Busy day in baseball

BarroidWhat a day in the world of baseball on this Thursday, huh?

Jake Peavy picks up the National League Cy Young Award, Commish Bud Selig praised the game’s fine state in announcing $6 billion in revenue, A-Rod is about to land a $275 million contract with the Yanks and, oh yeah, there was some free agent guy who was indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice by a federal grand jury.

Can anyone honestly say they didn’t see this coming with Barry Bonds? I mean, I’ll admit I didn’t see the Alex Rodriguez news coming — I thought for sure he’d be heading well out of the Bronx. But Bonds, this just seems like, ‘Welp, it was only a matter of time.’ So, now we’ll wait to follow all the fallout.

Of course, this all still falls under that whole label of "allegations" until Mr. Bonds goes Marion Jones on us and admits he lied about unknowlingly taking steroids. Now, Jones forked over her gold medals after admitting she lied. Will Bonds — baseball’s home run king — be forced to forfeit his records? Only time will tell.

I’ve been a Bonds’ backer for some time simply because what he has done is simply amazing — steroids, HGH, or not. To have that keen an eye and that much patience, and to be able to completely alter an entire game simply by suiting up is incredible. BUT, lying under oath and using illegal methods is nothing to take lightly. This whole situation will completely tarnish his legacy — not that it wasn’t marred already.

As far as the Jays, there’s not much going on in that camp is there? All’s quiet on the Toronto front. Although, I have learned that the rumors about additional retro Jays uniforms for this next season might be a little more than just talk. Other than that, not much happenin’ here in T-town.

So, I’m going to move on over to the couch and take in the Bulls-Suns game. For those of you who have talked some smack about my Bulls in the comments, I can’t argue. They’ve been pretty terriBULL and were more than deserving of the 30th spot in ESPN’s power rankings I read today. I did get tix to the Bulls-Raps game on Nov. 25, so I’ll be there in my Jordan Bulls jersey rooting on my home team. You Raps fans can talk to me when your team has six titles.


  1. gnorman@cogeco.ca

    I feel very badly that Bonds felt he had to lie to protect his accomplishments, because, as you stated, Jordan, he and the others had to start off as great hitters to get where they ended up. We also have to realize that Bonds, McGwire, Canseco, and the others were at the height of their careers when Major League Baseball was doing it’s best to ignore the problem, and the unspoken message was “do what you need to but don’t get caught.” These guys packed the stands, and nobody was squeemish about raking in the money they generated.
    Baseball should do it’s best to clean up it’s act today, but at some point in the past, there has to be a “no fault” line drawn. The hall of fame electors are well able to decide who is deserving and who is not.

  2. indigo_t@hotmail.com

    I agree these guys all had talent and baseball turned a blind eye but it doesn’t make it right. We are not talking kids here , these are adults, who need to take responsibility for their actions. If Bonds had admitted to the grand jury that he had taken steroids , he would not have been indicted. Its his lies that got him in trouble. The no fault line is there but he choose another direction. It’s a very sad day for baseball. Lets hope some good comes of this, in that it helps to clean up all sports.

  3. indigo_t@hotmail.com

    A-Rod and the Yanks obviously deserve each other , neither seem to be able to tell the truth. It will be interesting to see how the yankee fans react to him ,but we are all capable of “amnesia” when it suits us

  4. gsumner@rogers.com

    Barry Bonds Issue

    I find the charges bring multiple questions. Let me state I have no time for anyone taking drugs or lying of any sort.

    1) The drug store who apparently sold most of this junk had a small sales increase in prescriptions from $700,000 to $43,000,000.00 per year. Not a bad sales increase for a small neighborhood drug store. Since the authorities got this information from raids, why are we only being told of 5-6 athletes? Why isn’t the entire list published? Why the continual one off leaks of information?

    2) Was Conseco right in his musings of his soon to be published new book-in that 65-75% of all major leaguers took this stuff?

    3) There are reports of players keeping this stuff in clubhouse locker room refrigerators-in most stadiums. Did management think it was a health food drink?

    4) Mcquire, Sosa,Palmeiro and multiple others have lied-why haven’t they been charged? And since it’s obvious that the Commissioner, club managements, owners and anyone connected with baseball knew drug abuse was going on and lied about it-why aren’t they all being charged?

    5) The feds have had this so called evidence for well over 6 months-why did they wait until the off season to file charges?

    6)With dog fighting becoming the new spectator sport in multiple regions accross the USA, why is it only Michael Vick has been charged?

    7) Is it only co-incidence the only ones charged are black athletes?

    8) Does Barry Bonds now regret calling the commissioner of baseball a F-ing idiot? Is this the commissioner’s revenge?

  5. rontal@hotmail.com

    If he gets into prison for lying or obstructing legal procedures… that’s one thing!

    I think that Bonds’ accomplishments should stand regardless… He was always a great hitter, at times a very good defender, a great base runner and probably has one of the best eyes in the game…

    Where steroids helped him is probably more with the recovery and the ability to avoid fatigue.

  6. freedom_fighter1121@yahoo.com

    Arod just opted out for the publicity. The Yankees were planning on giving him a raise and a contract extension anyway. The Yankees also said that they wouldn’t try to sign arod if he opted out. What’s up with that? Right now they both look stupid.

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