Call it "The Upset"

StadiumcakeTORONTO — I should’ve seen this win coming for the New York Giants. On the ride over to Mike Wilner’s house to watch Super Bowl XLII, the gummy bear Tom Brady fell over in the stadium cake (pictured right) that Mrs. Bastian made for our party.

While a whole heckuva lot of me wanted to see New England put the finishing touches on a 19-0 season, what an amazing game and victory that was the New York Football Giants (don’t you love that they still get called that even though the Baseball Giants left the Big Apple more than 50 years ago?).

The improbable 17-14 win was enough to bring tears to the eyes of Plaxico Burress — a fellow Michigan State Spartan — during a postgame interview. The play that absolutely stunned me was Eli Manning’s amazing escape from near sackage followed by a desperation heave to David Tyree on the winning drive. Didn’t see it? CLICK HERE.

For me, who was a huge John Elway fan back in the day, the Denver QB’s legendary helicopter dive in the Super Bowl win over Green Bay is still one of the greatest plays in the game’s history. But that play by Eli in the fourth quarter to save that drive was downright sick. After that, I was more than willing to see Tom Brady and the Pats’ shot at a perfect record go down in flames.

The only downside to all of this? Blue Jays bench coach Brian Butterfield might be a bit grouchy this season. Butter is by far the biggest New England fan I’ve met and he’s great for talkin’ football. Although, he did threaten me after I razzed him some about SpyGate at the end of the season and I still don’t know if he was kidding or not. I’m pretty sure he was kidding…

Anyway, one thing I miss about watching the Big Game back home in the States is seeing all of the new commercials. So, the Misses and I are gonna watch ’em all online here in a minute (maybe finish off that cake, too). More Blue Jays-type news should be coming Tuesday night, when the club’s holding the annual State of the Franchise event in Toronto.

Until then, go Bears.



    I had no preference for a winner but if I had remembered how much Butterfield loved the Patriots , I might have donned a NE cheerleader’s outfit , anything to help the Jays.
    Mrs B’s cake is a work of art , thank you for sharing it with us . Have a great day all


    First Santana is out of the American league and now Bedard looks to be headed out of the Al East! All great news for the Jays. Baltimore was looking to become good this year with Tejada and Bedard but since they’re both gone, the less competition for us the better. But the Rays have clearly become a descent threat, with Kazmir/Shields/Pena/Japanese guy. They also have been starting to show us that they aren’t afraid to spend money. It will be interesting to see how they do this year.



    Not a good day for Butterfield. His team loses ( tough one to take still hours later ) and Burress finds the endzone for the winner. Butterfield a huge Michigan fan, a Spartan with the winner. Big days ahead for Michigan fans. Rodriguez will change that conference with the spread offense.

    Keep up the good work Jordan and that cake looks very good. Low 80’s in the Dunedin area today, just to let you know.

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