ALDS Game 4 pregame

ClemensNEW YORK — The Rocket may have launched for the last time. Not surprisingly, the Yankees announced today that Roger Clemens is being removed from their postseason roster. That could put the finishing touch on Clemens’ storied career.

With Clemens out of the picture for now — he’s not eligible until the World Series, should New York get that far — the Bombers added lefty Ron Villone to their bullpen. That helps New York, which had no lefties in the ‘pen in Games 1-3.

I’m not sure what to think of the Indians going with Paul Byrd here in Game 4 over C.C. Sabathia on short rest. Byrd may have won 15 games this year, but he also surrendered nearly 240 hits in 190 innings or so. That gives me the feeling that I may very well be heading back to Cleveland tomorrow morning. Also, starting Byrd puts Kelly Shoppach, his personal catcher, behind the plate, taking some pop out of the offense. We’ll see how it all shakes out tonight.

Also, yours truly will be bringing more playoff insight during the American League Championship Series. So, whether or not the Yankees stun the Indians here over the next few days, I’ll be heading to Boston to help cover the next round. I’ll have to pop some champagne later.

Today’s lineups:

Grady Sizemore, CF
Asdrubal Cabrera, 2B
Travis Hafner, DH
Victor Martinez, 1B
Jhonny Peralta, SS
Kenny Lofton, LF
Franklin Gutierrez, RF
Casey Blake, 3B
Kelly Shoppach, C


Johnny Damon, LF
Derek Jeter, SS
Bobby Abreu, RF
Alex Rodriguez, 3B
Jorge Posada, C
Hideki Matsui, DH
Robinson Cano, 2B
Melky Cabrera, CF
Doug Mientkiewicz, 1B

PITCHING: RHP Chien-Ming Wang

I believe someone asked me to link to stories I’ve written in the playoffs, so here goes:

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Oct. 7: Wang gets chance to show true ability
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Oct. 3: Wang given critical test

As a bonus to the Lebowski fans out there, here’s the script from the movie. We’ve been killing time here reading it and annoying everyone in the work room with our laughter. You’re entering a world of pain. –JB


Paul Byrd will be fitted for a neckbrace when this game is over!!!

This series will be going back to Cleveland. I don’t see a scenario where Byrd will hold the Yankees down!!! Wang will pitch just fine at Yankee Stadium tonight, we’ll find out early if Wang is on.

Well Bosoxbrian, looks like the Wang went limp early and the Byrd is still flying high. And aren’t you supposed to cheer against those Yankees?


Well the scenario was Byrd went 5 innings, gave up 8 hits, but only two runs.

Wang on the other hand went 1 inning and gave up 4 runs.

I think you got the scenarios mixed up.


Bosox wants the Yanks to win, because he feels Boston has a better chance to beat New York than Cleveland.

Cleveland’s pitching is as good or better than Boston’s.

I could care less who wins the Yankees or the Tribe!!!

If Boston plays the way they are capable of they will beat anyone!!!

How about last night gsumner. I said Nixon will go deep and Westbrook is lucky if he gets past the 5th. Don’t dwell on the negative my friend!!!


I thought Boston’s pitching staff was folding down the stretch as you put it. I dunno know about that!!!

Focus on Marcum and the boys!!!


The ones I said were struggling were Wakefield and Dice-K. Nothings changed from that.

You have changed your tune but that is o.k.

You were all over there bullpen.

The Yanks bullpen-yes, I’m still all over it.

I only expressed concern about Boston’s starters-in particular Dice K and Wakefield-although I gotta tell you, when Shilling pitches against a good hitting team-don’t expect to win.

Schilling pitched 2 gems against the Yankees down the stretch. The guy knows how to pitch. Whether he is throwing 95 m.p.h. or 89 m.p.h.

I’m not sure I’d call giving up 4 runs in 7 innings a gem, but maybe you have to do that with Shilling. lol

If you watched the game you would say otherwise!!!

