Day 2 rumblings…

JohngibbonsNASHVILLE — The news is thin, but the rumors are starting to run a little wild here in Opryland.

The only big news regarding the Jays that’s come out that I can find is that managers will no longer be able to wear pullovers over their uniforms during games. Jays manager John Gibbons already was told last year to put his jersey on under the pullover, now he can’t even wear that. My guess is Gibby will be sporting a regular jacket if allowed.

Oh, yeah, those rumors. Well, apparently the Jays and Giants have talked about a potential deal that could bring either Matt Cain or Tim Lincecum to Toronto. It’s unlikely, though. San Francisco might ask for Alex Rios, who is basically off limits. The Jays would likely be able to pursue Lincecum, but he’s practically off limits. There’s not much room to budge there.

Toronto could offer third baseman Troy Glaus and a prospect, or use Adam Lind as bait, but I don’t see it happening. If the Giants were willing to take Glaus, I say go for it, but I don’t think that happens unless the Jays eat some of that hefty salary he’s got. One source said that Giants GM Brian Sabean is getting very close to declaring Lincecum and Cain both off limits. The time is now, if the Jays want to get it done.

The Indians reportedly approached the Jays about a deal for Rios that would send Frankling Gutierrez and Cliff Lee to Toronto. That’s not likely to happen, so let’s just move on. San Diego inquiring about Josh Towers? Sold. Any team that asks about Towers should be able to work out a deal with the Jays. It doesn’t sound like this is anywhere near the Pads’ front burner, though.

Toronto has also been tied to Baltimore and the Erik Bedard sweepstakes. One rumor was Alex Rios and Dustin McGowan heading East, but that doesn’t seem to make sense for the Jays. Again, the Jays are more likely to sign Rios to an extension than trade him. If they did trade him to the O’s, including McGowan might be too much. But the O’s will push for as much as they can get.

We haven’t met with Jays Gm J.P. Ricciardi, yet, and Sabean isn’t scheduled to talk to the media until tonight, either. So, more to come. Meanwhile, my right hammy is killing me and standing around waiting to talk to people isn’t helping. I had to skip the ol’ morning workout today and I was icing my leg last night. Not fun.

Back to the lobby…


Would love to see Bedard in a Jay uniform this year! Would make Toronto’s rotation comparable to anyone, including Beckett/Santana (if it ever happens). Dont know how much it would cost us, but if the O’s want to rebuild, id be offering something like Lind, Leauge, Romero…definatly some other names you could throw in there..The jays could get creative, we have some strenghts to deal from. We have Snider too, but he would be real tough to part ways with.

Actually now that I think about it, Halladay, Bedard, McGowan, Burnett, Marcum all healthy, would easily be the best rotation in baseball.

Quite a few things to say

Semms like Detroit is on the verge of making a deal with Marlins for Cabrera and Dontrelle willis.

I believe this is good for the jays:

1) This will keep Cabrera out of AL East

2) If LAA doesn’t get Cabrera then we have more of a chance to swing a deal with them offering them glaus for figgins

3) It will make Detroit better, evening out the power in Central to Indians and Tigers, wins will get divided so a better chance to take wildcard.

Trading with LAA has quite a few possibilites.

1) we could pick up Reggie Wilts who plays LF and is a good lead-off hitter or 2nd in the line-up. Plus LAA has too many outfeilders and they are looking to get rid of them. He has speed, on-base and plays good smallball

2) We could sign figgins. Plays a variety of infeild positions, provides much needed speed and lead-off hitter and could let us trade johnson. But LAA probably doesn’t want to trade figgins unless we give them glaus and a bit more (prolly giving glaus anyways)

Paul Godfrey said that he wants a big name Canadian to come to Toronto.

First lets think of some big name Canadians currently playing:




Russel Martin


Well we can rule out Gagne, Martin and Morneau.

That leaves us with Bay and Bedard. Now Godfrey said that we have a better chance with Bay especially if we get wilts or figgins.

Baltimore doesn’t wanna trade Bedard to any AL East rivals so he can’t be used against them.

