Surely, he can't be serious

DUNEDIN, Fla. — The PA announcer here just came on the intercom and announced: "The game is not officially canceled. We’ll keep you updated when we know more."

Ummm, there’s exactly zero players in sight and there’s precisely nobody in the stands. I think the announcement was for us scribblers who are still here typing away. The game was "called" due to rain in the top of the sixth, after a rain delay in the second that halted play for roughly an hour.

Maybe the Jays want to come out and try to get a hit. In five innings — granted, the regulars were pulled after the delay — Toronto managed no hits or baserunners with a cast of Minor Leaguers. The game was delayed initially when Vernon Wells was up in the second with an 0-1 count.

As we all waited to here if the game was canceled, Wells poked his head out of the clubhouse and saw that the rain was no longer coming down in Noah’s Ark-type sheets. He uttered, "Why?!?!" and ducked back into the lockerroom.

At this point, as one scribe just chimed in, "This game might be called due to a lack of player."

If ballplayers take the field and play a game that no one sees, was it ever really completed?

Wait…new announcement. Game called due to unplayable field conditions. The perfect game is in the books.

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