Bastian's 2007 Award Winners

CLEVELAND — Greetings from Ohio, where I’m staying just a few blocks from The Jake. Out my hotel window, I can see a giant "Go Tribe!" sign plastered across a store front. The Indians worked out today and I’ll be heading over to the ballpark for Yankees coverage tomorrow. Yep, yours truly drew the GA tag for the New York beat during the ALDS.

Before I head down the street for a cool brew at an Irish Pub tonight, I figured I’d toss up my year-end picks for this season’s awards. My No. 1 choices probably won’t stray too far from who you’d expect me to say, but I’ll put my top three choices in each category to stir some debate. In the "Apologies to" category, the names are listed in no particular order.

Bastian’s 2007 MLB Award Winners:


1. Alex Rodriguez, NYY — .314 AVG, 54 HR, 156 RBIs, 143 R, 1.067 OPS
2. Magglio Ordonez, DET — .363 AVG, 28 HR, 139 RBIs, 54 2B, 1.029 OPS
3. David Ortiz, BOS — .332 AVG, 35 HR, 117 RBIs, 52 2B, 111 BB, 116 R, 1.066 OPS

APOLOGIES TO: Vladimir Guerrero, LAA; Carlos Pena, TB; Curtis Granderson, DET; Victor Martinez, CLE; Jorge Posada, NYY

COMMENT: Having A-Rod and Maggs finish one and two for this accolade seems pretty straight forward. As much as people may loath Rodriguez, he had a season of historic proportions. In another season, Ordonez might’ve netted the MVP. You could make an argument for a number of guys for the three spot, but Ortiz still put up a monster season while battling a leg injury.

1. C.C. Sabathia, CLE — 19-7, 3.21 ERA, 209 K, 37 BB, 241 IP, 4 CG
2. Josh Beckett, BOS — 20-7, 3.27 ERA, 194 K, 40 BB, 200.2 IP, CG
3. Fausto Carmona, CLE — 19-8, 3.06 ERA, 137 K, 61 BB, 215 IP, 2 CG

APOLOGIES TO: Roy Halladay, TOR; John Lackey, LAA; Kelvim Escobar, LAA; Chien-Ming Wang, NYY; Justin Verlander, DET

COMMENT: This should be a very tight race between Sabathia and Beckett. I give the edge to C.C. based on complete games, innings, and having fewer walks with 40 more IP to his credit. Having watched Halladay (16-7, 7 CG) all season, I’d love to list him third. The season he had despite missing three weeks was amazing. But, even Roy said there were more deserving guys. That said, you’ve got to like the year Carmona had for Cleveland.

1. Dustin Pedroia, BOS — .317 AVG, 8 HR, 50 RBIs, 39 2B, .380 OBP, .442 SLG
2. Delmon Young, TB — .288 AVG, 13 HR, 93 RBIs, 38 2B, .316 OBP, .408 SLG
3. Hideki Okajima, BOS — 3-2, 2.22 ERA, 63 K, 17 BB, 69 IP, 66 G, 27 HLD

APOLOGIES TO: Daisuke Matsuzaka, BOS; Reggie Willits, LAA; Jeremy Guthrie, BAL; Brian Bannister, KAN; Billy Butler, KAN; Alex Gordon, KAN

COMMENT: Young could easily win this award, and the Rays have certainly been pumping him up. When they were in Toronto, the Rays handed out a release detailing Young’s season, trying to perhaps sway the writers. BUT, Pedroia has been phenomenol this season, and as a second baseman, he has a better OBP and SLG than Delmon — not to mention Pedroia’s strong D. You could argue Dice-K could rank third here, or even Willits for that matter, but I was more impressed with Okajima this season.

1. Joe Torre, NYY (94-68)
2. Eric Wedge, CLE (96-66)
3. Terry Francona, BOS (96-66)

APOLOGIES TO: Mike Scioscia, LAA (94-68)

COMMENT: There was a point earlier this season when it seemed ludicrous that the Yankees would make the playoffs. Still, New York climbed back into the race after being 14 1/2 back of the Red Sox at one juncture and the Bombers gave Red Sox Nation quite a scare in September. Then again, you could easily give this award to Wedge for leading the Indians to the Central title or to Francona for helping Boston finally dethrone the Yankees in the East.


