Was that payback?

It’s no secret that Jesse Litsch is a control pitcher. He stays around the strike zone, and rarely strays too far off the plate with a pitch. So, it raised a few eyebrows when the rookie’s first pitch to Alex Rodriguez in the second inning on Monday went behind New York’s third baseman.

Could it be possible then that the errant offering was some sort of delayed — by more than two months — retaliation for the much-debated shout by A-Rod at the Rogers Centre on May 30? Litsch said that wasn’t the case, and it would seem a little farfetched that a Toronto pitcher would wait so long if they were going to issue some sort of payback.

"It was just a two-seamer that got away from me, basically," Litsch said. "I tried to go in on him all game. He got a base hit up the middle on an inside pitch also. I’m not going to give away the inside. Yeah, what happened, happened, but I go inside a lot."

For those of you who are out of the loop, A-Rod shouted as he ran behind former Jays infielder Howie Clark at third base on May 30. The yell confused Clark, who thought shortstop John McDonald was calling him off. The ball dropped to the turf and the Yankees four runs in the ninth and won the game, 10-5.

Considering Toronto played New York in the Bronx in July and nothing happened between the clubs, Yankees manager Joe Torre didn’t think much of Litsch’s pitch on Monday. It also wasn’t a big deal for the home-plate umpire, who didn’t warn anyone after the pitch sailed behind A-Rod’s legs.

"They played us four games at our place," Torre said. "Unless they didn’t care about doing it there and they did it here, that doesn’t make sense. It’s always surprising when you see somebody throw behind somebody, but obviously the umpire didn’t think anything of it, because nobody warned anybody."

I know some of you fans were probably wondering about the play. I say we put this thing to bed.


I agree with you Jordan in that this thing should be put to bed. If they wanted any payback it should’ve been done at Yankee stadium. I personally believe that A-rod thought it was intentional based on the way he tried to take Johnny mac out on the double play ball. It was clean but you could tell by his reaction afterwards that he wanted to knock John on his @$$.

If it was payback it was a waste of time.
Lets play the game and forget the garbage.

Matt Stairs is not hurting but Overbay is so who do you play an idiot can figure that one out but Gibbons can’t.

Downs has done a great job for the team this year”But” the Yanks kill him why the h—,bring him in it made no sense to me all it did was cost us the game Gibbons again.

I have said all year get rid of Gibbons and I’ll keep saying it for the rest of the year.

Lets hope Burnett holds together this time and helps this team finish with a little bit of dignity.

Boston and New York will not be caught this year to bad we had our chance and blew it.

I have high hopes of this team finishing with at least 90 games so good luck to them.

Stairs is a butcher in the field. As much as you might want his bat in the lineup, he’s a poor choice defensively with a ground ball pitcher on the mound and a lineup with lots of lefty and switch hitters who are going to be hitting it to the first base side.
With Accardo as the closer, Downs was the only choice in the bullpen who’s any good at getting lefties out.

I never saw the game yesterday, but from reading all the press-there seems to have been 3 plays in question.

One, was Litsche throwing behind A-Rod. Two, was A-Rod sliding into 2nd base. Third, was Johnny Damon sliding into 2nd base.

I’m sure Damon’s slide wasn’t intentional, but it sort of sounds like A-rod’s was. I’d also be very surprised if Litsche’s pitch was intentional.

Did anyone see these plays and have comments.


Dear Jordon, I hear by delaire your blog moot. You update your blog tardy, by the time you post something like the lineups, the game is already in the 4th inning, which makes doing that useless. I only read your “blog” becuase the blue jays have none, you and blaire dont count. Update your blog whenever you can like everyone else, not at a specific time every day like you do.

Smarten up or i’ll hit you with my cain.

Love Ted.

Funny and true ted. Tons of beat writters update their blog very often and it puzzles me why baitians is always the same stuff as http://www.bluejays.com.

Dont be affraid to speak your mind and update your blog 3-4 times a day with information. Every time you post it doesn’t need to be a book. For example, After Burnett pitched you could of given us his line for the day and get quotes later.

Hey, I’ll always accept criticism and suggestions. You have ot keep in mind, though, that my responsibilities are to the Web site first and the blog second. The blog is completely voluntary. I like to use it as a way to get the news, notes, lineups and any other little tidbits out there before the game begins. What’s ironic, is the comments here are in a post that strays from my usual format. Once we get to the offseason, when my work day isn’t so consuming, you’ll see more of the kind of posts you’re suggesting. Thanks for the input.


Just so you know, for the future, most AAA clubs, including Syracuse have gameday running when they play a game. It works identical to the game day on the Jays site.

You can get there by going to the following Syracuse web site;


You will see gameday hightlighted-just click and enjoy.

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