Burnett not on trade block

BurnettTORONTO — Don’t get all riled up by the report on ESPN.com last night that said the Jays were willing to entertain trade proposals for Burnett. This was a non-news news item that, if you ask me, got a little blown out of proportion.

Let’s start by examing the quote that Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi gave:

"We like having A.J. here," Ricciardi told ESPN.com. "He gives us a good opportunity to win in 2008, and that’s our main objective right now.

"But we’re open-minded," he continued. "If someone blew us away, we’d be foolish not to listen. If someone came to us tomorrow and said, ‘We’ll give you this, this and this for him,’ we’d be foolish not to look at it."

Basically, Ricciardi said this: "We’re not looking to trade Burnett, but of course we’d listen if a team came to us with a ridiculous offer to acquire him." J.P. didn’t say the Jays were looking to trade him, and he didn’t say the Jays would trade him if a team came with a big offer. All he said was he’d listen. Of course he will, he’s a general manager.

Here’s a quote he had at the end of the season: "If we do anything on the trade market, I don’t see anything being major. It’d probably be more minor. We’d have to really get blown away to do something major. Everybody’s going to want our kids on the mound, but we really don’t want to give those guys up."

Is that really that much different that the breaking news quote ESPN ran last night? Nope.

It makes sense that speculation about Burnett’s situation came up, and I guess it was only a matter of time. But if the Blue Jays want to seriously make a run at the division title, Burnett is a part of that. Toronto isn’t going anywhere with Halladay and some kids behind him, especially when the team doesn’t have a ton of financial flexibility to add another arm this winter.

The Jays need a healthy A.J. to compete in the East. But, he’s due to make $12 million this year and in 2009 and ’10 if he doesn’t opt out of his contract after the ’08 season. Given that situation, of course the Jays would listen to offers. I think if the Jays are out of the race by the trade deadline, they’ll really listen to offers.

The Canadian Press got Ricciardi to clarify his comments: "We’re not shopping him. We don’t want to move Burnett, we want him to help us win next season. But if someone was to wow us with an offer, we’d have to listen."

And I don’t think a Miguel Tejada for Burnett offer will wow the Jays. Toronto has its solution for 2008 at short in John McDonald. Honestly, I think Tejada has a move to third base in his future, too. Now, if Toronto could toss Troy Glaus and his huge contract and steroid allegation issues in the package, maybe Ricciardi would really listen.

I’ve listened to many trade proposals in some fantasy leagues this year. But I haven’t pulled the trigger. Then again, given my place in the standings, maybe I should have.

Now watch, I’ve gone and said this is all a bunch of balogna and the Jays will deal Burnett before the season starts. Highly doubtful, though.


  1. gsumner@rogers.com

    Jordan, thank you for the clarification. I find it interesting that some members of the press try to creat deals and trades this time of the year, just to fill their column.

    That being said, if Baltimore want to trade Tejada and Bedard for Burnett and Glaus, I think I’d do the deal.

  2. enigma_d17@hotmail.com

    You’re not going to get Bedard for Burnett. I’d look at Tejada for Glaus though.

    I’d like to see A.J. stay. If the jays aren’t going to go after a good pitcher this off-season then he’s definitaly a valuable asset to have for 2008. Basically I agree with what Jordan said about the jays needing him if they want to seriously contend. Even if he does go on the d.l. once, it’ll hopefully be just once and not much longer then 15 days.

  3. gsumner@rogers.com


    I like Burnett as well, I think 2008 is going to be a career year for him.

    I actually think Burnett likes it here, and could be negotiated with to extend his stay.

    Although I do like Bedard a whole lot-hes probably the only guy I’d trade Burnett for

  4. indigo_t@hotmail.com

    I have a question about the drug inquiry . I have been doing some reading about the “drug era”. Mitchell is a director of the Red Sox, as well as chairman of The Walt Disney Company ( the parent company of ESPN ) , I realize they need somebody who has knowledge of baseball to head this inquiry but since Mitchell is directly involved with a team , is this not a conflict ?

  5. indigo_t@hotmail.com

    I like Burnett and TO signed him when his health was questionable . I like to think he has some honour and will not opt out unless his health is an issue or he feels this team is not a good fit for him but I don’t see the later. He and Doc have struck up a great friendship and he seems to be a good fit. Lets hope for a healthy year
    As for Bedard , I would love to see him in a Jays uniform but he will command big bucks, I don’t see it happening especially since the Yanks need pitching and have the big bucks.

    Welcome back Harry

  6. harrypotter229@gmail.com

    thanks everyone 🙂

    I don’t think that Boston would trade lowie for Lind either since lind did’n’t have a good season last year. I am pretty sure that when snider comes up, thomas will most likely be gone and lind will take over that spot. This would mean stairs, johnson and snider which would then make stairs their utility guy. I don’t like the idea of johnson and snider platooning i’d rather have snider play and bat second or fifth with rios or wells leading off. i may be completely off but how about this lineup



    Wells (assuming he returns to his form, if not then rios)







    amny assumptions are made here. To me line-up looks pretty balanced but glaus in the middle i don’t like.