1. Matt Holliday, COL — .340 AVG, 36 HR, 137 RBIs, 50 2B, 216 H, 120 R, 1.012 OPS
2. Prince Fielder, MIL — .288 AVG, 50 HR, 119 RBIs, 109 R, 1.013 OPS
3. Hanley Ramirez, FLA — .332 AVG, 29 HR, 81 RBIs, 52 SB, 125 R, 212 H, .948 OPS

APOLOGIES TO: Jimmy Rollins, PHI; Chase Utley, PHI; Ryan Howard, PHI; Chipper Jones, ATL; David Wright, NYM; Albert Pujols, STL

COMMENT: No, I am not hopping on the Jimmy Rollins bandwagon, and I’ll tell you why. A) I’m not convinced he’s the best shortstop in the league. If Hanley Ramirez weren’t on the Marlins, I think everyone would be talking about him right now instead of Rollins — and, yes, I know Rollins became the first player ever to have 30 HR, 20 3B, 20 2B, 20 SB. B) I’m not convinced Rollins is the most valuable player on his own team. You could easily make arguments for Howard and Utley. So, I split the votes between the three and Ramirez gets the nod for the three spot in my book. In fact, Ramirez is arguably the top shortstop in all of baseball. I think Holliday deserves the MVP, especially after the way the Rox stormed into the playoffs, and Fielder was the youngest ever to hit 50 bombs — Nuff said.

1. Jake Peavy, SD — 19-6, 2.54 ERA, 240 K, 68 BB, 223.1 IP
2. Brandon Webb, ARI — 18-10, 3.01 ERA, 194 K, 72 BB, 236.1 IP, 4 CG
3. Brad Penny, LAD — 16-4, 3.03 ERA, 135 K, 73 BB, 208 IP

APOLOGIES TO: Jeff Francis, COL; Carlos Zambrano, CHC; Aaron Harang, CIN; Cole Hamels, PHI; Ted Lilly, CHC (Did I just type Ted Lilly’s name into a Cy Young Award list? That’s strange)

COMMENT: Throw out that meltdown Peavy had against Colorado on Monday. He simply had a dominant year and finished with pitcher’s Triple Crown (first in wins, strikeouts and ERA) in the NL. Webb finishes second for me based on his high innings total and logging 4 complete efforts in the NL, where CGs are rare nowadays. If Penny had more offense, he might’ve had 20 wins this season. His stats are pretty impressive, giving him the edge over the rest of the pack.

1. Troy Tulowitzki, COL — .291 AVG, 24 HR, 99 RBIs, 33 2B, 104 R, .987 FP
2. Ryan Braun, MIL — .324 AVG, 34 HR, 97 RBIs, 26 2B, 15 SB, 91 R, 1.004 OPS
3. Hunter Pence, HOU — .322 AVG, 17 HR, 69 RBIs, 30 2B, .899 OPS

APOLOGIES TO: Chris Young, ARI; Tim Lincecum, SF; Kevin Kouzmanoff, SD; Peter Moylan, ATL

COMMENT: Why even include more than two names in this race? The award is going to come down to Tulowitzki and Braun, and Braun may just get the edge in the actually voting. Braun’s season didn’t start until May and he still put up a season’s worth of bloated numbers. I lean toward Tulowitzki, though, and it’s because of his defense. Tulo’s .987 fielding percentage at shortstop was the best mark in all of baseball. Braun was a liability at times in the field. One rook that stood out to me, too, is Moylan. He appeared in 80 games and posted a 1.80 ERA over 90 innings for the Bravos.

1. Bob Melvin, ARI (90-72)
2. Clint Hurdle, COL (90-73)
3. Charlie Manuel, PHI (89-73)

APOLOGIES TO: Lou Piniella, CHC (85-77); Ned Yost, MIL (83-79)

COMMENT: Early in the year, Yost looked like the frontrunner for this award, but the Brewers sure faded in the second half. You could also lobby for Sweet Lou, who led the Cubbies from worst to first in his first year at the helm on the North Side. I like Melvin, who defied mathematics in leading the D-Backs to the best record in the NL. The Snakes hit .250 as a team and gave up more runs (732) than they scored (712). How does that net 90 wins? Hurdle will also get votes for the Rockies’ late push and Manuel may get the nod in the actual voting for exploiting the Metro’s collapse.

