Can you believe it?

TORONTO — I’m heading out for a bit, but I’ve got to toss the latest news on here: The Blue Jays have signed Rod Barajas to be their backup catcher. Yes, the same catcher that backed out of a two-year offer last winter and kind of ticked the Jays off.

I’ll weigh in on this a bit more later, but I am and I am not surprised. Earlier this week, I was looking at available catchers and saw Barajas’ name and thought to myself, "They wouldn’t consider…nooo, who am I kidding? I mean, they liked him last year and he’s available, but…no way. I’m not even going to waste time considering it." Then, the press release lands in my inbox tonight. Gotta love it.

More later…



    “It’s all right. It worked out for the better. … If he feels uncomfortable, we don’t want him here. I was disappointed in the fact that the player would go back on his word and a new agent just came in and said we have no deal.” – JP Ricciardi in an Associated Press article in November of 06.
    I for one am surprised, but like Jordan said the Jays liked him enough before to offer him a 2 year deal to be our starting catcher so it kind of makes some sense. Personally everything i’ve read about this guy (from the whole back out fiasco and his stats) im definitely left unimpressed and would love to see Sally Boy outplay him in Spring training and earn the backup spot.


    **** it. I remember saying that they would be interested (jokingly) on one of Jordan’s previous entries and it actually happened. I don’t see this guy as being an improvement at all on Sal. Unless he has great numbers against lefties (and i don’t think he does) then Sal should get the job. So i’m with Tom on his thoughts.


    Why ???

    He is not a defensive upgrade over Zaun or Sal, for that we could have got Miller or even Leberthal.

    He is not an offensive upgrade over Sal or Zaun, for that we could have got Estrada.

    I guess all they wanted was a carbon based lifeform that owned it’s own Catchers mitt and had better knees then Sal.

    I guess they really could have hired anyone, even ME !


    Maybe the Jays did get revenge after all. Barajas seems to be down about a million bucks compared to what he would have made with the Jay’s original offer. The most I can say is that at least Barajas gets his pension vested, and the Jays get a warm body to fill a spot until Diaz is ready. Go Sally baby!

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