Winter of Jordan

TORONTO — I have officially entered my offseason. Much like Costanza’s "Summer of George!" on Seinfeld, this is the Winter of Jordan. It’s time to take time off. After the grind of 162 games, I’m going to enjoy hours of lounging around in sweatpants and catching up on the reruns of Law & Order that I’ve missed over the past seven months.

I haven’t blogged on here since I left Boston because, well, to paraphrase the great comedy Officespace, I’ve been doing absolutely nothing, and it’s everything I thought it could be. But, seeing J.D. Drew’s mug on my blog was getting a little old, so I figured I should toss something up here to hold down the fort.

Over the past few days, I’ve purchased the new Radiohead album "In Rainbows" which is pretty sweet. It’s nice to hear them return some to their earlier sound — not that I didn’t enjoy the likes of Amnesiac or Hail to the Thief, because those were killer albums, too. I also went and saw the movie "Into the Wild," which I thought was pretty good. Eddie Vedder did the music, which was enough for me.

I have managed to watch some baseball. It’s actually been nice to sit and take in the World Series from my living room, not having to worry about writing stories for a change. Not that I’m complaining, but you sure to enjoy just sitting back and taking in a game after working so many. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Red Sox’s revamped lineup fares in Colorado. I don’t think the Rox are going to go down easy in Denver. I think the series will head back to Beantown for at least one game. We’ll see.

Also, I know there’s been some talk about the rumor that’s going around about Jays prez and CEO Paul Godfrey stepping down from his position. According to Rogers, the rumor was simply mindless banter by one of the local radio personalities. According to one report, there was no basis to the rumor.

That’s all for now. I’ve got a whole lot of nothing to get back to doing.



    Jordan , thank you for the great job you do keeping us informed. Enjoy your lazy days , we all need them. Just don’t go into comatose mode . Give us a post every once in awhile so we know you are still breathing . Take care and thank you again



    Snider is proving he’s got the bat-this is tough competition in the Arizona Fall League. Now if they get his defence straightened away,he will be great. The kid is an rbi machine and we might see him sooner than we all think,in spite of the fact he’s still only 19. You can follow Snider and other Jays players in the AFL (David Purcey, Rickie Romero, Jamie Vermilea, Justin James and Sergio Santos) at the following url:

    You can track Robinson Diaz-our soon to be catcher at the following url:


    Certainly, A-Rod had the right to opt out of his contract.

    What I have difficulty with is his timing of the announcement-why the rush. This night belongs to The Red Sox and baseball-not A-Rod.

    To announce today shows A-Rod’s lack of class and feeling for the integrity of the game. It’s all about me.

    Watch the rats leave a sinking ship in New York.


    How about Royce Clayton.
    Loses a job as a jay this season and goes on to become a world series champion. (albeit as a bench player)



    Yes, good for Clayton and Henske. At least one guy we were still paying won a ring this year. lol

    So now we enter the A-Rod sweepstakes. It will be interesting to see who signs him. It might mean a short stop becomes available at a subsidized price from the team that signs him. Considering it could be Boston, Mets, Angeles or Giants,there might be a quality guy become available.


    Gotta say im pretty disapointed in the Jays not trading for Renteria, especially since his price tag was apparently so low. Feels like an early sign that the jays wont be competing next year. But a good sign indicating that Riccardi and Co will soon be on their collective ways out.


    Who would have been equivalent to Jar Jurjens on the Jays ? The guy only pitched like 30 mlb innings. So Brian Wolfe 45ip ? And then some guy in AA who may or may not work out. Seems like if we traded Marcum or Litch only, and we could have had Renteria and some other piece of the puzzle


    Totally with you on this one Dave. I have no idiea why Toronto didn’t look into getting him. Now, not only does Toronto not get stronger, but one of the potential playoff teams does. which obviously decreases the chances for Toronto in getting the wild card.



    I’m not sure the price for Rentira was all that low. I pulled this off the Tigers AA site.

    “With Hernandez, the Braves are getting one of the game’s most dynamic young outfielders and with Jurrjens, they are getting a quality right-handed pitcher, whose success earned him the call to the Majors in August.