Well, there you have it. Let the discussion begin. Feel free to tell me just how wrong I really am. — JB


Any word on how Johnny Mac’s surgery went today ?

I would agree with all your choices except I like Young for the ROY in the AL. I think its a tight race between Young and Pedroia , both putting up great numbers. Pedroia having the advantage by being on a playoff team .


Well there’s not many I disagree with you on. In the Al, I’d vote for

Delmon Young instead of Petrolia, primarily because of the RBI’s. I also think I’m more partial to Eric Wedge versus Joe Tore, although Torre is a good pick.

In the National league, I agree with Holliday, but would personally like Fielder to win. And my manager of the year is now Hurdle, because of how the Rox played down the stretch, but I think Pinella gets a lot of votes.

I’ve got to say, I’m all over the Jimmy Rollins bandwagon. I’m handing out stickers, going door-to-door, and calling you up during dinner.

That man can play!


going door to door-lol. He’s a good player, but Holliday’s numbers were monsterous

hmmmmm….sitting here waiting for the dinner invite . Free food is always good…

particulary if it’s Italian

Hem where are you?

Hem, if ya want us on yr team, we can all be bribed and be great Rollins supporters . lol

Italian is good but then so is Tai, Chinese, etc etc …

Yes, there’s not many kinds of food, I don’t like either.

It is a great thing about TO, isn’t it?

Hem are you listening? lol

I have never been called tough before , I am not sure how to respond to that …lol… I work with mostly males, I am the boss . We have a great time . I have np with males, bosox.


I hope you realized the comment Bosox made was in jest. He was trying to be funny, and it didn’t come off too well. All he was trying to do was to get you back on the site posting.

Knowing him, I can assure you it was not meant to upset you. But the next time he comes on, I’ll make sure he posts an apology.


So who do you pick to be in the series?

I am not upset . Like I said you can’t hear the inflection of a voice with typed words

That is true, I’ve posted to im a lot more on both this site and Boston, so I know him better. Watch for his apology nevertheless.

So what would you think of a world series between the cubbies and boston-or NY how good would that be?

I usually like the underdog . Cleveland would be nice but I don’t see it happening. I didn’t expect the Cards to go all the way last year. I think it might come down to the Phillies and the Sox ( if the sox don’t have a meltdown)

I’m not sure the sox can take the yanks-if it gets to that series. Cleveland, to me is the dark horse because of their strong starters, and could surprise everyone.

Phillie is strong, I guess I just want the Cubbies to get in it because they haven’t won for so long.

I think the first series will be very telling in both leagues. Should be great baseball.

What did you think of The Mets meltdown? To me they were the favorite before that happened.

Yanks are the big obstacle for the Sox. They get into the Sox head and beat them mentally before the game even takes place. I give the Yanks credit for coming back and taking the wild card but I am not a fan and honestly hope they collapse under Cleveland /Boston and or the Angels

Mets were the favourites . I would have liked to see them in the WS . They dealt with a lot of injuries . In the end they were responsible for their own demise. I think they will come back strong next year .

Cleveland might surprise the Yanks; but if they face Boston, I’d bet on them, although I don’t like them either.

Take care, I’m outta here. Don’t be a stranger.

The Mets need to make a lot of changes to come back. There’s a lot of older veterans on that team (like Boston) who are coming to the end.

Sorry to interrupt your little playoff conversation, but I gotta tell you who I’m covetting most for this offseason – Luis Castillo. I believe he’s become a free agent this year, and I think he can offer a lot to help this team win in the leadoff spot. He’a switch hitter who can run, get on base, hit for average, and doesn’t strike out a lot. Signing him would mean Hill has to move to the other side of second base, which I’m fine with – although he would be pretty expensive, given the thin market this offseason.

A bit of an inconsistency: placing defence as a premium for Tulowitzki over Braun but not Ramirez over Rollins. Rollins is perhaps Gold Glove SS while Ramirez is pretty bad.


I don’t think you’ll see the Jays messing with Hill’s position. He could be an all-star 2nd baseman for years to come.

