No disrespect, and lots of respect

DUNEDIN, Fla. — With no disrespect to Brett Favre, the coverage down here on ESPN is a little ridiculous. I understand the man was a legend, and I loved watching him play, but the non-stop coverage has been a little over the top.

Sal Fasano, die-hard Bears fan, didn’t like how all the Favre coverage and NFL free agency coverage pushed baseball to the back end of Sportscenter’s lineup.

"That’s why I don’t watch Sportscenter," Fasano said. "Cartoon Network — that’s where it’s at."

When we weren’t in the clubhouse being smothered with non-stop Favre coverage on the TV, we did talk to some Blue Jays about baseball-related topics. Roy Halladay, who looked like his usual ho-hum dominating self, had some great things to say about new shortstop David Eckstein and third baseman Scott Rolen:

"I’ve heard about what great guys they are and that’s the part that’s still stands out the most to me. So far, they’re better than what I’ve heard, as far as the way they go about their work and do things. You know they’re going to be good players on the field, but to hear what quality teammates they are and have that exceed what youve heard is always a bonus.

"Just the way they work. They come in, they do their job and they’re quiet about it. Eckstein , especially. Just talking pickoffs, he listens and goes with what we do and if he’s got some ideas, afterwards he’ll come up and mention it. But he’s very cautious about overstepping his boundaries and obviously he doesn’t have to be that way.

"But that’s very respectful of the coaches and the guys that have been here and the way we’ve done things here, to come in and kind of keep your motuh shut and then throw your ideas out there when it’s appropriate. To have veteran guys come in and act like that, it’s impressive."

Other notes from today:

  • B.J. Ryan threw in a simulated game and is slated to pitch in a Grapefruit League game on Saturday, roughly a week ahead of schedule
  • Matt Stairs sprained his ankle earlier this week, but manager John Gibbons hopes to get him back in the lineup on Friday
  • Scott Rolen has hit in the No. 2 hole for the past two games, but Gibbons said he won’t hit second during the season
  • RHP Jason Frasor threw in a sim game and didn’t throw up, a good step for the reliever, who lost five pounds with a stomach bug this week

OK, I’m away from the team for a few days. Mrs. Bastian is in town for the week and I’m taking some time off to spend time with The Wife. Speaking of the Misses, she’s downstairs waiting for me so we can go get some dinner. With that…


When gsumner ouit posting on this blog so did most other people I hope nouthing bad has happend to him.

It looks like Thomas Ecks.and Wells are getting of to a slow start so far in spring training I hope they get it sorted out before the season starts.

How about Doc good as ever.

Most of the pitchen looks good I think we have a great team this year how about the rest of you.

The 10 at bats that these guys have had mean absolutly nothing, I wouldnt worry about it. Even if these guys have an entire spring training slump it could easily turn around once regular season starts.
Its way too early to make judgements on the pitching or hitting, I mean its nice to see our pitchers throw up zeros but its all realitive to the competition in spring training. They may be facing more minor leaugers than usual. But I still do beleive this team is going to have a good year, 90 wins should not be out of the question

Seems the Jays are testing out their new wheels (four stolen bases against Pittsburgh). Maybe we’ll see more running this year?

Not only are they stealing bases but they are throwing out base runners which is great lets hope they keep it up it could be the differnce in maybe 10 extra wins this year and that may be just the edge we need.

My tomato seedlings are up, the boys are back on the diamond, and aside from the 30cm we are expecting on Saturday, Spring is here! A losing record in Spring Training usually means that the guys are working on things they need to work on, not trying to win ball games. As long as they stay healthy and get ready for opening day. 95-96 wins whad’ya think?
Always nice

I want to wish Sidney Ponson all the best in his comeback attempt. An arm like that is too good to waste, and somebody should take a chance on him.

I got a few things to say:

1) I am really impressed by the way coats is hitting.

2)I am really impressed by the way Snider is hitting.

3) Did Eckstein really hit a grand-slam?

