Game #146: Yanks at Jays pregame

New York (83-62) at Toronto (72-73)
at 7:07 p.m. ET at the Rogers Centre

Today’s lineups:

Johnny Damon, LF
Derek Jeter, SS
Bobby Abreu, RF
Alex Rodriguez, 3B
Hideki Matsui, DH
Robinson Cano, 2B
Melky Cabrera, CF
Wilson Betemit, 1B
Jose Molina, C

PITCHING: RHP Ian Kennedy (1-0, 2.25 ERA)

Reed Johnson, LF
Russ Adams, 3B
Alex Rios, CF
Frank Thomas, DH
Matt Stairs, RF
Aaron Hill, 2B
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Gregg Zaun, C
John McDonald, SS

PITCHING: RHP A.J. Burnett (8-7, 3.56 ERA)

NOTES: Blue Jays manager John Gibbons said CF Vernon Wells was simply given the day off — that his absence from the lineup was not related to his injured left shoulder. … CL B.J. Ryan is expected to be in Toronto on Monday. … 3B Troy Glaus has left the club and headed to L.A., where he will undergo surgery on his left foot as early as Monday.

entering Thursday
1. New York 83-62 (–)
2. Detroit 80-67 (4)
3. Seattle 76-68 (6.5)
4. Toronto 72-73 (11)

OVER AND OUT…Since 1995, the runner-up in the AL Wild Card race has finished with an average of 89 victories. With 17 games left, it is now impossible for the Blue Jays to reach 90 wins.

So, let’s go with this one instead:

BREAKING EVEN…Toronto needs to post a 10-7 record over its final 17 games to finish the season above .500.


I hope we get Ace some rn support-his stuff is nasty again tonight.

can you say Burnett is the best…CY next year you heard it from me 2nd.

Yeah, with JP’s luck AJ wins the CY and opt’s out in search of a bigger pay day.

Instead of looking dumb for giving an injury prone SP a 5 year deal JP’ll look bad for giving him and opt out clause.

I can’t believe we’re not hitting Kennedy. He throws consistent speed, little break and we’re making him look like Cy Young

He wont opt out he likes it here

hey Robert-have you noticed Ace is turnng into a pitcher instead of a thrower

I doubt AJ can stay healthy for an entire season.

I dont know, but the way he’s starting to pitch is a good start to being healthy all season. Now as long as Abner doesnt leave him out there for 130 pitches a game he’ll be fine

Why damon I can’t stand the ego tripper.
Zaun you bonehead go talk to AJ.


Beckett won’t win the CY Young it will probably go to Santana or Escobar or a pitcher who has better stats. Total wins alone aren’t going to do it. beckett is a s r e t a r d e d as bosox.

Burnett throwing very well tonight. A jam here in the 6th.

Jays bats are doing nothing against Kennedy. Thomas has had some nice swings against the kid. Kennedy has a great delivery and definetly knows how to spot his fastball, location and command. He doesn’t have overpowering stuff but the kid looks like he has been in the big leagues for about 5 years.

amire-so why dont you go post that on the red sox site

Santana has hurt himself by losing to the Indians 5 times but he is definately a pitcher I wouldn’t want to face in a game 7.


amire is sentinel…I am sure you have already figured that out….

yes, I like Santana-wish we had him

bosox-yes from his very first post. He seems to follow you around-any particular reason?

Santana is the best pitcher in baseball. The guy has a great fastball at 95 m.p.h. and the best changeup in the game. If Zito is worth 120 million, what is Santana worth?

Imagine if Santana was on a team like Boston or N.Y. The guy could win 23 games. I think his frustration with the front office/ownership has shown in his pitching. He has been vocal about his thoughts regarding the Twins. He believes they should sign Hunter and don’t let him go. Santana knows how valuable a c.f. is, he has seen so many great catches by Hunter over the years.

Great job by Burnett to get out of the jam. If you have A-Rod up with 2 on and 1 out, that is usually a run for sure.

Kennedy does have poise. But no change of speed on the fastball and very little movement on it; although he is throwing to both sides of the plate.

Now I am not *** but I would rather be than be you.

Well Terry Ryan quit today, so maybe he thinks Santans is going to leave along with Hunter.

Yes, Burnett’s making making a habit out of that since he came back-just lights out each and every start.


I guess he doesn’t like me…

I guess I have a stalker here….

Why couldn’t that stalker be Halle Berry…..LOL….

Kennedy is going to be around for a long time….

He has a very sound delivery…If I am a Yankee fan, I am very happy from what I see from him and some of the other young arms…

Scary on what could happen down the road with the young pitching and the $$$$$ they can spend….

woops sorry for the spelling mistakes and double words

Terry Ryan quit and he doesn’t look so bad when Hunter goes.

The next g.m. ( they’re going to promote from within ) has to make the descion on Santana. He’s thrown right into the fire on that one.

