we are playing our final game do or die if we win we make it if we lose we go home.

    Who might their pitcher be you guessed it “TOWER POWER” to bad we go home.


    I agree Towers was completely in line with his comments last night the game was poorly played with little effort; Gibby never should have taken him out. I mean comon the sixth inning????


    Well, there shouldn’t be any doubt why Mike Rutsey works at The Sun-no one else would hire him.

    Really tasteless journalism, just like the Sun.


    I’ve got to agree with gsumner on this one — pretty tasteless and verging on offensive.

  6. Jordan

    No one’s comparing Chacin to a dictator, which would be offensive. There’s nothing wrong with saying somebody bears a resemblance to someone else. Us scribes found the comparison to be a bit comical, and we found it a little funnier that the editors let it run in the paper. I wouldn’t say it was tasteless — just a good reporter having a little fun. Nothing wrong with that.



    I beg to differ. If the reporter did the comparision to himself-no problem. But he didn’t.

    He’s having fun at Chacin’s expense. How do you think Chacin would feel if he saw this article.

  8. Jordan

    Knowing Chacin, he probably wouldn’t think it was a big deal. But, hey, if some of you guys found it offensive, that’s fine. Opinions are a wonderful thing. But I gotta go with Rutz, I can see a resemblance.


    It’s a nice, comfortable feeling to have a pitcher like Chacin in AAA because you don’t have room on the big club for him. We seem to have an embarrassment of pitching talent right now, and it would be nice to defer some of it for later, because we may not be drafting very high in the next few years. Here’s a thought: what if we gave Towers a contract for next year, and then traded either him or Chacin out of Spring Training for a good prospect or a high draft pick? We will probably need one of them through 2008 until Romero is ready for the bigs.

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