Game #135: M's at Jays pregame

Seattle (73-60) at Toronto (68-66)
at 1:07 p.m. ET at the Rogers Centre

Today’s lineups:

Ichiro Suzuki, CF
Jose Vidro, DH
Jose Guillen, RF
Raul Ibanez, LF
Adrian Beltre, 3B
Ben Broussard, 1B
Jose Lopez, 2B
Jamie Burke, C
Yuniesky Betancourt, SS

PITCHING: RHP Miguel Batista (13-10, 4.74 ERA)

Vernon Wells, CF
Reed Johnson, LF
Alex Rios, RF
Frank Thomas, DH
Troy Glaus, 3B
*Lyle Overbay, 1B
*Aaron Hill, 2B
Gregg Zaun, C
John McDonald, SS

PITCHING: RHP Dustin McGowan (8-8, 4.18 ERA)

**As it turns out, the lineup card that the Blue Jays turned in to home-plate ump Marty Foster, and the one subsequently given to M’s manager John McLaren, had Hill batting sixth and Overbay seventh. We learned this in the second, when Overbay flew out to left and Hill doubled, leading McLaren to appeal Hill’s hit. Since the lineup card was incorrect, Hill was ruled out for batting out of turn. Zaun struck out to end the inning.

NOTES: Injured closer B.J. Ryan began throwing lightly this week and GM J.P. Ricciardi said the left-hander will likely head to Toronto on the next homestand to throw in front of team trainers. Considering the way guys like RHPs Jeremy Accardo and Casey Janssen have stepped up this year in Ryan’s absence, Ricciardi said: "It’s allowing us to have a little more patience. It gives you a little more comfort, knowing that we have a couple guys who can do the job in certain areas. When he’s right, he’s right, whether that’s in April or in May or whenever. There’s a little bit of a comfort level there." … As expected, OF Adam Lind was recalled from Triple-A.

entering Saturday
1. New York 75-60 (–)
2. Seattle 73-60 (1)
3. Detroit 72-63 (3)
4. Toronto 68-66 (6.5)

REALITY CHECK…Since 1995, the runner-up in the AL Wild Card race has finished with an average of 89 victories. The Blue Jays would need to go 22-6 over their final 28 games to reach 90 wins.



    The word “IDIOT” fits Gibbons more and more each day.
    This may cost the team the game,Who knows what could have happend in the 2nd.


    This team burns me off no bats again today.

    JP is the real idiot if he thinks this team will do any better next year,Every team in the league would love to have our pitchers but no one would want our offence,Why because they don’t fit together and they are just plain to slow.Also they have no desire to win.



    Gibby’s response tomaking such a bush league play was “Awh shucks”.

    I think from here on in we should call him Abner-you know like Lil Abner.




    Overbay not very smart their pitcher walks 2 batters in a row they go out and talk to him that means a fastball right over the plate whats Overbay do takes all the way,Can’t seem to think for himself, Or was it the ex minor league catcher Gibbons the idiot who gave the sign.


    Why give Overbay the green light he goes after a bad pitch there goes the walk no chance to bring in Stairs with the bases loaded another great call by abner.


    McGowan should have been out after the seventh he gets tired after 85 pitches and we have a great bullpen this is just plain bull s-h-i-t.


    I think we call Zaun -Zombie.

    Someone should tell him he throws at second base-not the umpire.

    Another excellent outing from McGowan. He gets better and better each time out.


    Good outing for McGowan. But, I’m kind of disapointed Stairs wasn’t in there. Anyone on facebook should join the group “Matt Stairs is THE BALLS of the MLB”


    So Abner did a post game interview. The first question asked was about the lineup card fiasco. Gibby sort of blew up-didn’t answer the question and gave the reporter **** for asking it…..

    It’s the second time this season that Abner’s made that mistake.

    JP, the guy’s embarrassing you and The Toronto Blue Jays.

    Time to send Abner back to Dogpatch.

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