Game #150: Red Sox at Blue Jays pregame

Boston (90-60) at Toronto (74-75)
at 7:07 p.m. ET at the Rogers Centre

Today’s lineups:

Jacoby Ellsbury, LF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
David Ortiz, DH
Mike Lowell, 3B
J.D. Drew, RF
Eric Hinske, 1B
Coco Crisp, CF
Alex Cora, SS
Kevin Cash, C

PITCHING: RHP Tim Wakefield (16-10, 4.68 ERA)

Vernon Wells, CF
Matt Stairs, 1B
Alex Rios, RF
Frank Thomas, DH
Aaron Hill, 2B
Gregg Zaun, C
Adam Lind, LF
Russ Adams, 3B
John McDonald, SS

PITCHING: RHP Dustin McGowan (10-9, 4.01 ERA)

NOTES: 1B Lyle Overbay is scheduled to have the pins in his right hand removed when the team heads to Baltimore. Until then, he will only be used as a late-inning defensive replacement and a pinch hitter only if absolutely necessary. Overbay’s hand has been bothering him for the last month and a half and doctors feel removing the pins can help his recovery from the fracture he suffered back in June. … 3B Troy Glaus successfully underwent surgery on his left foot on Monday and should be ready by Spring Training. … Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi said LHP Scott Downs is battling gout in his foot. He went to have the foot examined on Monday and Toronto will know more about his availability for the remainder of the season later. … CL B.J. Ryan was expected to be in Toronto on Monday and he’s scheduled to play catch from 40 feet in front of the team’s medical staff. The Jays want to film Ryan throwing, so they can study the progress he’s making. Toronto also hopes Ryan will be ready by the spring.

entering Monday
1. New York 85-64 (–)
2. Detroit 83-67 (2.5)
3. Seattle 78-70 (5.5)
4. Toronto 74-75 (11)

BREAKING EVEN…Toronto needs to post a 8-5 record over its final 13 games to finish the season above .500.


We should open the lid at the dome tonight-Wakefield loves to pitch inside.

9 up
9 down

Dustin’s looking really good.

That Ashley girl’s really good looking.

Which Ashley girl?

That Ashley girl is HOT!!!!

I’m moving to Toronto…..


am i missing something cause Im not watching the game.

Bosox-no way we let you in man-you’re probably as bad as Stray Rod

Thank you Nancy

They’ll let anyone into Canada….LOL…Your there aren’t you? LOL….

Just kidding gsumner…Don’t get mad at me know….

Your missing something because that girl ( Ashley ) was being interviewed in some special seats along the playing field…She was looking really nice, she’ll be 21 in about 10 days…Her favorite player is Alex Rios…I wonder if Rios knows? That luck guy Rios…

ya but I was born here and I won’t let them throw me out. lol

oh she must be in the canada trust seats. I guess i should watch the game a bit on tv and see what you guys are oggling at.

It’s not surprising her favorite player is Rios, although I think he’s the favorite for most Jays fans

Zaun has had to hit into more double plays over the last week or so than the balance of the team put together

You missed her there gsumner….Ashley Leggat is the girl we are talking about…

Rios is one of the stars in the game…If he played in N.Y. or Bos. he would be a household name for sure…

Rios will become a household name-the all star selection and his perfomance in the home run derby certainly didn’t hurt him.

Come on Bosox-she’s probably young enough to be your grand daughter. Now you see why we won’t let you into

What a stupid play by Vernon that was-why go for 3rd when there’s already two out and a single will bring you home-with Rios and THomas coming up.

Thomas has had a 3 HR night against Wakefield-maybe another tonight?


I don’t think Ortiz likes McGowan.

If Wakefield throws another knuckler up in the zone, Thomas will put one into the seats for sure. When that knuckleball just sits there, it is on a hitting tee.

Boston looks lifeless at the plate. McGowan has pitched well but he isn’t that good. Tomm night the Sox have there hands full when Burnett takes the hill. When healthy he’ll shut you down, just ask the Yankees.

Don’t under estimate McGowan Bosox-he is becoming 1 fine pitcher.

Ashley likes Rios what you guys are forgeting is her 2 nd favorite is Barry Bonds smart girl.

Is Boston going down or will we give it up again????.


So 8 innings, 3 hits, 1 run and he isn’t that good. lol

Man this game has went fast-your guys must all want to get to bed tonight


What are you trying to do jinx us? lol

Thank you Cora-come on Frank make it 3

NICE TO SEE but to d-am late this year.

Crying towels for sale bosox how many do you want.

3 for 3

Now Abner take out McGowan

Still wish we took McGowan out?

He’s still throwing 99 and the confidence he’ll gain from doinf that to Papi all night is worth the small risk.

If it was Marcum I’d agree but McGowan hasn’t shown any signs of fatige all year.

Crying towel? I don’t think so. One team is going to the playoffs and the other team’s goal is to get past .500.

McGowan pitched well for sure.

Sox team showing no life at all. They now have lost 3 of 4. Pretty bad brand of baseball they’re playing. When will they wake up is the question?

gsumner this time it was right to leave chops in he will be walking on air watch him next start.

robert-this time I agree with you. Particulary when he’s still bringing it at 99 mph. Did you like that Bosox. And youre right about Ortiz-struck him out 3 times and held him to 0 and 4.

