Zaun, Glaus named in Mitchell Report

ZaunDirect from the report…

"Gregg Zaun is a catcher who has played with seven teams in Major League Baseball since 1995, the Baltimore Orioles (parts of 2 seasons), Florida Marlins (parts of3 seasons), Texas Rangers (1 season), Kansas City Royals (2 seasons), Houston Astros (parts of2 seasons), Colorado Rockies (part of 1 season) and, most recently, the Toronto Blue Jays(4 seasons).

[Former Mets clubhouse attendant Kirk] Radomski believed that Jason Grimsley referred Zaun to him when they bothplayed for the Royals in 2001. Someone else (Radomski could not remember who) called and ordered steroids for Zaun. Although Radomski never spoke to Zaun about the transaction,Radomski received a check from Zaun for the steroids. Radomski produced that check, a copyof which is included in the Appendix and is shown below.

Radomski confirmed the payment was for Deca-Durabolin and Winstrol. He also stated that hesent the drugs to Zaun at the Kansas City Royals clubhouse. The address for the Royals ballparkwas found in Radomski’s address book.

Radomski’s statement that he sold steroids to Zaun is not the only allegation of
use by Zaun. As discussed earlier in this report, in September 2002 Luis Perez, a bullpen catcherfor the Montreal Expos, was arrested for possession of a pound of marijuana. In January 2003,he was interviewed by investigators from the Commissioner’s Office. Perez told those investigators that he had personally supplied anabolic steroids to Zaun and seven other majorleague ball players Tony Muser, Kansas City’s former manager, recounted an incident in which Zaundenied steroid use.

According to Muser, while he was managing the Royals he once discussed
the dangers of performance enhancing substance use with Zaun while the two were sitting on the bench before a game. Specifically, Muser told Zaun the story of how Don Rowe, a pitchingcoach for Muser in the minor leagues, had used steroids and developed serious health problemsas a consequence. Muser explained to Zaun that he was not accusing him of steroid use, andZaun denied any such use.

In order to provide Zaun with information about these allegations and to give himan opportunity to respond, I asked him to meet with me; he declined."


"Days before its article about [Jay] Gibbons, Sports Illustrated reported that the name of Toronto Blue Jays infielder Troy Glaus also had been in Signature Pharmacy customerrecords. According to the article, between September 2003 and May 2004, Glaus reportedly purchased nandrolone and testosterone from the pharmacy through the New Hope Health Center, a California anti-aging clinic, using prescriptions written by Dr. Ramon Scruggs, a California physician who was suspended from practice as of March 2007 for issuing prescriptions over the internet. The drugs were shipped to Glaus at his home in California. Glaus declined to comment on these allegations. Glaus reportedly met with officials from the Commissioner’s Office in September 2007. On December 6, 2007, the Commissioner’s Office announced that there was insufficient evidence of a violation of the joint program in effect at the time of the conduct in
question to warrant discipline of Glaus."



    given his “Witch Hunt” remaks at the time of the congressional hearings this is far from shocking.

    It’s like people who own guns saying “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”


    danshanoff, has now acknowleged the list from earlier was just a rumor, not all names on the list were in the report.


    When I saw Paul LoDuca’s name come up on the report, I was happy that we didn’t sign that drug abuser and we decided to go with Zaun. But When I read this blog, I have to say that I was extremely disapointed in our catcher. I knew that Glaus’ name was going to be mentioned but I wasn’t expecting Zaun’s name to come up. Then when Mitchell said that one of the biggest complaints from the players was “Someone on roids took my job”. I was even more disapointed in our catcher. I mean, I didn’t see Benjie Molina’s name come up on that list…..


    And i thought Zaun was just quirky when he spoke to the Media, but, it turns out it was the Roids talking all along.

    I hope this forces Riccardi to spend less time ******* in the wind and wondering if it’s raining, and more time finding a backup/starting catcher, if it comes to that of course.

    Olivio or Miller or Liberthal, just someone ! We got Scurtaro to backup Glaus, so why not think ahead and get someone to backup Zaun.


    I’m still not sure why the past is the only thing being brought up? If you don’t fail a drug test than what have you actually done besides being fingered by some guy trying to lighten his sentence. Bunch of bull if you ask me.

    MLB… Increase the testing procedures to the most stringent in sports and THEN punish those who test positive but this he said she said bs is just that!


    This report is ****! Not one major all-star was named. None of the players MLB will bank on for the next ten years or so were named, only former all-stars were named. MLB just want Congress off there back so they can get back to setting new profit records, the only records they care about.

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