Black Sox, Red Sox

BuckminstersmBOSTON — On the way from my hotel to Fenway Park, you go right passed this fine little establishment, the Hotel Buckminster.

As a Chicagoan, I should’ve known the sigificance of this place (beyond the Pizzeria Uno located at the bottom, which is fitting, as it turns out), but it took Rangers beat writer T.R. Sullivan to remind me of its history. This is where, in 1919, the White Sox met and decided to throw the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds.

Down Huntington Ave., which isn’t too far away from the Buckminster, is the spot where the first World Series was played in 1903. Now, though, a building stands on the spot with just a plaque to honor the site. One hundred and four years later, the World Series just might be back in Boston again.

I don’t see this Indians-Red Sox series ending in a sweep like three of the four first-round matchups. I think this ALCS is going to go at least six games, and seven doesn’t seem unlikely. Both clubs have solid lineups and good pitching staffs, led by Cy Young contenders. I like Cleveland’s rotation over Boston’s, but I like the BoSox bullpen better than the Tribe’s.

It’s a toss up, but since I originally posted somewhere on here that I think it’s going to be a Cleveland-Colorado World Series, I’ll stick to my guns. So, I pick the Indians to win in six. I think the Rox will win in five. We’ll see what happens.

Another fun little tidbit for you guys, this past week while in New York, Laz Diaz and some of the ALDS umps made their way to Foley’s irish pub in New York. If you ever are in the Apple, head to 33rd street at the base of the Empire State Building and check out Foley’s. It houses a ton of sports memorabilia, including a wall of baseballs signed by players, actors, and even sportswriters. Even I have a baseball on the wall.

Anyway, Diaz and some of the umps went in there and the Foley’s owner presented them with a can of bug spray, honoring the Bug Game aka Game 2 of the ALDS in Cleveland. The umps autographed the can and it will be displayed in Foley’s for good. That’s quality.

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