Burnett Nails It

DUNEDIN, Fla. — After his first outing of the spring, A.J. Burnett said "it’ll be a long time" before he starts working in his curveball. Turns out there’s a little more to that than the usual "we’re building him up first" company line.

Pitching coach Brad Arnsberg said that Burnett, shortly before spring began, smashed his right hand in his car door and broke the nail on his index finger. Always something, huh. Anyway, Burnett digs that nail into the seam of the baseball when throwing his curve.

Arnsberg said it’ll be at least 10-14 days before Burnett can start throwing the breaking ball. He even said Burnett’s visited a nail specialist — a manicurist, actually, not a doctor — to see if there was anything he could do. Sans fake nail or real nail, Burnett is limited to throwing fastballs and changeups for now.

On Sunday, Burnett was a tad frustrated after his two-inning outing, in which he gave up two runs on three hits with no strikeouts and one walk. Burnett threw 35 pitches (21 for strikes), and needed 24 tosses to get out of the second inning.


Hey Jordan,

It’s not exactly related to this entry, but do you know whether McGowan uses the TTC to get to the RC and back during the regular season?

I remember last summer I saw someone dressed with athletic attire in front of me on the subway, sporting mutton chops… This guy also looked tired and “not-so-pleased”, which would make sense, given that it was McGowan’s horrible loss to the Dodgers (A game which marked a turning point, as McGowan proceeded to carry a no-no into the 9th).

I wanted to approach him and show some support from a fan ;), but I wasn’t sure that it was him (as he did not wear any identifiers such as a cap.


Sounds like Burnett is in a pickle? It could have been worse. I can feel his pain… I once dropped a sewer grate on my finger, ouch, the nail was black and blue for months. Also, I was putting money away in a safe and my finger got caught in the deposit slot — that ****** hurt like h-e-double-hockeysticks!

I highly recommend Zack Hample’s personl Japanese manicurist from (Manhattan) New York to alleviate the pain from his pitching nail…

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