What a game by Thomas-I wonder how long it’s been since we had someone hit 3 HR’s in a game

bosox my dig was here come the yankees do you think I don’t know our team c-raped out this year,
What dose B-O STAND FOR ANYWAY snif-snif.

the TV guys mentioned Wells did it last year against Boston.

Bosox-And tommorrow night you get Burnett

Really-I don’t remember Wells doing that

Good move to keep McGowan in. The kid deserved the complete game. There was no life from the Red Sox. The chances of them mounting a comeback was slim and none. A Yankee hangover, they were feeling sorry for themselves. If they continue this way, they’ll be the wild card winner. They were never in the game, the Jays took it to them early and didn’t look back.

Last member of the Jays to hit 3 homers in 1 game. My guess would be Joe Carter.

When Wells did that vs Boston. Was that game in Toronto? I think that was the game when Beckett got smoked!!!

Wells hit 2 vs Beckett and the other one against one of there wonderful relievers of last year. A lot of sarcasism on wonderful….

yes it was here, yes it was Beckett, and I think the reliever the TV guys mentioned was David Riske.

Oh and yes he’s “wonderful”

Wells did do it last year, and I believe Woodward did it before him. Delgado did it at least twice as a jay. In fact I recall a 4 homer game.

Ashley sounds/looks like the girl of my dreams lol, soon to be 21, beautiful and likes baseball.

Dustin’s performance tonight was terrific, if he Halladay and Burnett can pitch like they are realistically capabable of then 90 to 95 wins should be attainable next year. I’m done for the night. ‘Till next time.

I belive delgado did it 4 times and he hit 4 twice woodward did it in 02 or o3 and wells last year.

Riske was in the Crisp deal. Dealt to the White Sox for Lopez the lefty reliever. Riske now in K.C. He had a bad Boston career, very short-lived.

Ashley is anyone’s kind of gal. That was the only good thing about the telecast tonight. LOL…

Bosox-just admit it, McGowan pitched a whale of a game. The last batter he faced got two 99 mph fastballs that moved 4-6″-you go out there and try to hit that.

Enigma-you sound like you’re in love. lol

I did say he pitched well. Read what I write.

Bosox, those guys at your blog are starting to loose it. You gotta keep them under control-it’s just baseball its not life or death.

Im just trying to get at ya lol

Maybe the young lady reads this blog.
If you guys keep this up indigo might get jealous.


Well I dont know about enigma, but I told Bosox she was likely young enough to be his grandaughter and he didn’t respond-so what does that tell ya.

Remind me to tell you the real story behind Boston Red Sox fans some day. lol

Maybe it’s just me but it sounded as if Rios was just the only name she could think of.

Kind of like when Larry King asked Paris Hilton her favourite Bible verse.

That is how Red Sox fans are. Most are too emotional and the sky is falling attitude. You would think reading that stuff, the team was 35 games out of 1st place and going to finish last place for the 10 consecutive season.

I wish Ashley would read this. Next time she is in Florida, I would love to show her around.

Cool Ashley is hot and dumb. You can’t beat that.

She’ll be wearing a Red Sox shirt in no time. LOL…..


Yanks up 7-3 at the bottom of the 7th-looks like they-re 3.5 back in the AM.

Yankees fell behind early but with Cabrera out there no reason to panic. Hughes settled down, he always gets off to a slow start.

bosox I don’t think she wants to go to the slums with a sugar daddy lol.

The slums??? This is where your beloved Jays train and have been since 1977.


Bosox, I think if Boston doesn’t win the AL East-you might have to call a Dr for some of those guys.

She is real unlike another famous Canadien gal. ( Pam Anderson )

Boy did we get off the track here. Baseball is a long season…….LOL…..

You might be right, suicide watch.

They’ll be jumping from high points…

You gotta love the passion by Sox fans….

I hate when there season ends….

Yes, I hate it when the season ends as well. i even hate when the minor league season is over.

Hey-different subject

What did you guys think of Tiger Woods triumph yesterday-was that any good or what?

I hate golf….

When I can’t run anymore, I’ll try it.

Woods is a great athlete though.

The most famous athlete in the world.

Best golfer ever and maybe the best athlete ever.

So tell me about the running

He comes from Boston but he will never win it .

Garry-Bosox comes from Florida not Boston

It was great to see McGowan come around this year at least this one wont get away.

Sorry I thought from some of his early post that he moved to florida.

I am from Boston originally. Work brought me to Florida, been here for 8 years.

Bosox-never turned into a Devil Ray fan?

I understand you have to be able to run it in a certain time in order to enter, my son has a friend who wants to run in it [boston marathon]

I think my idea of being in that marathon is riding in a car-lol

My folks still have Red Sox season tickets. That is where my passion is. Get up there a few times but not this baseball season.


you must love spring training

Sumner i’d argue that david beckhem is more popular (world wide) then Tiger and that’s coming from someone that doesn’t really care for either sport. Robert she did “conveniently” mention Rios as he walked up to the plate so you may be right lol.
Looking forward to tonight’s game…Hopefully Burnett can can continue to show that when healthy he is much better then a .500 pitcher. Not that I need convincing, but some of his critics will continue to point to his record.


It was Bosox that stated Woods is the most famous. I stated he’s the best golfer ever and likely the best athlete ever.

Yes, let’s hope Burnett gives us another great start-it’d be nice to take the first two games.

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