Game #161: Rays at Jays pregame

Parting is such sweet sorrow: I wasn’t there to witness this scene firsthand, but when my associate arrived to the ballpark this morning, soon-to-be-dismissed hitting coach Mickey Brantley was also entering the Dome. As Brantley was walking up to the door with his bike in tow, a crowd of fans swarmed around him and offered their support. Cries of "We love you Mick!" and "You still have friends here!" and "You got a raw deal!" could be heard from the crowd of die-hards. Can you feel the love?


Tampa Bay (65-95) at Toronto (82-78)
at 1:07 p.m. ET at the Rogers Centre

Today’s lineups:

Akinori Iwamura, 3B
Jorge Velandia, 2B
Carlos Pena, DH
B.J. Upton, CF
Delmon Young, RF
Dioner Navarro, C
Joel Guzman, 1B
Justin Ruggiano, LF
Josh Wilson, SS

PITCHING: RHP Edwin Jackson (5-15, 5.96 ERA)

Reed Johnson, CF
Matt Stairs, 1B
Frank Thomas, DH
Aaron Hill, 2B
Adam Lind, LF
John-Ford Griffin, RF
Curtis Thigpen, C
Hector Luna, 3B
Ray Olmedo, SS

PITCHING: RHP Jesse Litsch (7-9, 3.94 ERA)

NOTES: CoachGate may never end. In hardly a shocking development, the announcement that was supposed to arrive on Saturday never did. Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi said he still had to "iron out" some things with some of the coaches, and he expects to have an announcement about the changes on Sunday. The likely holdup is with Ernie Whitt, who is going to be replaced as the bench coach next year by Brian Butterfield. Whitt has been asked to accept a lesser role, which he doesn’t appear to be too thrilled about. It’s possible that he opts not to take the new job. … Toronto’s two first-round picks from this year’s draft — Kevin Ahrens and J.P. Arencibia — were on hand at the Rogers Centre to take batting practice.


Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland


entering Saturday
1. Boston 95-65 (–)
2. Cleveland 95-65 (–)
3. Los Angeles 93-67 (2)



    bosox has everyone talking about Boston and not the Blue Jays???? dosn’t anyone remember the Jays anymore,Lots of time to talk playoffs after Sunday.
    Looks like a good game today.

    What happend tp Rios anybody????.


    I’m sorry garryguy….


    The former bat boy of the Devil Rays pitches again vs Tampa. The no name kid went to U.S.F. and the Bulls had a huge win last night.


    Spartans go down today, sorry. They’re at Randall in Madtown. Even though the Badgers aren’t that great but they’ll win.

    Badgers 20

    Spartans 18

    Sorry Jordan!!!

    Bring back Nick Saban!!!


    Don’t worry garryguy. As much as I think the Bosox have a great club, there won’t be much to say after the Angels get done with them.If the Jays stay away from the injury bug,They should be there next season.


    I don’t think they’ll need a miracle. I watched Wisconsin play last Sat. night vs Iowa and I was not impressed at all. Wisconsin also escaped out in Vegas a couple of weeks ago.

    I think the Spartans could win, I just think that the home field advantage will be the difference. The top tier teams in the Big 10 don’t have the offensive punch as they have had in the past. So a middle of the pack team like the Spartans could pull off a upset against one of those teams. Wisconsin is very well coached and they don’t beat themselves as you know.



    You said the other day, Whitt wants to distance himself from Gibbons. Whitt doesn’t want to take away from the players and announce what he is going to do. Whitt will make the descion when the season is over. When the timing is right.



    ThHis no name 22 year old kid has now gone:

    6.2 innings against Boston gave up 1 run and won.

    7.2 innings against NY, gave up 1 run and won.

    5.0 innings today and gave up 1 run.

    All I want for Xmas is anothe no name kid like this one.




    Did you see the bunt by Mora last night?

    You mention the word bunt and indigo is all over it. That is all it takes gsumner!!!


    Well, I do think Ernie is his own man, and likley won’t take a demotion, since he doesn’t feel it’s owed to him.


    The no name kid got lit up at Fenway back in early Sept.

    I wouldn’t bank on him for doing much next year. If you are, you are mistaken. A nice surprise to the season for sure.



    We’re talking about baseball. Come back please. I don’t want to call the mounties on you and try to find you.


