Game #136: M's at Jays pregame

Seattle (73-61) at Toronto (69-66)
at 1:07 p.m. ET at the Rogers Centre

Today’s lineups:

Ichiro Suzuki, CF
Jose Vidro, DH
Jose Guillen, RF
Raul Ibanez, LF
Adrian Beltre, 3B
Ben Broussard, 1B
Kenji Johjima, C
Jose Lopez, 2B
Yuniesky Betancourt, SS

PITCHING: RHP Jeff Weaver (6-10, 5.62 ERA)

Vernon Wells, CF
Russ Adams, 3B
Alex Rios, RF
Frank Thomas, DH
Matt Stairs, LF
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Aaron Hill, 2B
Gregg Zaun, C
John McDonald, SS

PITCHING: RHP A.J. Burnett (7-7, 3.70 ERA)

NOTES: The move came a bit earlier than expected, by LHP Joe Kennedy was at the Rogers Centre on Sunday. The Blue Jays purchased his contract from Triple-A Syracuse and added him to their bullpen. … the Toronto chapter of the BBWAA announced on Saturday that Frank Thomas and Roy Halladay were voted the Player and Pitcher of the Month, respectively, for August. … RHP Jeremy Accardo has struggled lately with throwing his split-finger fastball — a reason his last few saves have been a little rough around the edges. … STAT OF THE DAY: The Mariners, who have lost eight in a row heading into today’s game, have had four losing streaks of six games or more this season — the most in the Majors. And they’re still two games out of the Wild Card. Talk about hot and cold spells.

entering Saturday
1. New York 76-60 (–)
2. Seattle 73-61 (2)
3. Detroit 73-63 (3)
4. Toronto 69-66 (6.5)

REALITY CHECK…Since 1995, the runner-up in the AL Wild Card race has finished with an average of 89 victories. The Blue Jays would need to go 21-6 over their final 27 games to reach 90 wins.


Well, let’s hope we sweep them today and get them so motivated they go into New York and sweep the Yanks.

Now that would make things interesting.

I know a bunch are going to disagree with me, but I’d have had Rios bunting to move Wells and Adams to 2nd and 3rd with 1 out. With Rio’s speed, you never know, he might have beaten it out.

Coming up were Thomas and Stairs and in retrospect Thomas’s fly ball would have driven in a run, and left another in scoring position for Stairs.

We have to play more agressively, we can’t just sit back and hope for the big inning.

The way AJ is bringing it, 1 or 2 runs could win.

Oh, maybe Abner is still snoozing-thank full he got the lineup right.

I’d hate to bat against Burnett today. Brossard got two 98 mph fastballs than broke 4-5 inches, then an 84 mph curve that moved 12″.


Burnett must have felt a twinge in his arm in the 4th lol

gsumner Burnett is dealing today but if this team keeps leaving men on base like they have they are going to get in trouble.


Well, we ducked a bullet in the 7th. Everyone in the stadium could tell AJ was done when he threw the 3rd ball to Beltre, and walked him and cost a run.

He should never have been out there for the 7th-he’s just coming back from an injury and Abner,back to his old habits, leaves him out there for 115 pitches.

When you have a team down like this and a bullpen like we have-WHY take the chance?

Of course, it’s likely Abner missed the first 7 innings cause he’s still snoozing.


Thomas has driven in 58 runs since the all star break where was he in the first half and where would we have been.

gsumner thats why you don’t bunt with power up to bat a passed ball did the same job now the bases are full I bet they score.

Zaun goes 3 for3 then kills a chance for a big inning itchy and downs good matchup downs wins.

Ya, Thomas has been good since June.

Well, if Rios had bunted in the first inning and everything else unfolded as it did, we’d been up 4-0.

I agree if the batter is Thomas or Glaus, but Rios is a 5 tool player with lots of speed, and I always think you try to score in the first inning. A successful bunt would have almost guaranteed that.

Downs got the lefty out now take him out Abner you idiot no Daisy May for you tonight.

Yes, we’ve done a great job on Ichiro today. A couple of times AJ made him look foolish.

I don’t think he goes 0 for 4 too often.

Another great move by Abner. Downs did his job, but he leaves him in and Vidro-a right hander doubles.

THEN he brings in Wolfe. Thats the problem with Abner-he’s always one move late.


I don’t know abuot you, but I think either Stairs or Lind should start in LF when a right hander is pitching. Johnson is now batting an anemic .209 against right handers.

I think he’s still struggling from his injury.

gsumner: Vidro is a switch hitter, and lefties are pretty much the only ones who can touch Wolfe. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Agree on Stairs starting more. Apparently he’s 1 for 10 against Batista, which explains him not starting yesterday, but the Jays are 10 games over .500 (38-28) when he’s in the starting lineup now.

That’s what I love about his blog, redsox nation wantabees, at least they are happy when their team wins. We all have our pet peeves, but get real, can’t blame a win on the manager. So nit pick any real or imagined mistake. Somebody needs to get a life!
Now let’s see who answers me back, they are the ones who need to take a long step back.

