Rolen arrives, Stewart next?

Dsc01463_2DUNEDIN, Fla. — First, to address some minor simmerings on that pesky hot stove. There’s a report out indicating that the Jays have offered a contract to free-agent outfielder Shannon Stewart.

Well, that offer may or may not still be on the table. Stewart was offered a contract over the winter, when he was a client of Greg Genske. Since then, an unemployed Stewart — seeking a two-year deal — has switched to Barry Praver and Scott Shapiro.

When reached by phone, Shapiro declined to talk about any negotiations. Toronto isn’t likely to offer two years, with Adam Lind waiting in the wings and Travis Snider rising fast. So, while adding Stewart may or may not be out of the question, it seems an unlikely scenario.

As for other goings on today at Jays camp, well, there wasn’t much. Evidence was the paparazzi-like treatment Scott Rolen received upon his arrival. A swarm of photographers nearly tripped over themselves trying to get the perfect shot of Rolen as he made his way around the complex.

After a lengthy "BS" photo shoot (Rolen’s words, as in "before swings"), he dropped his stuff off at his new locker, picked up a bat and immediately headed to the cage. Rolen spent time working with hitting coach Gary Denbo and then entertained reporters with a brief pow wow.

Rolen said he’ll be back in camp on Thursday for Toronto’s first full-squad workout. DH Frank Thomas (working out at Knology Park), catcher Robinzon Diaz (visa issues) and Roy Halladay (away to attend a funeral) should be in camp Thursday as well. Marco Scutaro, David Eckstein and Matt Stairs need to report, but not necessarily attend camp, on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, manager John Gibbons said some of the lower profile pitchers will throw live BP to some minor league hitters. Halladay and some of Toronto’s big-league arms will follow suit on Thursday. Gibbons noted, however, that A.J. Burnett might not throw on either day, so that the team can "build him up more."

Closer B.J. Ryan threw again today in another pain-free bullpen session. He also won’t be throwing on Wednesday or Thursday. He’s on a slower program that will likely call for an eventual sim game and Minor League appearance before he takes the mound in a Jays spring game.

OK, I’m heading out to grab some grub. Feel free to browse the photo album for a few new shots I took today. Gibbons grabbed a glove and did some fielding today.



    Well Jordan, I have to admit that the comment “build him up more” coupled with the fact that AJ is not throwing on either day sounds similar to what they were saying about BJ last spring training. So are we dealing with a hidden AJ injury this year? What’s your thoughts on this, sounds pretty suspicious.


    DO NOT SIGN STEWART: As you said with Snider and Lind here there is no point.

    Next year i have a feeling that Snider will be ready. What do we do about Lind then. I am pretty sure that Thomas will accept the contract since he will exceed the 523/ however many at-bats he needs to excerise the contract option for next year.

    If thomas does accept and Snider is at LF with stairs backign him up. Thomas at DH…Lind is on the ropes again.

    And in this situation why do we need stewart. We got stairs/scutaro/russ adams (i think) for backup.

  3. Jordan

    RAMONE12: I honestly don’t believe the Burnett thing is injury related. Gibbons said as much and A.J. has been in a great mood so far this spring — with him, that’s typically a sign things are going pleasantly for the man at the moment. My guess is maybe Burnett didn’t do as much throwing over the winter and the Jays just want to take some time to get him built up pitch count wise. If healthy, he’s sure to rack up some high pitch counts this season.


    Stewart was only offered a one year Minor league contract so Snider or Lind would have nothing to do with it. He was probably offered the contract as a backup incase Reed Johnson doensnt fully recover from his back sugury. If Reed didnt fully recover he could use Stewart in place of Johnson pretty easily. If everyone was healthy Stewart would probably have to stick it out in AAA. So I highly doubt you will see him in Toronto. Frank Thomas contract is vesting, so there is no accepting. If he reaches his required amount of plate appearances the contract automatically is in place.


    It it is a vesting option then i am sure he is going to get the at-bats and pretty sure he will be back next year. That definately puts Lind in a tough position or it gives snider one more year in the minors. Personally i think Snider will be ready for next season. Thomas on the bench is also a horrible idea since he can’t play any postions and we are playing him $10 mill.

    So basically its either one more year for lind or snider if Thomas gets the required amount of atbats.

    I doubt we will get anything for thomas in a trade either. We might be able to free some salary though…


    As much as I like Stewart we don’t need him, Adam Lind is good enough.
    If Thomas performs this year then welcome back next year,Its good to see Rollen is healthy.