    Just kidding!!!

    The Jays will finish the season with a winning record. They should be proud of that. With all in the injuires they had. I’ve seen many teams just pack it in but the Jays didn’t. Gibbons should be given some credit!!!


    I think Chacin is one of these guys that don’t work hard.

    He got the D.U.I. back in spring training. That to me had bad karma written all over it.


    Well, we lit up every starter you got.

    And of course with starters it’s all about what have you done lately. Last time in Boston, this 22 year old, whimp looking kid held the big bad sox to 1 run.

    Although, I gotta tell you, his start in Yankee stadium where he went 7.2 innings and only gave up 1 run, was the best start by a Jays pitcher all year.


    Anybody that played with the pitchforks ( old Mariner uniforms when Brantley was there ) You gotta love the guy!!!


    The Jays announced two days ago that we have had over 1,100 player days lost to injury this year. That has to be a record.


    Sox won the season series, so safe to say they lit up your pitching. Halladay your ace, got smoked by the Sox this year!!!

    Halladay doesn’t do too well at Fenway.


    Well, the DUI doesn’t bother me, considering where he got it. Your smokies are one of a kind.

    We’ll see how or if he bounces back.


    The guy that hits Halliday the most is Manny. But, I think you guys won the series between us this year from timing more than anything. Most of the time we faced you pre-all star break we had our 4th and 5th guys going-and those guys were Okha, Zambrano etc. We faired quite well after the All star break.


    If a player gets a D.U.I. you should be concerned. That would speak volumes of your ethics.

    Obviously not the first time Chacin was behind the wheel drunk.

    The guy blew way over the limit. I think it was around 3:00 a.m. It is great to have some drinks but behind the wheel at that hour, DUMB!!!!


    Hey Tony LaRussa got nabbed for the same thing under almost identical circumstances. Maybe they went to the same party.


    Actually gsumner the Sox faced the Jays 8 times before June.

    They opened up the second half at Fenway for a 4 game series.

    If the Jays didn’t have good pitching back in April or May. That is a major mistake by your genius g.m. J.P.

    Aren’t you supposed to break camp ready to play?

    That is why I say next year for the Jays it is very important they get off to a good start.


    Actually LaRussa and Cahcin were about 120 miles apart.

    They got nabbed because they were just plain STUPID!!!!


    well, you’re supposed to have good pitching after the all star break as well, and your guys **** near blew a 14.5 game lead.

    So I don’t think I’d be bragging if I was you


    Na I think they both got nabbed because you reported them. They probably both came to your place, you got them drunk and when they left phoned it in.



    I’m not bragging. I’m a fan like you. We have absolutely nothing to do with there success. I’m not part of the organazation in any way.

    I root for the team and make my observations. Just like you do. Give your opinion.


    Remember this is Florida. We don’t have electricity so that means no phone.

    I think Chacin and LaRussa were hanging out at the wrong trailer park.



    I say he wins Cy Young for Syracuse next year. LOL….

    If I ever see him around town. I’ll rent out a trailer to him. Send the bill to you gsumner!!!!


    League is definately on his way back. 98 mph with 6-7 inches of break. By the time spring training comes around he should be good to go.


    Be careful, just because Indigo isnt posting doesn’t mean shes not reading. You don’t want her to know you’re a dirty old man.



    Hey, I never apologize for spelling mistakes on here. I guess I’m too spoiled with spell checkers.

    Some blogs not have that feature which is good


    I don’t know what is worse.

    What number is higher gsumner?

    Your speililng mystakes?

    The amount that Chacin blew that night?

    Gibbons mistakes?


    Abner’s mistakes without question. I’d say an average of 2-3 a game over 160 games so far.

    I think it’s sort of nasty that he wants to subtly blame Ernie. Good for Whitt standing up for himself.


    Hey, I think Pinella has to win manager of the year in the NL. To bring a team back from 98 losses the year before to winning is special, regardless of how much money the Cubs spent.


    going on right now…

    Bullpens emptied….

    Reyes is now standing on 3b and is still talking!!!

    Reyes needs to shut up!!!


    Miguel Olivio charged Reyes while he was on 3b.

    Obviously Reyes was yacking about something…

    A great player but what a punk!!!

