Zaun addresses allegations

Zaun_1DUNEDIN, Fla. — In Friday’s addition of the National Post, Blue Jays catcher Gregg Zaun offered his explantation for being implicated in the Mitchell Report. A team spokesman said that the catcher wouldn’t field any follow-up questions.

To read Zaun’s account of the matter, you can read reporter John Lott’s entire interview via e-mail on the paper’s Web site. Zaun offered his side of the story involving his ties to Kirk Radomski and Luis Perez.

"I usually have a lot to say about things, but in this case, my breath was completely taken from me at that moment and I needed time to completely digest it all. I was rendered speechless."



    I don’t know if I believe him, but I am going to take a second look at the Mitchel Report to see the handwriting on the check.


    Back to baseball just for a moment. I was just starting to buy into some of the early hype surrounding the up-coming season. However, when I look seriously at Detroit’s roster, and when I consider the potential of the Devil Ray’s roster, it sure makes the Jay’s roster look anemic in comparison. We know that the Yanks and Red Sox will spend and continue to spend to keep up with these other talent-laden teams; but, it just does not bode well for the Jays. I am excited about our young pitchers, and even some of our position players, but these other teams remind me of the Blue Jays in 92 and 93. The talent is just outstanding. If I was a Detroit fan I would be very excited about the present. If I was a Rays fan, I would be happy about the present, but ecstatic about the future.


    Zaun had an interview with Sportsnet, here’s the last question and his answer:

    Brad Fay: A lot has happened over the past few years that has soured baseball fans. I guess people want to know; have you ever used a substance on the banned list by MLB?

    Gregg Zaun: Well I’ve never ever violated Major League Baseball’s drug policy and I’ve never failed a drug test.

    In other words: Yes I’ve used a banned substance but I stopped when it became against the rules.

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