Ryan has his hands clean on that situation in Minnesota.

ya, I’d go for Hale Berry as well.

It looks like Cashman’s plan is working doesn’t it? But, from what I’ve seen this series, their young arms are solid but no star material.

But, I like our young arms too, even better than theirs. I just don’t see that much on your team.

That was great what Damon did. That is just AWESOME!!!! Damon always has alot of fun when he plays. I have never seen that one before!!!

“Ace” Roy Halladay (I’m sorry but he’s the only one on the team) IS a pitcher and not just a thrower.

But you are correct AJ is maturing into a pitcher. The change-up is the key. There’s a term for a 2 pitch pitchers – relievers. How it is that AJ was never forced to learn (and actually use) a 3rd pitch before this year is a mystery to me.

As far as liking it here, they all say that.

As far as his health: he’s thown 32 games in a season one time, 31 games also just one time, and 27 one time. Those are his 3 longest seasons. I’ll believe he’s capible of a full season (34 starts for a #2 guy) when I see it.

The good news is that 31 came in 2002, 32 came in 2005, *hopefully* the trend continues and he takes the mound 33 times next year.

Apparently his assistant Bill Smith will replace him. Not a pretty picture to step into-they won’t be anywhere near the team without Hunter and Santana.

gsumner Abner is going to have a hard time taking AJ out after what happend last time.

Kennedy is a kid that was drafted a year ago. He has composure of a veteran out there. Chamberlain throws gas and he has changed the look of the Yankee pen for the rest of the year.

Ramirez in the Yankee pen is nothing in my opinion. Yankees and Sox have done a good job with devolping some good young arms and winning at the same time. Not an easy thing to do but they’re both doing it. Credit the front office’s there.

Way to go AJ-7 innings, 8 k’s, 4 hits, 1 run, 100 pitchers and he’s still throwing at 99 mph.

Now we need to get him a few runs and bring the pen in.

If Burnett could stay healthy ( chances are slim ) He would rack up 225 innings and probably win close to 20 games. He has dominating stuff but he just can’t stay healthy. That is what makes the Jays frustrated with Burnett, he has so much talent.

Of the 3, I think I like Kennedy the best. Chamberlain didnt impress me all that much-he throws gas,but no movement. I agree on Ramirez.

Kennedy is set to get married in early October. Yankees will be in the playoffs and playing in the 1st rd.

Safe to say the marriage is on hold. I hope his fiance’ understands. I assume she does, she knows where the bread is buttered.

He’ll stay healthy as long as our dumb *** manager doesn’t have him throw 475 pitches in 3 games back to back-that’s what caused the DL visit this time.

No worry A-Rod will take good care of her-providng she’s a blond

Kennedy and Chamberlain are 2 totally opposite pitchers. Chamberlain throws gas and can get away with mistakes. Kennedy relies on the command of his fastball.

Hughes to me is the one that has the most potential but also the most pressure.

A-Rod scores on and off the field.

His last trip to Toronto, what will all the gals up there do?

His last trip to Boston, a bunch of fans wore blonde wigs.

I don’t agree about Chamberlain. It doesn’t seem to matter how fast they throw if it straight lines in like he does. Give him a couple of times through the league and he’ll get hammered.

A very rare Yankee game that could go under 3 hours.

When the Yankees and Sox go at it. The games last 3 hours and 30 minutes on the average. Long games…..

Well actually I’m not sure I’d call her a gal-she was a dancer of ill repute at the club they went to

I don’t know if Chamberlain will get hammered.

His breaking ball is a knee buckler. I wish he was with the Red Sox as opposed to the Yankees. He comes right at you and he usually blows it right by people.

I like the fast ones, like Halliday and Bruehle-2 hoursand a bit-may another 30 minutes. 3 1/2 is too long.

You guys are going to have your hands full with the Yanks. Man they are playing well

Ok, I get your point (and I haven’t looked it up) but there’s no way he was throwing 158 pitches a game (475/3).

He was spotted with a blonde down here in the Tampa area.

When you have all that fame and fortune, they’ll be climbing all over you.

He is married and has a kid. He has a children’s book out and then he is out in Toronto with some HO. Great player but as a human beign CLASSLESS!!!!

I still think to be successfull long term ne needs movement on his fastball or guys will just start sitting on it and let the breaking ball go by.

Classless-agreed. He doesn’t deserve the talent he’s got.

Over 100 pitches and he throws 96-97-98-97 my god.

Yankees are playing great in the last 3 months.

Sox are a better team at home of course.

Ramirez might return to the Boston lineup tomm night. I think the Sox should take 2 of 3 but then again I didn’t think they would have gotten swept in late August. Sox take 2 this weekend and the division is over.

One thing for sure the Sox go to Toronto and the next game those 2 teams always lose.

This ball and strike in the corner on Rogers t.v. is always off.