4) Parrish is certainly stating his case…7 STRIKEOUTS IN 3 INNINGS…

5) League is impressive also

6) Hope Wells gets out of the slow start

7) Why is thomas swinging for the fences only? I think he was playing to clear the wall at Knology Park which he said was impossible…

8) Halladay is impressive, we saw it…now don’t let him use too many cutters…can’t believe they let him use cutters consistently in his second start

9) Burnett seems to be doing good with his changeup

10) I know its early but WE ARE LOOSING TOO MANY GAMES…

11) janessen seems to be the best choice for the last spot (unless parrish is a starter then he def. deserves it too)

What do you guys think….?

I want Coats to go with the jays as the 4th OF and see if he can play well in a few games at the beginning and give a few extra days off to stairs after all he is 40 and has an ankle injury.

I think we should give parrish a shot too, maybe gibbons is thinking the same thing with letting parrish go 3 innings (maybe more).

I don’t think the Jays should carry 6 starters but they may in the beginning…to see how the new pitchers react in a proper game situation.

This club’s pitching is GETTING BETTER AND BETTER…

now for the offense, aside from a couple of guys not much is going on…

I thought Johnson and Stewart would be hitting awesome for the job…but nothings happening so far…

Hey Bass:

ESPN did the right thing by having non-stop coverage about the (Green Bay Packer) living legend “Brett Favre” and his official retirement. Brett paid his dues and should go out with over the top coverage! Baseball will live another day and continue on… But Favre’s career has come to an end. Thanks for the memories Brett!

Dont think Coats will make the roster, he is a nice little player.. but not much more than average. Lind is by far the better hitter.
Parrish is a 30 year old non roster invitee, if he hasnt figured out the majors by now I highly doubt he ever will. One apperance does not win me over. Thomas swings for the fences, cause its his job… its much easier for him to jog around the bases then leg out bunts and infield singles. Im also sure Halladay knows his body and his arm after doing this so many years alot better than any of us. If he feels he is ready to throw cutters..he can throw cutters.

No well actually Parrish has been consistently well this spring and thats also the reason why he got 3 innings today and gibbons is considering him for a long reliever job…

A nice little article that is full of spring optimism, from the London Free Press. Sounds like we might be watching Snider in Toronto before the end of the year.

Wanted to throw a few predictions out there
1) Rod Barajas will take the starters job away from Zaun before the allstar break.

2) Shannon Stewart is our opening day Left Feilder. (Defence is not a necessity at his position) Reed Johnson is DFA.

3) Travis Snider is a september callup and is on the playoff roster…yes the playoff roster.

4) Jays will have 3 players with 30+ HR

Now this is the game that ive been waiting to see, lots of runs/hits, great pitching. From this showing, it looks as if Litch will get the 5th spot. But anything can happen.

Hey Jordan:

Check out the impressive display of photos and autographs of the Blue Jay Alumni on (The Ultimate Baseball Collector) blog… I think the kid is a huge Toronto Blue Jays fan!

Toth you usually have a rational mind, but what are you…kidding me with those predictions?

1) Zaun’s been throwing out runners pretty well this spring…zaun’s being batting pretty well too/scoring few runs…and gibbons said that there is no way zaun will loose his job and i doubt he will even after the allstar break (unless there is an injury)

2) This might be the most rational of your predictions…but johnson still carries more speed, hustle, better arm and better defence…if johnson can produce like he did in 2006 or even somewhere close to that he will definetly get the job…STEWART IS ON HIS DECLINE YEARS TOO DON’T FORGET THAT…

3) MAKE THE PLAYOFFS?…LETS TRY TO GET THROUGH SPRING TRAINING FIRST with a winning record…toooooooo early to be making play-off predictions…we gotta beat the redsox, yanks, indians and mariners/angels while competing in the strongest division…and we need everyone healthy..

4) Actually this might be possible too only IF everyone is healthy… the only 3 players i see that can do this in the jays uniform are…WELLS, THOMAS AND RIOS or maybe ROLEN

I doubt Rios will hit 30+, thomas might, rolen i doubt he will hit 30+ either and wells he might…

these are bold predictions and maybe too far-fetched we shouldn’t get our hopes up too high…i know its good to be optimistic but only a fool is too optimistic (no dis inteded…i respect all you opinions).

They are just predictions, im not saying they are going to happen. Just some things i could possibly see happening, because over the course of a season not everything goes as planned. I knew they would be a little controversial when I posted them.

Ya i guess that makes sense…

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