Marcum, Thomas exit with knee injuries

Blue Jays starter Shaun Marcum exited Saturday’s contest in New York after three innings due to a sore right knee. It wasn’t clear when the young pitcher hurt himself, but he appeared to come up lame somewhat after a rundown between third base and home plate in the second inning.

Toronto already pondered pushing Marcum’s latest start back because he’s been feeling some fatigue lately. So, if the knee injury is in any way a concern, this may have been Marcum’s final outing of 2007. If it was, he wrapped up quite the campaign for the Jays, going 11-4 with a 3.91 ERA as a starter.

Hmmmm…Frank Thomas just came out of the game after singling in the fifth inning. No info on what he may or may not have done. Newbie John-Ford Griffin entered as a pinch runner. That’s usually saved for later on, so Thomas may have hurt himself running. Jays just announced Thomas also left with a sore right knee.

In the seventh now, and Scott Downs just left a half-inning ago. This is getting redundant and a tad ridiculous. UPDATE: Jays just announced that Downs left with a strained back.

I’ll update with more information after the game.


Well hopefully Thomas came out simply to get a faster runner out there.

That should be it for Hughes, of all his starts this year, he’s only went over 100 pitches once.

Hopefully we get another clean inning from Tallet and get into their bullpen

Thank you for the info on Marcum . You’re right gs , lets hope Thomas left because he wanted a faster runner but I highly doubt it was that this early in the game

I’ve been watching the game and Thomas pulled himself out. He came up wincing after his hit and motioned to the bench that he wanted out.

Looks like the Jays are going to field the entire Syracuse Chiefs roster….

He injured his knee also . We are the new triple A team playing pro ball….lol

Hey now! My buddy Joe Kennedy’s back in today. Looks like the Jays are serious about giving him a tryout for next year….

It was nice to see ol’ Pigpen break out of his slump with that two-out, two-RBI single. Gibbons’ has kind of been giving him the shaft….

Man oh man! Kennedy attacked that dribbler by the plate like a beast!

Sounds like Johnny Mac’s injury is more than a pulled muscle or general “soreness”:


Interesting-theres just been a post to the Jays web site that states he’ll be back in tommorrow’s game so I wonder which one is right.


Where is Josh Towers? I have seen him in the bullpen but he isn’t pitching. It seems like they could use him right now.

Frasor got the rough end of that play at first base. Stairs tossed the ball well behind him and should have gotten an error.

And now it looks like Downs is injured, too. This team is limping to the finish line….


You’re right about AAA, 5 guys in the lineup.

gsumner: Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going down with Mr. Mac. Conflicting reports, to say the least….


ya never know which is the right story with the jays

I’d almost forgotten about Brendan League. I wonder if he can rebound next year? Everything about his delivery seems different since his off-season injury — his arm angle, his velocity. It’s weird….

Last time I watched him, he looked like he had the velocity back-or close to it. Apparently, he’s going to spend the winter at the Dunedin paractise facility working out, so I assume he should be good to go next year.

We certainly have missed him though.

Does eveyone have their rally caps on?

But have you noticed that he’s more of a side-arm pitcher these days? I can’t be sure, but I remember him pitching more over-the-top last year.

It’s too bad he decided to bulk up too much over the off-season. It definitely hasn’t been beneficial….

I’ve got my rally knickers on!

I agree with the delivery angle being different.

Come on Stairs-a double would be nice-a home run delicious

Matt Stairs makes me salivate at the mouth.

I talked to Johnny Mac today and did a note item on it on the jays’ site today. At first it was described as lower abdominal pain by Gibbons. McDonald said it was a strained left hip flexor, which includes symptoms of lower abdominal pain — that’s where Gibby got that. Now, Gibbons has floated the idea that Mac might have a sports hernia, which is a slight tear in lower adominal muscles and creates pain on the abdomen and groin area. McDonald is going to get further tests to try to pinpoint what exactly is ailing him. … He’s expected to be back in the lineup on Sunday.

Thanks for the info, Jordan!

Thanks Jordan.

Hem-still salivating? lol

Nah, the saliva dried up pretty quickly after that strike-out.

Stairs is in one kind of a slump

Posada’s really helping the Jays out….good thing, too, cause John-Ford Griffin doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence….

Yeah, but it seems like Stairs has been hot for the entire season, until now….

We need the help from Posada-maybe another 10-12 passed balls and we win. lol

Nice slide, though, by Mr. Ford-Griffin!

Come on guys-1 more hit

Griffin had a good power year at AAA-I think he hit 28 Hr’s, but he’s not a high average batter

RUSS ADAMS!!! You are one delicious September call-up!

Russ Adams for premier

This AAA team is going bananas!!!

Adam Lind for prime minister lol

we gotta keep it going though, no lead is safe against the Yanks

hem have you noticed the difference in Lind, since he came back from AAA. Before he went down they were getting him out on the high heater on the outside of the plate. Now he pounds it into left field; where before he went down he’d consistently strike out trying to pull it.

hem that was all due to your rally knickers-so keep them on. lol

That was a kick-donkey inning!

