A different debate

Michaeljordandunk9OK, so this isn’t baseball related in the least — unless you count Michael Jordan’s brief encounter with the Minor Leagues.

One of my esteemed colleagues and I were discussing what we believed would make up the greatest NBA squad of all time. This stemmed from an argument a few years back where said colleague tried to explain to me that MJ wasn’t the greatest basketball player ever, which is obviously an argument that a Bulls fan from Chicago doesn’t take lightly.

Anyway, he suggested this as an all-time starting five:

Wilt Chamberlain
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Oscar Robertson
Michael Jordan
Magic Johnson

My all-time five looked like this:

Wilt Chamberlain
Bill Russell
Michael Jordan
Magic Johnson
John Stockton

Our apologies to Dr. J and Larry Bird, among others. Obviously, my coworker went with more size and I went with a more traditional point guard. I’m asking you guys to offer what your all-time NBA team would be.

We also began to debate the best teams by decade. My all 1990s squad looked like: Shaq, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen, Jordan and Stockton. All new-millenium would be: Steve Nash, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and Shaq. Some players cross over into multiple decades: Dr. J and Kareem, for example, could be ’70s or ’80s.

For the All 2000s team, my colleague voted in favor of Dwyane Wade or Allen Iverson instead of Nash — again, foregoing the traditional point guard.



  1. bosoxbrian@tampabay.rr.com


    I see you have a fellow Spartan on your team, surprise, surprise. LOL…

    I obviously would put him on my team as well.

    No Larry Bird, are you feeling o.k.? Is the other guy feeling o.k.?

    No Shaq????

    If Shaq played Russell or Chamberlain he would eat them alive. The guy is so much bigger than those guys. Shaq gets position on the blocks, you are not moving him out of the way. Russell would be given up 5 inches, Russell played around 6 feet 9 inches.

    Chamberlain would be given up a few inches as well. Those guys would be given up alot on the weight as well.

    Shaq would be my center for sure, I’m sure you have figured that one out.

  2. bosoxbrian@tampabay.rr.com

    Shaq, Bird, Johnson, Jordan and I would have Jordan and Ian Browne coming off the bench. It wouldn’t mattered who we played.

  3. bosoxbrian@tampabay.rr.com

    Of course the late great Red Aurebach coaching them.

    He would be lighting up cigars so much, he would run out.

  4. gnorman@cogeco.ca

    I could probably take Shaq, Bird, Olijawan, Thomas, and Nash, and stand a good chance against any other lineup.

  5. enigma_d17@hotmail.com

    Are the Jays serious about Michael Barrett ? according to the hotstove on mlb.com report it’s a mutual interest. Also, does anyone else think that the jays should take a shot at Kenny Lofton for lead-off. give the guy a 1 yr deal and try it i say.

  6. gnorman@cogeco.ca

    The Jays may balk at giving up a draft pick for a backup catcher. I wouldn’t hold my breath over Matt Clement, either. There are a lot of teams that need pitching worse than the Jays do, and are willing to pay far more for it than the Jays are willing to give.

  7. gsumner@rogers.com

    I agree gnorman, there is no chance the Jays give up a draft pick for a back up catcher. They will have two guys at AAA ready to go at the MLB level-why give anything away-bring one of these guys up instead.

    Fasano is a bit different and I expect the Jays to go all out to sign him and keep him in the organization. He’s a sure fire good coach in the future.

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