    I can’t wait for the season to start.



    Ramone: I thought the same thing at first but as was suggested in an article I read (cant remember where but i think it was one of the newspapers.) it might be the opposite. Instead of it being about an injury, it may be about injury prevention. Perhaps Burnett has gone balls out during ST the past two seasons and the Jays think that this might be part of the reason he got injured in both seasons. Taking his time now, and “building him up” could help us to see 30+ starts out of AJ this year which would be incredible to see. My initial fear has now turned into excitement.

    As for Gsumner, this blog does NOT need him. I never liked his confrontational holier than thou attitude. And I personally believe that it seems like more people are willing to post now but maybe im just making that up because I feel more comfortable myself posting now. Its nice to know gsumner isnt going to try and engage me in an internet fight. And we all know how cool it is to argue and fight with someone on a message board…


    tomgaston gsumner has as much right to post here as you or I do enough said.

    Jordan what shape would you say Thomas is in.


    Never said he didn’t, just said I felt more comfortable and this will be my last comment on the matter.


    Personally I am very excited to see how this team shapes up after the spring is over!!! I believe defensively (when Johnson and JM start)they are second to none in all of baseball… Pitching will totally depend on Mcgowan and Marcum as we need them to repeat or improve upon last years results. With Ryan returning, Accardo emerging as a stud and Jansen set to have a break out year in the 5th spot this team shapes up very nicely… Now we just need some offence from Wells, Overbay and Thomas. Repeats from Rios and Hill will also be huge.


    I think taking things lightly with Burnett might be a product of players coming to camp being in shape and ready. Rather than strain his arm for a meaningless month, if they feel his arm looks good, better to save as much of his arm for the regular season and avoid any possibility of a tired arm come July or August.

    It’s so cold in Toronto right now.


    My last comment on it as well, but Tom Gaston said it best that there is no need for gsumner and his confrontational ways. Nobody should control this blog and have negative rhetoric pointed at all who don’t agree with him. Constantly slamming people like robertlee and occupying 50% of the space here serves no value to others who may have an opinion and have thought about posting here. If your looking for STATS just go to the BASEBALL CUBE web site and it is all there,so you won’t need gsumner and his useless info.

    The Jays look poised to make a REAL run this year!

    Some of the keys: All of you will forget Troy Glaus very shortly when you watch Rolen play- hugh pickup. Same goes for Eckstein who is a massive upgrade over J. Mac. The bench may be deeper than ever on this team which will be very key down the stretch.Forget about Litsch he is far from a major league starter at this point or maybe ever but Janssen will be handed the job and should be effective. Chacin is 25/26 and is far from done and a proven winner. He will be relyed on at some point this season and will once again deliver hopefully sooner than later. Casey Janssen serves no purpose wasting away in the bullpen and curtailing his growth as a major league starter.He has middle of the rotation ability a guy who can eat 200+ innings a year and is probably Toronto’s second most promising young pitcher. Please get him the **** out of the pen now before its too late.

    P.S. wonder if Tom Gaston is any relation to CITO. By the way the guy who should be brought back to replace our pathetic manager.


    Too bad that some folks don’t just get in touch. gsummer just likes to keep the blog active. He is one of the bright spots here. If you are suggesting that he stay off, aren’t you as bad or worse that you say he is?


    rshobie, really like your points. Its true we will probably come to rely on both Chacin and Litsch throughout the year. It would be pretty impressive if you went with only 5 starters the whole year, generally you have to rely on #6 and #7 as well, and the Jays stack up pretty well there too. Im not as high on Janssen, I feel he could be average but nothing special. Either way he will still be a valuable piece this year.


    Kinda agree with you shobie on your blujays points… Janessen is not a solid number 3 guy he might not even be a solid number 4 guy. he is pretty good and will probably win the 5th spot in the rotation. I think League is coming back into his own and with him + accardo + downs and ryan coming back soon i think janessen is certianly expendable.
    Chacin might be a winner but his ERA doesn’t say so. Yes he has a winning record…but an ERA over 5 is ridiculous especially for a guy who only goes like 5-6 innings…we def. don’t need him.

    Litsch needs one more year or maybe half but he will be a good number 5 guy in the future.


    You too summarized the succes of Jays in a simple paragraph. But alot of Blujays success depends on an IF.


    I gotta say i really don’t trust Jansen as a starting pitcher. He just doesn’t have the pitch selection to be an established SP.

    I really think Chacin is gonna take it from him and then give it up to Litsch latter on in the year.

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