He was in total control the entire night. 1 mistake and it cost him.

Schilling is a guy when the lights are on, shows up. Some guys melt. Boston has 2 of them, they come up big in the playoffs.


If you don’t like Schilling personally that is fine. Call it the way you see it. You have a hard time doing that!!!

So how’s wakefield and Dice k?

You know something Bosox

I do get tired of you little shots-you’d better fix that.

And you’d better make an apology to Indigo


Your a funny guy!!!

You do make me laugh!!!

See you next year!!!

Good luck with J.P.!!!


Schilling’s a gamer. He’s definitely the kind of guy you want pitching in a pressure-cooker situation. Sure, he’s not the same pitcher that he used to be, but he still finds a way to win. He can be pretty cocky, but it doesn’t change that he’s a big-game pitcher.

And how about Byrd tonight? A great game against a tough lineup! Looks like the Indians made the right decision in resting their ace.

Now if only Borowski can save it without giving Wedge a heart-attack…..

I’m amazed that Borowski saved so many games this year. He’s just one of those guys whose stuff never looks particularly good.

Wedge’s beard just got a little bit greyer with that solo shot!

Great game by the Indians! I’m starting to think an Indians/Diamondbacks World Series would be pretty frickin’ exciting.

Have a great night, folks!


Funny how you run when I ask you to make an apology for a post that made you look like a j e r k.

Good luck with Cleveland, I thin youre going to need it.

I’m right here gsumner. I don’t run!!! I guess you are the end all know all, in your own mind of course!!! Don’t hate now!!!



The post to Indigo was uncalled for because she took offence to it, so be a nice little boy and just say sorry Indigo, thats all

If you don’t want to no matter to me, I can treat you the same way you treat our posters-no problem. And ill be doing it on your board not here


Santana is on the decline????


When she says she did, I will. You will not tell me what to do. That will NEVER HAPPEN!!!

And I’ve got to say, that back and forth about Walter’s ex-wife’s Pomeranian is brilliant.

“What do you mean ‘brought it bowling’? I didn’t rent it shoes. I’m not buying it a beer. He’s not gonna take your turn, Dude.”


And last but not least: has anyone seen/heard Frank Thomas in the booth? Sportsnet always cuts away after the game, just before he’s supposed to come on, so I haven’t seen what he can do.

Is he any good? Because I’ve read that TBS is none too impressed and has brought in some other guy to take the spotlight off of him….


I saw Thomas a couple of times and though he did a good job.

More on new hitting coach Gary Denbo

Gary Denbo has played a major role in developing the talents of New York Yankee players into Major League caliber hitters.

Thought by many in professional baseball to be one of the top young hitting instructors in the game, Gary has been instrumental in developing hitters such as Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Bernie Williams, Tino Martinez, Ricky Ledee, Alfonso Soriano, and many other successful major leaguers.

Described by Yankees skipper Joe Torre as a “workaholic”, Torre says, “Gary has brought a fresh voice, a new approach and a tireless nature and openness to incorporating new technologies”.

Players swear by Gary’s communication and teaching and toiling skills, and believe slumps will be more short-lived because of his ability to spot and correct flaws quickly. Gary, considered a ‘new age hitting instructor’, has developed a method of combining video and computer analysis of the baseball swing. He uses a library built with the swings of top hitters in the game to serve as a teaching source in developing proper swing technique.

Gary’s alert manner and quick eye in seeing faults, along with his ability to relate to young hitters and to communicate those flaws clearly and concisely, have made him one of the top hitting instructors in the game.

Gary is now in his 19th year in professional baseball. Following a four-year playing career, he became a coach in the Cincinnati Reds organization before joining the Yankees as a minor league manager in 1990. A true winner with proven results, Gary has taught all levels of hitters from high school age rookies to the current World Champion New York Yankees. Gary has been a part of Championships at every level of Yankee baseball.

Compliments of

Of course this article was written when the Yanks liked him. lol

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