Zaun responds to Report

TORONTO — Blue Jays catcher Gregg Zaun issued this response in a club-released statement in the wake of the allegations made against him in the Mitchell Report:

“I am stunned by the allegations set forth in Senator Mitchell’s report. I emphatically deny these allegations but am not prepared to comment further at this time.”



    What a punk.

    Does he realize that a copy of the check he wrote his dealer is in the report.

    Jordan, I dare you to challenge Zaun to produce his bank reords showing check #3395 in the amount of $500 was not written to Kurt Radomski.



    Be careful, it’s an allegation, not a proven fact. Zaun could have written the check to Radomski for a number of reasons-assuming it was Zaun’s check-and that hasn’t been proven either.

    Hey, I do not condone drugs, but I also don’t condone hanging a guy until he’s found guilty.

    So I’d be cautious with the Punk statement, if I was you.


    You left-wingers are all punks.

    Welcome to the 21st century court of public opinion.

    If he didn’t write the check, he should say so.

    If he wrote the check for something other than steroids, he should say so.

    An unqualified blanket denial is either stupid or telling.


    robert, the only punk here is you and you’re an inmature one at that. I’m a left winger-lol, are you ever misguided-have you ever heard of an extreme right wing conservative, cause that’s me.

    See, thats the problem with you Robert-you always post something in haste without taking time for rationaization or research. Subsequently a number of times you look really foolish-like you do now.


    Something I think we can all agree on:

    This taken from Tom Verducci’s article on

    “Did any player come out of this looking good?

    One: Frank Thomas. had reported in October that only one active player voluntarily cooperated with Mitchell. Turns out it was the Big Hurt. One player out of an entire union. It won’t make the big guy popular at union meetings, but you have to admire Thomas for being true to his convictions.”

    Good for Frank.

    Though kind of depressing that he was the only one.


    Jordan don’t challenge Zaun on his check ! People on steroids are prone to anger and random acts of violence !


    The most ridiculous thing about this monstrous report… is that most of it is based on witness accounts of one batboy…

    Zaun’s answer; beside an admission, is the only thing that makes sense… considering whatever he dives into details on… could come back to haunt him…

    Even if Zaun DID get those steroids… I would still cheer for him as our catcher:

    1. It didn’t really elevate him…

    2. His breakout season was 06 when he was platooning with Bengie… something that can be attributed to his workout regime… but not to steroids

    3. He wasn’t doing anything that was rare in the sport…


    Guys, its not just some bat boy that accused Zaun. Luis Perez, a bullpen catcherfor the Montreal Expos was arrested in 2003 for marijuana possession (1 pound!!) and he also testified to personally supplying zaun with anabolic steroids. Dont forget that he was implicated twice. I highly doubt that they would just randomly throw his name in the mix if there werent some truth to their allegations. I mean come on Greg Zaun? If you’re gonna make up stories about giving some one steroids wouldnt you pick someone who wasnt a lowly backup catcher at the time?


    Its done, and overwith…the names are out, we all know who was involved, and its time to move on. Im really more dissapointed in the stars who used it too break records than the finge players who were fighting for a job. In their case if you know the guy your fighting for a job against is using something to get ahead, it would be pretty tough not to be tempted to do it yourself. In anycase they are both wrong, and its hopefully baseball will establish a new standard for drug tests so we know who the true atheletes are.


    More than 80 players were named in one capacity or another in the Mitchell Report, but Jose Canseco was certain there would be at least one more name in the document: Alex Rodriguez. Canseco, who was one of the players named by Sen. George Mitchell in the report, told the Fox Business Channel he was surprised not to see A-Rod’s name in the report. “All I can say is the Mitchell Report is incomplete,” Canseco said. “I could not believe that (Rodriguez’s) name was not in the report.”

    New York Daily News


    Zaun’s breakout season was in 2006, and he reported to camp 35 pounds heavier and loaded with muscle. You don’t add that much muscle in 5 months with workouts alone. I like Zaun, but I think he’s lying, and that’s not good for Zaun, or for baseball. MLB should establish a moratorium on drug use previous to some date, and encourage players to come clean about their use and sources of supply.


    I believe the Mitchell report mentioned that the players named were only representative of a much larger problem. They obtained much of their information from criminal investigations ongoing at the time, and logically would pertain only to certain distribution networks. Players like Rodriguez, who were not named, conceivably obtain their supplies through networks and channels that have not been uncovered yet.

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