Good game today. Matt Stairs GO FREDERICTON

If you don’t mind I’m going to take a step ahead.

Welcome to Jordans blog,

You must be a blue jay wantabee,could you please refrain from useing big words it’s hard on the eyes thank you.

Some of us don’t like our manager so if you don’t mind we will slam him every chance we get okay with you.

the s-u-x will not be in the playoffs this year so long francona you gum chewing pig at least thats what he looks like when he chews.

ALSO if we have an opinion we will speak out no matter what it is as is our right.

And the only mistake made was by your mother and father when they cheaped out on those ACME rubbers they bought about 9 months before you were born.

You can answer me if you want but I wont reply and please don’t use big words I don’t have my glasses on.


So you’re defending Abner-who are Pappy Yokum?

When we come in and sweep your high priced underperfoming ******* y lineup next week will you go back to dog patch and cry?

Garry, they don’t have Acme in the hills, they use home made versions from used shopping bags-so kids come out a bit warped as you can imagine-just like webmaster

Been a Jays fan since there was a Jays.

Didn’t know that everyday words, were too big, for anyone, I do apologize.

ALSO if we have an opinion we will speak out no matter what it is as is our right.

Your words I think.

At least I had the class not to take the conversation down into the gutter, like you. Strange isn’t it, don’t understand normal words, has to resort to garbage tactics, must be a BOSOX fan. Sounds like it to me, or a wanabee.

No not defending him, just wanted to enjoy the sweep. Lots of ops to complain about him, no need to make any up.
You guys need to take a deep breath. I am a Jays fan, from Fredericton, I was cheering our home-town boy, and giving anyone who can’t enjoy a few wins in a row some good natured jabs.

Enjoy the game too, take your digs at whoever you want. Even me if that turns your crank.

Did I say CRANK?


Expressing your opinion is one thing, attacking other posters or calling our posters redsox nation wantabees is quite another.

Everyone here expresses their own opinion, but on occasion we do get jerks like you.

Too bad really, that you resort to insults to express your opinion, I guess it shows your low intelligence level.

True Abner did fill out the lineup correctly today. He now has a dubious distinction of being the only manager in recent baseball history to make that mistake twice in the same year.

The guys a mental midget-what do you want to do give him a gold star?


By the way, that’s probably the funniest post, Ive ever see you make. lol

The results were good today but the offence is still having problems.

STAIRS IS NUMBER ONE in my books,His price is going to be high next year but JP will pay he likes to pay.


You need not try to convince anyone here about Matt Stairs, I think everyone here feels he’s the MVP of this team.

I hope Abner is bright enough to play him in LF in both Boston and NY. With the short RF fences in those parks, they might become Matt Stairs homerdomes.

No, I would like another manager too, but I just won’t give him a hard time when He hasn’t done anything. Like I said before, there have been and will be plenty of times when he does screw up.

You are welcome to say whatever you want. I just like to answer some times.

I do have to admit that I don’t want this blog to be like the RS or NY where they get on guys for one real or imagined mistake. We don’t have a good manager, that, like all things will change. Normally I don’t say anything, but I think I was happy about the game and bored on a Sunday afternoon in Fredericton, which is usually not the most exciting place to be on a Sunday. But can’t apologize for speaking my thoughts.

Glad to contribute once in a while.

Ahh insults, you mean the garryguy talking about my parents etc is all right but calling someone a sox wannabee is a mortal sin.

I understand now. Glad you straightened me out.

I hope they keep Matt too. He wants to play for the Jays, maybe that will help. Should give him a bonus for this year too.

Hey! I did good, boring afternoon, now I have had some great interaction. Thanks guys!


Hey we’re glad to have you here. The comment you made that was out of line was the redsox nation wantabees-that was uncalled for.

In my opinion Abner’s mistakes over the year have likely cost us 5-10 wins. He gets no slack from me-I want him outta here.

You might disagree with me on the Abner issue and that’s fine-that’s your opinion.

Hey, I think we’re all excited about this sweep, it means we’re only 5.5 back in the wild card.

And one never knows, if we sweep Boston and Seattle sweep NY, we will be 3 back and truly in the race.

Stranger things have happened.

This team is starting to show their capabilities-going 5 of the last 6.

I’d be surprised if they signed Stairs for less than 2.5 mill and maybe up to 3.5.

Hey, you had coming what you got from Garry.

A truce is in order so be it.

Welcome to the blog.

What is your opinion of JP.

gsumner and myself are estatic about the way the team is playing but remember we just played a team that is free falling we wont be abel to tell if this team is turning around until we play boston and new york,

If we play well against them we may still have a slim chance.

Well, about JP…I think we have a lot of good arms in the minors, and some good position players, we have great pitching up in the bigs, and when hitting, the fielders are among the best in baseball, so…JP has done a reasonable job. Along with scouts etc.

Like you I am not happy with our manager. Some of the coaches are doing a fairly good job, but the manager runs the show, which puts us on a down slide some.

You are right about the Mariners, lets see what happens in Boston. and past that.