    Even after the brawl was broken up, he tried making an attempt to get in the Marlins dugout.


    You’re dreaming wiht both of those picks. Rollins is only hitting .295 with 30 Hr’s and 93 Rbi’s Fielder is hitting .289 with 50 Hr’s and 119 Rbi’s and he’s 23.

    Holliday is hitting .339 with 36 Hr’s and 133 Rbi’s.

    Holliday deserves to win, although I hope Fielder does.

    I’ll give you a maybe on Manuel, its between him and Lou


    Rollins has carried that team all year. He has played a great defense at s.s. as well. That goes a long way with the voters. Playing such an important position like s.s.

    Fielder has carried the Brewers in September but his team is toast. Unfair or fair that is how it goes.


    Rollins doesnt have a chance; Fielder likely has a small chance.

    Holliday is gonna win it-he’s put up monster numbers.


    To say Rollins doesn’t have a chance, you are missing the boat on this one gsumner.

    He has been the glue on the Phillies all year long. Howard got off to a bad start and Utley got hurt and missed a month or so. Rollins has been there all year and has held his team together. He also plays a very important position, which goes a long way.


    I don’t think numbers are the tell all signs.

    Mo Vaughn won the M.V.P. back in 1995. Belle, everyone’s favorite nut had better stats.

    Intagibles play a big role for sure.


    Holliday is out in baseball obscurity. Outside of Colorado, if Holliday was walking down the street, would any know who he is?

    Playing baseball in Denver hurts him. Fair or unfair, that is how it goes.


    I meant AAA.

    286 at bats, 11 Hr’s and 43 RBi’s.

    Remember Garry, I told you sooner or later the pitchers would adjust to him, relaizing he could now hit that high outside pitch and start coming back inside again. And as soon as they did he’d start pounding it.


    Like it or not, I think Matt Stairs value just dropped. I can’t imagine The Jays committing big bucks to him and send Lind back down.

    Won’t happen


    That’s our ploy to get you on the site indigo.


    I sense alot of bitterness towards men. Why is that?

    They didn’t bunt and you wanted them to during a co- ed softball game? Come on now tell the truth!!!

    What did you think of the bunt by Mora last night?

    I say he bunted because of all his kids. He didn’t want to listen to his wife about how the kids have been acting up and he is having fun playing baseball while she has to deal with all the kids!!! LOL…


    I think the bluejays should get rid of Gibbons for next year. he has really made a lot of mistakes. he does nothing to enhance the team. they need to go in a different diretion (without Gibbons)


    BOSOS YOU ARE AN IGNORANT A,SS so far indigo is the only girl/lady on this site all you do is insult her,it’s not her fault your *** because your ex wife/man left you and took you for everything you had,Your lucky I don’t know where you live because I would punch you in the mouth creep.




    I think Bosox made that comment to try to get Indigo back on and posting and made that post in jest-I really don’t think he meant to insult her.

    If Indigo feels she’s been insulted she should say so, and Im sure she would get an apology from Bosox.




    That is my only response to you.

    Indigo knows I am joking. gsumner knows I am joking as well. Garryguy–I believe it is time for you to go to some anger classes!!! Have a great night!!!

    Your supposed to get better with age garryguy, what happened?




    Thank you….

    I guess garryguy thinks he can speak for other people!!!


    What a wild one in Madison today.

    Spartans had a chance but couldn’t pull it out.

    Where was the defense today?

    Spartans host the Wildcats next week. Northwestern almost beat Michigan today. Now that would have been funny!!!

    Spartans should roll over Northwestern!!!


    Drew has been hitting out of his mind. Driving the ball more!!! I still don’t like the signing, 70 million for 5 years!!! OUCH!!!

    Better late than never for Drew!!!


    He could be…

    I can’t believe the Phillies today. Knowing the Mets lost and they laid down vs the Nats.

    Mets have too much talent to struggle like this.


    I’d be really scared of The Mets if they get into the playoffs. Cycles turn and they could turn into a strong contender


    I do agree about the Mets.

    All the attention will be on the other teams. No pressure on them and then all of a sudden they could be in the World Series!!!

    Padres have a sick pitching staff but absolutely no hitting!!!


    In the N.L. I count out the D-Backs. Too much youth there. Webb is an ace for sure but I don’t really care for that team.

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