    Hernandez, who just turned 20 in September, is coming off his first full professional season in impressive fashion. After hitting .293 with 54 stolen bases for Class A West Michigan, the speedy outfielder was named the Midwest League’s Most Valuable Player (AA).”

    Jurrjens, who hails from Curacao, was rated the Eastern League’s third-best pitching prospect after going 7-5 with a 3.20 ERA in 19 starts for Double-A Erie this year. In seven starts with Detroit, the 21-year-old right-hander, who is known for his control, went 3-1 with a 4.70 ERA. In three of his seven starts, he allowed one earned run or less and worked at least five innings.

    Rentira is 32, makes 10 million per year and in the last year of his contract. The Braves have a younger lower cost alternative in Escobar.

    Personally, I’d have liked the Jays to trade for Hernandez-an outfielder with base stealing speed. Now that would have solved our lead-off hitter position. Rentiria is really expensive for his production.


    I can’t say I agree with some of the above posts that say the price tag for Renteria was “low”. The Tigers gave up two top prospects for a guy who’s likely in the declining years of his career. Other than Snider, I’m not sure the Jays even have prospects of the same caliber as the two guys Detroit gave up….


    Looks like Travis Snider isn’t the only Jays prospect doing well in the Arizona fall league.

    Sergio Santos has hit 3 Hr’s in the last two games-to total 4 in 12 games which ties him for the league lead. He’s also got 10 RBI’s and is batting .295-not bad for a short stop-although, they’re also playing him at 3rd base. Only problem is he’s also committed 3 errors.

    David Purcey appears to have recovered from his mid season injury, has appeared 3 times, got an era of 3.38 and struck out 13 in 8 innings pitched. Purcey is a 6’5″, 235 pound power lefty. He is a former first rounder, who has had control problems. He appearded to have it straightened out last year at AA before he was injured.

    If this guy is right, he is the lefty we need in the rotation. He throws in the mid 90’s and has a breaking ball that makes knees buckle-hence the high strike out ratio. All Jays fans should cross their fingers on this guy.


    Renteria has two years on his contract. One at 6.5 mil, and the other at 10.

    Low cost ? Your prob right, they paid a price, but they are taking a chance. Who knows how much of an impact a couple of AA guys would have made next year. Will Renteria hit over 300 the next 2 years…YEP. Do the Jays look like they will be more able to compete for the wildcard next year ??? NOPE.

    I guess its just the frustration of seeing other teams getting creative in order to improve their lineups while the Jays are just planning on staying the course. At least we have Abner here for another year !!! And im sure well lock up Stairs now until he’s 50

    Call me pessimistic, but Im sure this offseason is going to be pretty intense on the trade market and it wont be something that we can blame the Bluejays for.



    This is Reniera’s contract:

    Edgar Renteria ss

    4 years/$40M (2005-08), plus $11M 2009 club option

    signed as free agent 12/04

    $4M signing bonus (paid 2005-08)

    05:$7M, 06:$8M, 07:$9M, 08:$9M, 09:$11M club option ($3M buyout) (partially deferred)

    So amortizing the signing bonus, 2008 is 10 mill. 2011 is a club option.

    I’m not sure we need an upgrade at ss-I think with all the effort going to Macky’s hitting this off season and spring, he’ll be fine.

    What we need is a left fielder with speed that can steal bases and set the table for the big guys.

    Pitching is fine-probably the best in the AL. We need guys to come back healthy and we either need Reed Johnson to pick it up or a replacement for him.

    If we’re heathly, we will contend.

    Of course an upgrade at manager would likely ensure that-but that isn’t happening. I heard that Joe Torre is available. lol



    Hernandez and Jurrgens will start at AAA this spring. I’d expect-particulary with Hernandez that if he starts well he’s called up. That kind of base stealing capability is a serious weapon and I’m sure the Braves want his in his lineup asap.

    The problem of course with all trades, is who’s to know what happens next year. Reniera could break a leg and be out for the season and Detroit ends up giving away two prized assets for nothing.

    I’ll tell you what though, I think Atlanta got the best of the deal-by far. 32 year old short stops who are lossing a step don’t generally improve.

    There appears to be massive upside with Hernandez; and Jurrgens looks competent.

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