Best look, sweep Boston and Mariners sweep Yankees. Hope? Not a big one, but anything can happen, that’s what makes BB the game it is.

I’d also be really surprised if we sweep Boston; BUT at the moment Manny is out and he is the single driving force behind their offence. They are no where near the offensive threat with him out of the lineup. To me, the loss of Manny is like 1-2 runs per game.

Dice-K is looking like he’s a bit tired in the last 3 games he gave up 13 runs. Boston have never seen Jessie. Jump on Dice-K fast and furious and he panics and implodes-Stairs could be a big contributor to that so bat him early and often. So I’d say it’s 50-50.

Beckett hasn’t been as effective either the last two to three games. Halliday got batted around last time out in Boston, but his main nemphisis Manny is out of the lineup. Righties hit Becket better than lefties. I’d bet Halliday wants to prove a point and therefore I like our chances.

Shilling versus Marcum. Shilling is rather ordinary now, his age is showing-and lefties hurt him. Marcum on the other hand is a hard nosed road warrier. Last time out in Boston-he gave up 3 runs over 6 innings and won. We haven’t faced Shilling this year, but we have had good success against him in previous years. Stack the lineups with lefties and wack him. Maybe bat Overbea 2nd and Stairs 3rd. Advantage Toronto.

The Boston pitcher we have nightmares with is Tim Wakefield and he’s injured at the moment.

Matt Stairs should start all 3 games in Boston, and bat 2nd or 3rd, except against Beckett. His OBP of .375 is second to Thomas and that short fence in RF is made for him.

gsumner and yourself are saying the same thing and thats what I would like to see.
As for Seattle when they lost their manager it took a while but they lost their backbone so I think the Yanks will crush them to bad for us but on the other hand we should pass them and Boston is sliding fast.

If we keep playing the way we are you never know.

gsumner I’m sorry for anything I said about Burnett you were right to stick by him,also I think he is finaly ok no more DL.


You’re right about our pitching. Not including today’s game we now carry a year to date team era of 3.92 third in baseball to Boston’s 3.74 and San Diego’s 3.56.

Post all-star, though, the team era is the best in baseball at a sparkling 3.15.

Garry-providing Abner doesn’t over use him.

If Burnett ever get’s confidence in his changeup to give him one more look, he will be unhittable. I noticed today, he’s finally starting to change speeds to keep the hitters off guard. Some heaters came in at 98 and others as low as 92-all with good movement.

I think Burnett is becoming a pitcher instead of a thrower and good for us.

You can thank Halliday for that.

7-3 in the last 10 games not bad at all. There is still life left in the Jays. This road trips should say alot about what happens over the next 26 games. Still a long shot but who knows!

Guess who will be playing LF for Boston this week if Manny can’t go. Thats right fans. Our old friend Eric Hinske! I think every pitcher in our organization should have an hour sit-down with Doc as it appears he has a vast amount of knowledge to give. (We can even pay Doc a little extra since he is now underpaid it appears (or at least everyone else is overpaid)). Also, if both us and Sea sweep we would be 3.5 games back since Sea would be in the WC lead. (But who honestly thinks they will win with John McLaren, Bill Bavasi, and that starting rotation.)

Well, for sure Manny isn’t playing in this series-it’ll likely take three to four more days to get his MRI results back.

Seattle have been streaky all year-they’re way overdue to win-hopefully they do it 3 times in NY.

Boston has seen Jesse. He outdueled Beckett a while back. I’d be surprised if it was possible for Matsuzaka to get a tired arm, considering that marathon in the Japanese high school tournament in 1998 didn’t turn him into Kerry Wood, but the Japanese season is a little shorter than the American one.


You’re right, I missed Jessie’s start. He went 6.2 innngs and gave up 1 earned run.

Thanks for catching it. I picked up the Dice-K comment from one of Boston’s releases. He’s already gone 176 innings which is more than what he did in Japan. They stated this as a reason for his giving up 13 runs in his last 3 starts

But he’s going tonight on 5 days rest as is Litsch, so we shall see.

Cross your fingers.

I wonder if we’ll see Royce Clayton tonight?

Every time we play a team and run up against players we let go or traded they turn into super stars but only against us?????.[hinski] [clayton].

The jays will have more money to spend next year because we wont be paying anyone to play against us thank god.

Were going to play well against Boston our pitchers match up very well against their pitchers.

We have






I’d feel better if Ace was in the mix,Boston have yet to face our best starters 1,2,3. But I like out chances.

With Seattle’s win over the Yanks today, we are now 5 games back.

Go Blue Jays.

Wow, i’ve been saying that the jays are done for a long time, but if they can win tonight I might just get my hopes up again. 4.5 games back if they win with 7 left against the yankees. If anything it’ll stretch my interest in them a little longer.

We hear people say over and over thats why they play 9 innings you never know what will happen,We go 3 and o against a good team and the same team beats the yanks????.

If Toronto wants the post season they have to make up their mind now,It’s out there they just have to go out and get it tonight will tell the story.

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