Someone is sleeping in that t.v. truck.

we had better have someone ready if he losses Dieter hes now up to 118

Now that was a great outing by Burnett. 1 run in 8 innings. Very impressed. His next start is vs Boston!!!

It’s going to depend on dicek and how well he does no friday. YOur starters are showing serious signs of fatigue

I’m not worried about the pitching. It’s the Sox bats and especially when guys are on base.

Sox bullpen is the best in the bigs. The starters had a couple of rough starts this past week. That to me is baseball, a long season and that is how it goes sometimes. Dice-K. is pitching on 5 days rest. I wonder if he is out of gas. He hit the wall in the 6th inning vs Toronto.

Kennedy pitched great.

The kid looks like a veteran out there. He pitches as if he belongs and he’ll be around for a long time.

With a name like Kennedy, he should be pitching in Boston.

hey guess what Abner found this new guy on the bench called Thigpen-how about that

Problem is in Japan pitchers only take the mound every 7 days.

The US style of every 5 days has got to be tough.

Jays actually bunted…..


Perhaps the Sox might bunt this weekend!!!!!

Dice-k’s hit the wall in his last 3 starts.

Multiple reasons with Dice-K struggling. Longer season, shorter rest between starts, better hitters.

Different culture as well.

Okajima went thru a rough time recently. He looks like that is past him.

hey Abner woke up and called a bunt-Nahhhh. Johnny Mac probably did it on his own

I want this game to about 20 innings. That would be great….

Wear out that Yankee pen….

The young arms for the Yanks are nice to see for a change. You dont need star pitchers, just steady ones. As far as flamethrowers-Greg Maddux made a living hitting the corners with an average fastball. Granted he got all the close calls on the corner.


Maddox always had good movement on his fastball-that and living on the edge served him well.

maybe stray rod was out last night-we’ve got him 3 of 4 times tonight with 2 k’s. I like that

well Abner you’d better hope we win in the bottom of the 9th-pulling Janssen all that quickly. Matsui hits about the same against lefties or righties and Cano is stonger against lefties.

If we win in the bottom of the 9th no problem, but if it goes tied into the 10th, it would have been **** nice to have Downs available then

holy **** a SB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a stolen base-call the cops we don’t do that sort of thing around here.

look what happens when you play baseball not powerball.

Garry-do you like the big hurt now?


can you say thanks.

ya Bosox, give Garry a hug-hes into that sort of thing at the moment. lol

well since Ace has been back he’s had 7 starts. In those starts he’s went 50.2 innings and has an era of 1.79.

His record in those 7 games is 3-1 and 3 no decisions. If he’d got any run support at all-it’d been 7-0.

You cannot blame a pitcher sometimes for his record. This is a perfect case in point.

Chris Britton is a slob!! They didn’t want to burn the pen tonight and it was obvious. The win streak had to end sometime.

No more hugs.

I don’t hurt anymore lol.

Where did that base go Rios took it home lol.

so Garry tell me what you think of Frank Thomas tonight. lol

gsumner I said I don’t hurt anymore.

The Blue Jays brass[***] is going to keep Abner[gibbins]for another season puke.

I’m finding it hard to watch this team under his guidance now all I have to look forward to next year is the same garbage,It’s going to be a very bleak winter to say the least.

The word was brass[****]

If Thomas had found his bat at the start of the season maybe just maybe =35-HR–125-RBI and if Glaus had the operation last winter maybe =35-HR–125-RBI And Wells claims his shoulder botherd him last winter why hide it,Reason big contract in the stars,I don’t care who you are money talks,That hurt this team but now that he has his contract gets the shoulder fixed he will come back next year.Also I belive Glaus will and now that Thomas is settled in he will be good next year.

I wonder why they are keping Wells with the team when he should be getting his shoulder operated on so he has lots of time to heal.

It looks like Janssen may have a shot at a starters role next year sounds good to me.

After watching Burnett last night you can see that he has finaly started to keep his kool when he is in trouble and pitch his way out of it,Now he is the # 2 starter we paid for.


Well, there’s Janssen, Chacin and Litsch so we should be in good shape.

Next year-I’d bet Burnett has the best record of any of our pitchers-assuming he gets equal run support. He’s coming into his own.

As I said Cy Young

To bad about Abner.

I hope our big bats come out of the repair shop and do their job all of our pitchers will benefit from it.

I’m watching Stieb throw his no hitter on ESPNC great game

garry-where did you hear Abner is coming back next year?


Pathetic decision


Si reported today that Tony LaCava, Jays Director of Player Personal was interviewed for the BucsGM job by Frank Coonelly, New Pirates CEO.

I decided to send Frank an email and suggest he talk to Abner instead. I reiterated that Abner is truly the genious behind the Jays.

I’m not sure he bought it. lol

Thigpen should shove that gum up his a-ss and pay attention to what he is doing.

Wanted pitchers looking for a good record come pitch against Toronto you can’t fail.

Garry the next game has been posted come there

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