For Bedard though i would give:

Lind, Thigpen, Litsch, Wolfe,

For Bay i would give:

Johnson, Towers, Litsch

Speaking of Towers if SD is wiling to take him off our hands i would trade him for anything in return.

San Fran is prolly not going to deal with toronto especiallly when they will probably build their rotation around Cain and Lincenum.


I would also love to see Bedard in a Jays uniform, but I think you would all agree with me when I say that it is highly unlikely that we would get Bedard and still have Rios. Rios is a great player and I think it would be a considerable blow for out lineup.

Two guys we were going to non-tender and Litsch for Bay…hahaha. Good trade.

Harry-you just traded Litsch twice. Great if we can do it. lol.

I wonder if San Diego would be foolish enough to trade Chase Headley for Towers-now that would be sweet.

Someone should tell Godfrey we’ve already got a big name Canadian in Matt Stairs. He probably overlooked that while working on the new uniforms and new smoking policy. Apparantely, Godfrey is trying to get the City to make the city block around the Rogers center-non smoking. Bleeding heart socialist, that he is.-lol

So Harry, who do you think the Jays untouchables should be?

I think Santana gets more credit that he deserves. Sure he is a great pitcher, but those two years that he won the Cy Young, Halladay was well on his way onto winning them. But we all know that Halladay got injured during those two years.

When a guy like Jose Guillen can get a contract of $36 mill over 3 years, Well’s deal is starting to look like a bargain. Time to lock up Rios for 4-5 years, while we can still afford to do it-same thing with Hill.

That should keep Guillen in HGH for a year or two.


I love your enthusiasm! But as others have already indicated, your trade scenario for Bedard is kind of a rip off for the Orioles. Bedard’s cheap, young, and a potential ace on many staffs. In return, you’re giving up a decent prospect (Lind), a guy who’s projected as a backup catcher/utility guy (Thigpen), a 5th man in a rotation (Litsch), and a guy who’s had half a season of success in the bullpen (Wolfe). Unfortunately, all those parts put together don’t really equal a potential ace starting pitcher….

I’ve got 7 words for you:
glaus and burnett for tejada and bedard.


won’t happen-the Orioles are looking to lower salary not increase it.

I wonder if anyone like Riccardi ever comes onto this site and reads our comments…..


Well, one day Mr. Ted Rogers posted here-so one never knows.

If he does, too bad he doesn’t listen about Abner though. lol

Anyone else think it might be best to hold onto Burnett at least until the trade deadline in 2008? Might as well see if he can help the Jays compete this year and if they fall out of the race, they can always trade him to a contender?

I dunno. More and more reports seem to indicate there’s very little chance of him not opting out after this season. With the crazy market for pitching these days, he’s bound do get a huge raise even if he has another injury plagued season. But I’m thinking JP and this team as is deserves one last shot to show they can compete. If it doesn’t work out, show JP the door and start selling off guys like Burnett….

Looks like Detroit might swipe Cabrerra from the Angels grasp. If that’s the case, LA should be very aminable to do a Glaus Figgins trade.

Come on JP-make the call.


Did you give up on your Thomas for Figgins idea?


I agree with you on Burnett-I’d bet 2008 is a break out year for AJ-he learnt how to pitch in 2007, and I also think he wants to stay here.

Really, where’d you hear that Burnett wants to stay? Everything I’ve been reading lately (Blair, Wilner, etc.) seems to indicate he’s probably jumping ship….


no-I stated if LA do the deal for Cabrerra I’d offer Thomas-if they didn’t I’d offer Glaus.

Frankly, they have enquired about Glaus before and I think that deal could get done in a heart beat and help both teams.


Well, a lot of sports writters are suggesting he’ll opt out, but they’ve overlooked AJ’s relationship with Halliday and Arnsburg along with AJ’s personal life style. I might be wrong, but I’d bet 6% stay-35% opt out.

sorry 65%-35%


Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see what happens. Don’t forget that the Angels do have that glut of expensive outfielders though — I think any deal for a third baseman might have to involve one of their outfielders. And unfortunately, the Jays really don’t need another expensive outfielder (although Willits might be an interesting option).