Colour me impressed by this group of fill-ins, call-ups, and utility players!

Now hopefully League can contain the Yanks for a little while longer. Who do you think will come in after him? The bullpen’s got to be pretty spent….

My knickers ARE pretty impressive….

I have no stats to back this up, but it’s about darn time the Jays got some bloop hits to help out the offense. Seems like they usually can’t buy a hit!

…with runners in scoring position….

I just hope League gets through 2 clean innings. Accardo went two yesterday so he’s gone, maybe Wolfe and of Jannsen

Lind does seems to be playing better. It’ll be interesting to see how he does in this last week or so. Let’s hope he hits the cover off the ball — that would definitely help with his confidence for next year.

43 posts and all this time I was still on the other site posting like an idiot wah.

Wolfe’s up and warming up. Looks like he’s next in this parade of pitchers…


Bobble, bobble….Lind, Lind….

Man this is like a heavy weight boxing match

Let’s see a double play here. I will weep with joy if Jeter hits into a double play here….


Looks like I’m saving those tears for another time….

Garry-are you starting to make that posting to the wrong blog entry a consistent thing?

This is a FUGLY pitching performance by both teams….

Are you kidding me with this game? Unbelievable.

that’s smart walk abreau and pitch to rodriguez


The Jays are electrocuting my heart right now. That’s right — ELECTROCUTING.

oh well, let’s score 3 back. lol

They’d better get Towers orBanks ready, I think we’re gonna need both of them

Matsui’s not looking too hot in the field today either….

ok Zaunie-be the hero

Zaunbie comes up big!

we’ve always hit Fransworth well.

I’ll tell you what, one way or the other The Yanks will now they’ve been in a dogfight today, and it will be one sorry clubhouse if they lose.

Now come one Hilly-keep it going laddy

Nothing makes me happier than YET ANOTHER pitching change.

Torre has to be kidding-Igawa!!!

Luna does have power-with Igawa pitchin, he could take him deep.

hey it almost worked this game has something for everyone 2 good bullpens turned into cowpens.

well we got 3, but Zaunie didn’t look too good with that base running

OK Wolfman-1 clean inning

whats up with hill lately is he tired.

What if we go into extra innings sorry jordan who will pitch????

Garry-have you got your uniform on?

here we go again.

****-another walk

gsumner yup but I had to sew 3 together.

That’s 8 BB’s we’ve given up so far

Hill has a sore jaw lol.

Garry-well get warmed up-yore going in, in the 9th. lol

Thats Abners fault the PIG’

I’m coming back next year JP told me so I don’t have to win this game.

Well, here we go, ladies and gentlemen, into the 9th round of the heavy weight championship of the Bronx.

When you give up 8 walks in 8 innings, it’s hard to win

Come on Ried-lets make Mariana the loser

Well Garry you got your wish here comes Tower Power


The wrong guy in right field,
I’m outa here.

If there is a worse pitcher than Josh Towers, I would like to know who it is.
I would assume he will not be back next year. The guy is nothing but batting practice.

When I heard he was pitching for Toronto, I knew the Yankees would win. The funny thing about that is the Jays knew that too.


The Spartans rip N.D. today. N.D. goes to 0-4 for the first time ever.

bosox if you want to talk football why not do it on a feetsball blog mor-on, today we had a minor league team against the yanks best and leave towers alone what about all the other pitchers that gave up the ghost.


In fairness, Towers should have never been out there. By the time he arrived we’d already given up 8 walks and 11 runs

I do wonder though if it was August 30th and JP had do re-do the call-ups, would he have been so stingy on how many pitchers came up. Did you see that NY bullpen-16

What did you have to say about papalbonehead when he gave up the GS to adams tar and feather him he’s no good anymore WAH WAH WAH.ROFLOL

Can anyone give me the link to that interview with Jordan. I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks.

Towers should’ve been traded after ’05 when his value was as high as it will ever be. Hindsights always 20/20 though.

Yes hindsight 05 was a good year for him but a one year contract would have been enough go to the last postings.

Papelbon should have never been in that game. Your down 2-1 with 1 out in the 8th and you bring your closer in the game. A cardinal sin among managers. Francona certainly panicked on that move!!!


You have to admit,considering the majority of our position players in today’s game are AAA call-up, they did well.

We now have Glaus, Wells, Overbay and likely Thomas out, with Johnson and Zaun limping.

That doesn’t excuse the poor pitching performance, but it sure sent a message to The Yanks

the message is,the Yaanks bullpen ***** big time!!!! Has nothing to do with your pathetic lineup. MY grandmother could rake this bullpen. But the most important thing is, YANKEES WIN!!!!!!!!! THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YANKEES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

one last thing, the Jays bullpen ***** just as bad!!!!LOL!!!!!!

thanks sumner much appreciated


What is this Sentinel, a new week, a new alias. please

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