Santana heads to Queens

Johansantana4_1TORONTO — I, for one, will miss seeing Johan Santana pitch a few times a season. Now that he’s heading to the National League, anyone following the Blue Jays won’t be seeing much of the nasty left-hander.

Jays fans can rejoice, though, considering Santana didn’t land in pinstripes in the Bronx or on an already-sick staff in Beantown. No, as became increasingly predictable over the past few weeks, Santana landed with the New York Mets, who sent a package of four prospects and now have a 72-hour window in which to work out an extension with Santana.

Looking at the National League, I’ve got to think that the addition of Santana instantly makes the Metros the team to beat. They have a solid lineup and were in desperate need of another pitcher — enter a two-time Cy Young Award winner. Santana should thrive at Shea and against the lesser lineups in the NL. Santana happens to be 16-4 with a 2.27 ERA in Interleague Play and 2-0 with a 0.60 ERA at Shea. Small sample sizes, sure, but still telling.

OSCARS: Those of you who are regulars to my blog know that I’m a big film buff and I have yet to weigh in on the recent Oscar nominations. For me, I just wish Into the Wild would’ve received more love. I was upset that Enchanted had three nominees for original song, but Eddie Vedder wasn’t a pick for his work with Into the Wild. I was also hoping to see Sean Penn get the nod in the director’s category for the film — not the win, but a nomination. I’d like to see the Coen brothers get best director honors for No Country for Old Men and There WIll be Blood get the win for Best Picture.

For best actor/actress, I’m pulling for Daniel Day-Lewis for TWBB and Julie Christie for Away From Her. I don’t see local fave Ellen Page winning for Juno, but after recently watching the flick, I fully expect Diablo Cody to take home an Oscar for original screenplay. The only other real issue I had with the nominees was seeing Ruby Dee named for American Gangster. I guess that was more of a lifetime achievement-type nomination, considering her role wasn’t major in the movie. Oh, and where was The Simpsons in the best animated movie category?! Just terrible. You can’t tell me Surf’s Up was a better pick. And don’t get me started on seeing Sicko nominated in the documentary category. How a Michael Moore movie can be considered a documentary is beyond me, but I digress…

…back to baseball.



    I am happy that Santana is going to the Mets, they benifit from this trade way more then the BoSox and Yanks I honestly think that the Mets got him for a bag of balls and a shiney batting helmet. The prospects going to the Mets better be great. I think the Twins hummed and hawed and should have pulled the trigger while Santana was hot during the winter meetings. If I were a Met fan, I would be on the top of the world, a Twins fan, crying into my beer. I think the Jays lucked out and I think we can take on the Twins this years. GO Jays!


    Loved watching Santana work, but i am super stoked that it wont be live anymore. I think a part of me might have died if the yankees or sox had picked him up. As for the oscars, im upset that Greenwoods score for twbb was disqualified for using pre-existing themes…B-S if you ask me. I just saw Persepolis this weekend and it was incredible. It deserved a nomination for best animated movie. You should take Mrs. Bastian down to the varsity to check it out Jordan, my girlfriend really dug it.


    I’ll miss watching Johan taking on the Red Sox but other then that i’m glad the jays wont be facing him. Though that first game in ’06 when he took on Toronto was a memorable one beat him 4-2.

    Ellen Page definitaly deserved the nomination (at the least) so I was satisfied with that and I also had an issue with Ruby Dee as well, her part wasn’t a memorable one at all in what was a good film.


    Santana was a great pitcher but i personally think that the bluejays were seeing him pretty well and didn’t have much trouble against him but i’m still happy cause that makes the twins a bit weaker giving the jays more chance.


    I will miss seeing Santana pitch to the Jays, harrypotter got it right i believe, last time we saw them i believe Thomas hit two home runs off of Santana, so I really liked seeing Santana.

    Feel bad for the Twins though, they really got fleeced in the deal.

    At least we can now try and get Jed Lowrie from Boston ! Common JP !


    I am sorry, but I am going to have to disagree with all of you that say that Janssen should be our 5th starter. I am sure he would do a great job but look at him in the pen. Even though it will be great wit Ryan and Riccardo in there, with Janssen, not many other pens will be able to compare. And Litche has proven that he could do a good job, I am sure if we give him some more time in there that we will even have a winning record.


    I also say leave Janssen in the ‘pen. Ryan won’t be ready. It seems like it would be difficult to get Janssen to switch from setup to starter mid-way through the season. Hopefully Chacin will step up, allowing Litsch more time in AAA. If not, give the 5th to Litsch.


    I’m gonna have to agree with freedom and tower…since you guys wanted the almighty powerful bullpen with ryan only strengthened then why take an integral part of it out in Janessen. Plus Ryan is not gonna be ready in spring. When we do get ryan back…innings 7 8 and 9 are gonna be sealed.
    And with our All-Star rotation usually 2/5 starts i expect will go into the seventh which allows us to rotate Janesen and Accardo at Set-up OR give Janessen the Long Reliever Job and be back-up setup man.

    In the starting roatation…I think Litsch is ready…I’m sure he can go 5-6 innings into the game consistently and when u have a 5th starter post an ERA lower than 4 THEN KEEP HIM and it also means u got a strong rotation. If litsch can step up and if marcum and McGowan can repeat last year then we no doubt have the strongest Rotation/Bullpen/Pitching depth combo.

    I think JP did a good job by adding Depth …kinda like the raptors who are doing so good becasue they have the most depth than anyone.


    The have hit Santana in recent year; however, that can change from year to year. He has electric stuff and it will definately be good not to see him. The Mets getting another Carribean star will really help them in that city. I really liked the movie “Dan in Real Life” with Steve Carrell (sp). Would have liked to see that movie get a nomination. (kind of disappointed about that).


    We will see Santana again in october right people.

    As for Janssen 30 saves first time up how good can this guy get leave him where he is,Put Ryan back as a starter he would make a good 5th starter or better the money is not an issue for janssen is cheap.Also you don’t have to be a ROCKET SCIENTIST to know BJ will not be ready until July in the real world.


    Accardo had 30 saves, garryguy, not Janssen. He had 6.
    If by some miracle Ryan can go out of Spring Training, or if League has got his stuff back, then Janssen will try for the #5 spot. Otherwise he’s in the pen for the time being. You need your #5 spot to win around 50% of their starts. Between Litsch and Chacin, they should be able to handle that. You could even think of a platoon situation where you hand the ball to the guy with the hot hand.


    Big G.
    Please ignor rshobe you are a much bigger person than he will ever be.

    All the stats you provide for us only gives us more insight into the game and I for one thank you,Also your efforts have made this Blog worth reading.

    Jordan I know this is your Blog but gsumner is the sparkplug.


    Sorry everone just got out of hospital not thinking right just yet I would like to see Accardo stay as the closer.

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