Hows this for a couple trades… 1) Mcgowan or Marcum (Marcum preferably) Lind, Accardo and Patterson to Baltimore for Bedard?

2) Glaus and Litsch for Lincecum?

Leaves us needing a third baseman but what a rotation of

Halladay, Bedard, Burnett, Mcgowan/Marcum and Lincecum!!! Would also probably need some pen help until Ryan is back as a pen of Ryan, Jansen, Downs, League, Frasor, Wolfe and Tallet maybe would be pretty solid even without Accardo.

Scutaro would be a decent 3B but with that rotation I could play third and they would be ok.

I’m loving all this rampant speculation and the picking apart of every single rumour, no matter how far fetched it is.

This has made a very boring day much more interesting….


The Angels have stated they like the depth they have in outfielders and see no need to change.

They are real ancious to get a HR hitter to protect Vlad. Hunter is ok, but not really the power threat. Glaus is a great fit for them, and giving up Figgins doesn’t really hurt them that much.

If The Tigers do the deal with Florida-who else can LA go after that delivers 30-40 HR’s per year. I’d say we have the upper hand in the deal.

Willits is ok, but not a lot better than Johnson and Johnson has some pop-unlike Willits-so Id say is a downgrade.

It’s fun isn’t it


Don’t expect Ryan back until late June-any earlier is a bonus. We cannot hang in there that long without a proven closer-we’d be out of the race for the year-and Accardo’s the guy till Ryan gets back.

Right now, I’d say he’s untouchable-if we want any chance of contending in 2008.

It will be interesting to see if Baltimore have the balls to trade Beddard-my bet is no they don’t. They got him for two years-why trade him now.

No way SF trade Lincecum

With the money you just saved dumping Glaus go sign Dotel or Gagne or something then. Why not?

Well other than the fact Accardo is better than both Dotel and Gagne and probably 1/10th the cost of either one of them, not much

Which is why the Orioles might like a package with him in it. Remember we would be getting Bedard from this idea so it would have to be tempting.

Well, it’d mean we wouldn’t content next year. In addition if we ever did offer McGowan and another high quality prospect-that’s already a lot.

McGowan is going to be an ace-just like Beddard, and he’s under control for longer which is significant value. I’d expect they have similar records next year-so if we did offer him, there wouldn’t be a lot more on the table.

Offering a low cost front line closer, as well, would be ridiculous and way too much.


Is Willits really a downgrade from Johnson? Sure he’s got no power and he’s only got one season under his belt, but he’s faster, younger, and cheaper than Johnson. Also, he isn’t recovering from a back injury, will likely walk more than Johnson (although Reed will get hit by more pitches!), and he’s a switch-hitter. So is he a downgrade? I don’t think so, although both players have their drawbacks. All in all, I guess it’s a choice between an unproven second-year player with lots of upside or a veteran who’s only had one good year but who’s a “hustle” guy.

I dunno. Tough choice, but it probably doesn’t matter because it looks like JP’s staying pat!

And last but not least, I’m not convinced that teams will be slobbering at the bit for Troy Glaus. Sure, Glaus is a potentially dangerous slugger who would look good in many lineups, but he isn’t cheap, he’s coming off a real shaky season injury-wise, and the steroid allegations (although all too common these days) really don’t add to his general appeal. Unless the Jays want to eat up most of his salary in a Hinske-esque kind of way, I doubt he’s going anywhere, no matter how desperate for power the Angels and Giants might be….

The untouchables for me are, Rios, Halladay, Ryan, Hill and Snider and everyone else is fair game.

I think the less the players are untouchables the more creative you can get and the more you might get in return.

I’m pretty young compared to many of you (i think) so i would have to say thats where the enthusiasm comes from.

About wilts and johnson, i would say that wilts would probably be bette, i mean i had seen him play against TO last year and he was awesome.

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