    This leads me to this, i’d go for tejada for Glaus anyday. I’d even throw in a relief pitcher in the mix from the jays since i think we have enough.

    Burnett i want him to stay but a pitching rotation of halladay, bedard, burnett, marcum, mcgowan would be like a dream come true. (better than bosox anyday)

    i wouldn’t trade burnett yet, wait till next mid-season and see whats going on and hopefully he isn’t injured.

  7. gsumner@rogers.com


    I think you might be surprised whether Boston would trade Lowrie for Lind. True Lowrie looks like he’ll be a great ss; but Lind is a power hitter who can hit 30 hr’s per year playing full time.

    Boston paid Drew 75 million over 5 years-hoping they’d get that production.

    I think it’s a pretty fair trade with each team getting a high quality prospect at positions that help each team.

  8. gsumner@rogers.com

    I think the most interested party in the Miguel Cabrerra trade talks is greed-rod. I’d bet he’s hoping LA Angels or the Mets do not do the deal.

    If either of them do, the market for greed-rod changes a lot. Assuming Boston sign Lowell-which I expect, LA or the Mets do the deal with Florida for Cabrera, and the Yanks do not negotiate and I actually believe they won’t-there’s not many markets who can afford the big greed.

    If Baltimore are finally serious about dumping Tejada-he’d likely be traded to one of the Mets, Yanks, or Angels and if that happens I’d bet greed rod will be hard pressed to replace the contract he had in place.

    Of course, theres always the Mud Hens.

  9. gnorman@cogeco.ca

    JP is right about Burnett. My own opinion is that he’s better now than he was 2 years ago. After he came off the DL, he seems to have backed it off a bit, and he’s pitching better, as opposed to throwing it by people. When he’s dropping his curve ball over for strikes, he is as good as anybody out there, bar none. Maybe his arm will last longer, too.

  10. tkpage@hotmail.com

    I agree with JP.No dealing pitching unless someone is willing offer a overwhelming deal.Of all pitchers,AJ would be as expected the the man dealt.If he has a good season this year,I expect him to opt out at the end of the season.Why not? Teams are paying stupid amounts of cash for mediocre pitching and if AJ proves he has put the injuries behind him,he will be in for a big payday.Still,having said that,AJ is more help to the Jays today even if he leaves next year.I hope a successful ’08 may encourage him to stay put where things are working and reward the Jay’s loyalty to him.
    I heard a story on XM the other night that the Dodgers may have interest in Glaus.A person might be tempted to throw in some pitching with Glaus say for LaRoache and Russel Martin.

  11. gsumner@rogers.com

    Sounds like the Twins are going to deal Santana. I can’t imagine what they’d ask for in return.

    Be nice to have him though.

  12. gsumner@rogers.com


    Martin’s ok, but not worth Glaus, Johnson and Litsch. We have two guys-Thigpen and Diaz who are going to be a lot better than Martin-particulary Diaz. So why give away so much talent?

    Sign Fasano and try to keep him as a coach in 2009.

  13. gnorman@cogeco.ca

    I don’t know why everyone wants to trade Johnson. In 06 he was one of the best leadoff guys in baseball, when you consider OBP, speed, and the ability to take pitches and use the whole field. He suffered an injury last year that would have put most guys out for the season, but you know he’s working like a fiend right now to get back to where he was. When you compare Shannon Stewart to Johnson at the same stages of their career, Johnson comes out on top, both defensively and at the plate.

  14. tkpage@hotmail.com

    I agree that Johnson needs another year before the Jays give up on him.He is too valuable a lead off guy if he can come back from the surgery.Besides,we have Lind and Stairs to back up in left field if Johnson can’t do it.Fasano would be a good sign for the Jays.Besides being a capable back up,he is like having an extra coach on the bench.As for Martin,I would move Glaus and only 1 pitcher.Martin would give the Jays an upgrade at catcher(as much as I like Zaun, the clock is ticking). It sounds as if the Jays would like Thigpen to work a bit in the infield so having Martin would also give them flexibility in the future.

  15. gsumner@rogers.com


    I think your offer for Martin is stil too rich. Frankly, I think a trade of Glaus for Martin’s too rich.

    Remember, we only need a back up catcher for one year or less than a year. Thigpen and Diaz are both just about ready.

    So if we do trade Glaus who plays 3rd base and delivers the offense Glaus does?

  16. gnorman@cogeco.ca

    Even if we move Glaus, we would likely be stuck with a big chunk of salary, and we wouldn’t get market value unless he can prove he can stay healthy. And if he can stay healthy this year, why would we trade him?

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