Castillo does have a good OBP, but is no where near the base stealing threat he used to be 3-4 years ago-he onloy stole 19 bases in 2007. I think injuries have hurt him over the last few years.

He also trns 34 next year and makes aobut 5 mill. So he’d be expensive with diminishing returns.


I don’t see Hanley Ramirez finising in the top 3. He is one of the best players in the league but when you play on a team that ends up near the bottom in the division, your chances are very rare. Of course Dawson was the M.V.P. back in 1987 when the Cubs finished last. There are 3 worthy candidates in the N.L. for M.V.P.

Rollins, Holliday and Fielder, you can make a case for all 3. Ramirez you can’t make a case for.


Indigo was offended by the off handed comment you made. I realize it was made in jest-but I think you owe her an apology.


I don’t see where she was.

It sounds to me, she is waiting for her dinner invite from you.


I here McDonald’s is the place you like to go on a first date. That is what garryugy said….


Phillies and the Tribe must win there first game. If those 2 don’t, they’re in DEEP TROUBLE!!!!


Are you still dreaming of getting Reyes from the Mets?


Humor me and apologize anyway, like the classy guy you are.

I’d like either Reyes or Ramirez.

Just because you take all your ladies to Macdonalds, don’t expect others to do the same. lol


Good luck with the Angels, start Cash to slow down their running game

BOSOX: You’re right, there’s no way Ramirez finishes in the Top 3 for MVP voting. My list wasn’t a prediction of who would finish in the top three, but a list of who I feel should be considered. I guarantee that Rollins places in the top three — maybe even in the top two in the actual voting.

NRAOEON: True, Rollins definitely is way ahead of Ramirez on D. But, again, the fact that there are two other guys on the Phils who could be argued as the MVPs of that team kind of splits the votes for me in the MVP race. In Tulowitzki vs. Braun for the rookie of the year award, the same thinking doesn’t apply. Tulo doesn’t have two other rooks on his club also in the mix for the award.


I just don’t know how anyone could make a case for Hanley Ramirez as M.V.P. Is he one of the best players in the game, yes. But how valuable can he be to the Marlins? Without him they would have lost 100 games as opposed to 90 or more with him.

That Sox/Marlins trade back in Nov. 2005 has worked out for both teams.

So Walt Jockety is done in St.Louis. No word yet onwether he was fired or quit. This probably also means LaRussa wont go back there.

Who else wishes the Jays would clean house and bring these guys in?

Reading the release and considering Jockety still had 1 year left on his deal, I think it’s safe to assume he was fired.

I’d pass on Jockety, but jump all over LaRussa, he is exactly the medicine we need.

Don’t Mess with the pitching!Johnny Mac is more valuable at short if the offence returns to just 75% of what it was in 2006.As for speed, let’s see what Johnson can do with decent time to get back from surgery.This team needs to heal and return to form.I think Johnny Mac was one of the shining lights this season and can’t believe how the fickle faithful are so ready to throw him under the bus.


Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love Johnny Mac. I do think if everyone comes back healthy and stays healthy next year we can contend.

However, as much as I think we can contend, I don’t think we have a realistic chance at winning, unless we have a good leadoff hitter who’s also a serious base stealing threat.

When you look at this lineup, theres realy only 2 spots that player could take, one is left field and the other is short stop.

Short stop is the most obvious, position because a lot of short stops have speed-so that’s the position I feel we need to look at-if we can do the right deal.

Johnson will come back, but you have to assume 2006 was his career year and he only stole 8 bases in 2006, so he’s not the guy we need.

I understand what you mean about the lead off spot and more speed.I just don’t see giving up quality pitching for a big name/big contract SS.We need to find it in a young player who will grow with the team.Hill and Mac play so well together in the field it’s a shame Mac doesn’t hit better.The leadoff hitter should come from left field.If Reed can bounce back and do it,great.If not,I would consider moving Burnett as part of a deal but not any of our core young arms.I hate to see good pitching traded but A.J does have that out clause which there is a risk of him using after next season.I was bummed that team didn’t use the speed they had this season.No reason Wells,Rios and Hill couldn’t have put more pressure on pitchers and hit and run more and stole more.If our manager isn’t going to have a plan to use what speed they have,what is the point in going after a speedy leadoff guy?

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